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Offshore gateways

Offshore gateways

Facilitating High-Risk Merchants With A Tailored Payment Solution

Anew phenomenon called financial technology (Fin-Tech) is aimed at transforming the conventional financial services sector. Making financial services available to the general public is the goal of tech-enabled banking services, payment processing solution and billing services, cryptocurrency payment processing, and Check processing services for cross border transactions.

In the midst of a wave of innovation in the global payments landscape, Prashant Kumar and Promod Sharma’s O emerged as a potent disruptive force, reshaping the payments horizon with a trustworthy and secure payment solutions providers.

A new dynamic has emerged with the advent of digitalization, where people can perform cashless transactions more quickly while seated anywhere in the world. Offshore Gateways is a leading credit card processing, crypto processing solution and e-check processor for high-risk businesses, set to capitalize on the evolving market dynamics by offering customized payment solutions as a payment aggregator.

Incepted in 2021 in the UK, Offshore Gateways was envisioned to create a reliable and safe means of payment for high-risk merchants. In high-risk payment processing segment, there are a lot of scams going on, and merchants do not receive payment in a timely manner. The Offshore striving for greatness. team gets such things sorted out by talking to the acquiring partner and getting them the deal they are looking for. They also make sure their payout is delivered on time.

“We instituted it with a simple idea: to take care of merchants and their needs. We have consortium of banking partners through whom we are making sure that the merchant is stable and happy with the payment processing’s. Most of the platforms do not care about the merchants; we care for them and ensure they receive everything on time, asserts Prashant kumar, Founder and Head of Acquisition and often referred to as the ‘leading man’ with promod sharma is the head of sales and technology.“

Offshore gateways are the perfect partner to embrace the world of credit card processing, and crypto payments. Their all-inclusive solution comes with a commitment to security and seamless integration, wallet-to-wallet transactions, on-ramping, and off-ramping services.

Principal Offerings of Offshore Gateways
Offshore Gateways, a prominent credit card and e-check processor for high-risk firms, is associated with a large number of acquiring partners, via whom they come up with quick approval and help grow your revenue and your company overall.

Offshore Gateways provides customized solutions with unbreakable governance and independently reviews its PCI-DSS level-1 compliance gateway, allowing us to satisfy the security requirements of all important stakeholders, including acquiring banks, ISO, agents, resellers, merchants, card issuers, customers, and internet payment networks worldwide.

The Beginning and the Journey So Far
Prashant Kumar and Promod Sharma initially started off as a freelancer during the second wave of COVID. He started receiving contracts and building connections after some time, so he tried to connect with more people. The visionary leader experiences ups and downs as he makes decisions and gauges his progress. The acquiring partner may not always be pleased with the merchant. There is often a delay in payment coming from the partner’s side. He overcame all of those obstacles over time, came together, and built a strong acquisition foundation.

“On this particular base, it took me 1.5 years to establish a rapport with the banking partner, despite the fact that we are here to give retailers the answers they need, as stated. Sincere, dependable, and created global partnerships. We will soon have our own payment gateway technology, and once it is operational, we will have a variety of modules and technologies”, said Prashant kumar.

Industry Evolutions Over the Years
Since the company entered the market 2.5 years ago, there have been significant developments, particularly in fintech, from credit card to open banking solutions. The Facilitate of various payment portals such as GooglePay, Applepay on a global scale, Alipay, Adyen in China, Stripe, zelle in the USA, and many other payment processing options has made things easier. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are currently gaining popularity.

The Work Culture at a Glance
There is a dedicated team of industry experts, who have been working diligently to maximize their abilities and provide what is best for their.

“We are engaging with these individuals, helping them to educate and ignite their interest in what we are doing. Here, we have a friendly and flexible environment where we also assist team members in resolving personal concerns. We place a strong emphasis on collaboration, teamwork, and Innovation and Creativity, Diversity with Inclusion. People are free to work in various settings according to their preferences; there are no fixed time restrictions on jobs the visionary leader revealed.”

Road Ahead
Offshore Gateways aims to launch its payment gateway techonlogy in June this year. They are further looking to get licenced from European countries, probably from the UK, so that they can get the payment settlement faster and in a more efficient way.

Words of Wisdom
Pursue whatever your passion is if it benefits you in terms of monitory. Failures in the second or third steps are inevitable. Mentorship among individuals who work in the field is something we need to see and learn from them. In the early days, I had numerous calls and chats each day. I will advise embracing the change because I work in the fintech industry that is evolving everyday.

Keep your focus on the needs of your customers. Last but not the least, stay focused on what your clients want, and you’ll succeed. Remember, entrepreneurship is a journey filled with ups and downs. Stay resilient, learn from your experiences, and enjoy the process. Believe in yourself, trust your instincts, and keep scams going on, and merchants do not receive payment in a timely manner. The Offshore striving for greatness.

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