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Onepage VR Interactive Solutions

Onepage VR Interactive Solutions


“Don’t allow little drains and financial setbacks to demotivate you. Have a distinct vision of your goals and a laser-like focus. Even if the first page of your journey was not what you envisioned, the next page will surely be more favorable” – Sivaranjani Rachapudi

From lifestyle to livelihood, technology has redefined many facets of our life. Among others, 3D virtual reality has enabled our lives to be more interactive with the outside world. In fact, virtual reality is now a constantly thriving billion-dollar marketplace capable of redefining any industry. No wonder it has deeply influenced the Indian real estate space. It has brought noteworthy and necessary changes to the home buying experience, making it more flexible. From tedious slideshows for potential buyers to scan through, buyers can now have an even more immersive experience at their convenience.

Developed nations have heavily incentivized this idea, adding an extra layer of flexibility to people’s lives. India isn’t lagging behind. Even though it’s a very niche segment, one entity is carving out a sound presence in virtualizing the home-buying experience. This is Onepage VR, a Hyderabad-based startup offering 3D-interactive real estate walkthroughs. The founder and CEO of Onepage VR, Ms. Sivaranjani Rachapudi, was recently interviewed by our publication. The talk was rife with business insights and how she is carving a niche in architectural visualization. Without any further ado, here’s her journey to reach the zenith.

There is a saying, “To truly understand a business, you have to wear all the hats before you can take some of them off.” Sivaranjani is a gifted 3D architectural visualizer with over 20 years of experience in architectural design and presentation. She has worked with real estate titans and created an exceptional legacy in preparing multimedia designs, 3D animations, and interactive presentations using innovative imaging tools and has managed reputed international projects.

Such a strong background surely, reflects the passion and accuracy of a person. While working for the big names, Sivaranjani realized how her expertise could redefine the property buying experience in India. From ages, homebuyers were required to plan a visit to a potential home, and often they would sacrifice their “ME” time for such activities. But 3D virtual reality puts an end to such constrictions.

The opportunity to shape her idea came during COVID-19. Even if the real estate market did not collapse, personal visits were difficult because of travel restrictions. Simultaneously, digitization was making waves, and Sivaranjani felt it was the ideal time to push her idea with a viable outlook.

The thought process led to the inception of Onepage. As the name indicates, the platform is a one-stop-shop, allowing its users a fully interactive cinematic experience of the project. It digitalizes each property’s story to enhance its appeal to builders, property developers, and customers alike. Also, the platform allows for sales monitoring, connecting the builder’s CRM to the website. Onepage VR is on a mission to redefine the Indian real estate space with audio-visual storytelling, ensuring the end consumer has an exquisite buyer journey.

There is a saying, “Those who start change have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.” After all, without inspiring change, there is no room for innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Onepage VR draws on the idea of leading change.

It has a portfolio of cutting-edge offerings, including a 3D Sales Deck to access all property-related information, VFX Motion Video, 3D Cinematic Virtual Walkthrough, CG Rendering, real-time 3D Walkthrough, and 3D AR Scan to give futuristic visual storytelling to property brochures. Its 3D and VR packages are further categorized into light and complex packages to suit the individual requirements of clients.

With a jacked-up innovative portfolio, it can assist clients at every stage of the purchasing process. Builders no longer needs to run into multiple agencies, instead focus on shaping their vision they have for their projects. In short, Onepage VR gives builders a single point for creating a customized interactive story.

Despite being a handcrafted item from India, Onepage VR is inspired by some of the best technological advances ever made. Since COVID-19, the dynamics of real estate have drastically shifted to digital alternatives. Customized platforms for virtual tours have emerged from the US, UK, Germany, and other developed countries. Many of these coveted platforms are quite popular among real estate professionals and appreciated by clients for their price, value, and features.

Having spent years working on acclaimed 3D virtualization technologies, Sivaranjani sought to incorporate all these features into Onepage VR. She reached out to entrepreneurs and further did her own research for the same. The result is a reliable platform with easy and secure access, guaranteeing value for money. Onepage VR can be used both offline & online and also without a 3D/VR headset. More than anything else, it’s fulfilling a necessary need for homebuyers—to have a realistic experience, which makes it perfect for all its stakeholders.

During the pandemic, Onepage VR was a vital tool for many real estate brokers. Although virtual communication was facilitating human connection, there were no specific virtual services for real estate. This allowed Onepage VR to flourish. It allowed users to inspect every nook and corner of a project and be aware of their surroundings and the sustainability of the property. Moreover, the shift from solid pictures to interactive media has drawn a lot of attention. “We created a solution that allowed people sitting in Bangalore to view a property in Hyderabad at their convenience,” proudly asserts Sivaranjani.

Innovative ideas demand creative people who can think beyond what’s conventional. As for Onepage VR, it needs no saying that there is an ingenious team working behind the scenes. Onepage VR is an ecosystem of creatives, ranging from 3D developers, visualizers, web developers, VFX artists, and so on. And they have a very flexible culture altogether. Be it workflow flexibility or implementing ideas, they focus on being on the same page.

As Chieftain, Sivaranjani ensures the crew stays focused on its primary objective. Onepage VR was founded to close a gap between purchasers and real estate agents, and she ensures everyone is on board with it. In doing so, Sivaranjani is establishing herself as a charismatic leader with the potential to advance digital saturation in the nation.

What began as an effort to fill the gap between buyers and builders is now on its way to reinventing how people buy homes. Sivaranjani recounts the time when she had to solely lead her idea and also go out of her way to see things through. Also, outweighing COVID-19, which brought the entire world to its knees, was a milestone as well. Adding to this, Onepage VR is recognized as an innovative startup in the real estate sector by T-Hub, India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem by the Govt. of Telangana.

Surely, these feats make her a leader to reckon with. But her path is far from simple and has yet to reach its intended destination. One of their core challenges is marketing to reach potential builders, especially outside their regional boundaries. While working on this, Sivaranjani strives to foray farther into the VFX space and add VFX and 3D animation projects to her successes. In the end, she wants to be a pioneer in animation and VR for real estate.

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