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Top 10 Best Places for Weekend Getaways from Delhi

Top 10 Best Places for Weekend Getaways from Delhi

The best part about a week is the weekend and what would be the best weekend without a getaway, agree? Sure, you do! Due to the pandemic, most of us are still working from home, others have started working from the office; in any case, by the end of a week, we all feel lost and distracted. In such a case, we all need and deserve a fun weekend. Usually, we spend some time exploring things in the city on weekends. But how about a weekend getaway – isn’t it exciting to take a short trip from a busy city. If it is, and you are living in Delhi NCR, you should consider these places for the weekend Gateways.

Here are the 10 best places for weekend getaways from Delhi

#1. Udaipur

Udaipur is the city of Rajasthan known as the “Venice of the East”, especially famous for its lakes and royal palaces. This city offers many blissful activities, including watching the sunset from the royal place, boat ridings on the vast lakes, exploring the opulent City Palace or Vintage Car Museum, and delicious and authentic Rajasthani Street food in Udaipur. What more could one ask for. This city is one of the best places for weekend getaway, so if you have never been here before, then make this short trip with your family.

#2. Jodhpur

Jodhpur is the second-largest city of Rajasthan, has gained popularity as one of the best places for weekend gateways. The city is filled with magnificent architecture, has 15th-century royal places turned-museum, the Mehrangarh Fort, and amazing landscapes. The contrasting blue walls of the city houses are spectacular. The city is also known as “Blue City” as the traditional are blue-painted. The distance you will be covering 596Km from Delhi to Jodhpur. Oct to Feb is the best season to experience a true weekend getaway from Delhi. At that time, the weather fluctuates between 10 to 23 degrees Celsius, which is the perfect time to visit this city.

#3. Shitlakhet

Nestled amidst lush green forests, fruit trees, and majestic mountains, Shitlakhet, the pristine hill station in Uttarakhand, is one of the best weekend getaways from Delhi to chill and relax. Till date, this place isn’t quite popular. So, the virginity of nature is still untouched. It is one such best places for weekend getaways near Delhi, located at an altitude of 7000 feet above sea level in the Kumaon region can be seen panoramic views of some of the tallest Himalayan peaks like the Nanda Devi range.

One of the best parts of choosing this attractive place is the Syahidevi hill, surrounded by a lush layer of untouched coniferous forests sprinkled with cedars, oak, pine rhododendrons, and Sal Trees. Walking across the village among beautiful nature, it will be tranquil. If you are in Delhi, and looking for the best weekend gateway near, this place is one of the places to spend some time with yourself or your loved ones.

#4. Rishikesh

Rishikesh is another such great place of Uttarakhand for a weekend getaway where one can spend time on the mountain with themselves or participate in adventures activities, such as Rafting, Flying Fox, Hot Air Ballooning, camping, and more. The place is also known for ancient temples, including Shivpuri, Ram Jhula, Tera Manzil Temple, and more. Moreover, do not miss Ganga Arati at Triveni Ghat. With these such activities and ancient places, it is one of the best places for the weekend. It is nearly four- and half-hour distance, will covering 267.1 Km via NH334.

#5. Nainital

This city may be better known as a romantic destination, but you can always hit the road and explore the lake city differently. Nainital definitely ranks high among the best place for weekend getaways from Delhi. The beautiful sceneries of the city make this place charming for the rest of relaxation. Every year, large numbers of tourists (nearly 7 Lakh) from all across the country visit the hills station to chills and relax.

If you are planning to visit Nainital, do not forget to visit the Sattal and Naukuchiatal, these places are deep nestled secrete destinations hidden in plain sight. Also, make sure to enjoy boating in Naini Lake, go to Naini Peak and Tiffin Top for panoramic mountains.

#6. Mussoorie

Looking for the best place for a weekend retreat, Masuri would be a great choice. Widely known as the “Queen of Hills” – this paradise on earth has everything you can imagine looking for. The place of natural beauty attracts many tourists from all over the country, located at a 7000ft attitude. With breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks and stunning Doon Valley, you will be making your trip memorable. What could you expect more from this weekend getaway than spending time on the lap of the mountain with the splendid view of the majestic Himalayan ranges?

#7. Peora

In the terraced valleys of Kumaon, pine forests, and majestic mountains, sits the attractive village of Peora, definitely one of the best places for weekends getaways near Delhi. This deep nestled secret site of Uttarakhand is away from the famous hill stations of Almora and Mukteshwar.

There is nothing more to do at this place, except walking into forest trails to mountain meadows, stopping by at the local dhaba to experience local cuisine as the unleashed itself on the valleys beyond, or meeting with locals for some crisp village gossip. There are plenty of English bungalows built in the region in the early 1900s, that will give you exclusive holiday stays. Overall, we could say, it should be added to your list of best places for weekend gateways from Delhi.

#8. Fagu

When it comes to Shimla, most have been there, right? But have you ever considered visiting Fagu while being on a weekend getaway? It is only 45 min away from Shimla and a completely different place. In this charming little town that seemingly has nothing, watching the rains engulf the mountain beyond is a scene out of the coffee table book.

Interspersed among charming stone houses roofed with roof tiles are lush green forest farms, whose ingredients make the local Pahari food finger-licking Good. Adding to a surprising fact, In the surrounding dense oak forests, you can see leopards more often than in most national parks. So, if you haven’t heard the place name before, add it to your bucket list of best places for weekend gateways near Delhi.

#9. Kasauli

Kasauli is another charming hill station nestled between Chandigarh and Shimla known for its romantic and peaceful vacation. Lush green hills and cool weather make this place attractive for many tourists. Also, being one of the closest hill stations from these cities, the hill town has become one the best places for weekends getaway. Kasauli is the all types of travellers – adventurous or peace seekers.

If you are adventurous buffs, then go for tracking – Jaw drooping vistas, sharp and mesmerizing wingding hill tracks, cool weather make tracking tours one of the most fascinating things to do in Kasauli. For those who like walking around nature, this is the best place for it. People believe that Kasauli has romance in its air. Apart from that, make your vacation a little unique by taking a ride on a toy train.

#10. Mathura

This city is only 200 km away from Delhi, and is known as a perfect weekend getaway for those who seek a quick spiritual and beautiful view. Mathura is a holy place of Lord Krishna and is known for its positive aura and stunning architecture temples. Mathur’s places, like Govind Deo Temple, Shahji Temple, Seva Kunj, Nidhivan, Banke Bihari Temple, Kusum Sarovar Govardhan Hills are major tourist attractions. Also, The Ras Leela is performed here regularly, and it is a great feeling to experience it. Let us know in the comment, which weekend getaways you are going to choose the time.

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