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Facilitating Fullstack customer intelligence & personalized engagements at various touch-points to enable better Marketing & Sales

For this elegant read, we sat down for a virtual conversation with Mr. Vijay Chander who is the Co-founder- CEO of Decisive Analytical Systems Pvt. Ltd. The company has been known to be a reliable service provider that targets to solve the marketing challenges permanently as per different business requirements. Driving customer-centric engagement automation, it has developed a flagship product – Plumb5 that lays the groundwork for prodigious business growth by ensuring consistent automation of business processes. Dive into this narrative that comprises an inclusive vision established by leaders of the company while navigating through multifaceted aspects of Plumb5’s process.

It all started back in 2013 when a triad of corporate professionals decided to establish an organization- Decisive Analytical Systems Pvt. Ltd. The decision was based on the realization of the fact that digital marketing is about to become one of the major industries in the next decade. The core objective of the company was to build an effective platform that could put forth some tech-based, real-time solutions using real-time data that could address the increasing demand of the digital marketing industry. Thus, Plumb5 came into existence where 5 denotes the 5 stages of customer life cycle starting from acquisition to retention for any business. Vijay explains those as following-

  • Anonymous individual reaching out to a service provider
  • Converting that anonymous visitor into a lead
  • Conversion of that lead into a customer
  • Customer retention with repeatability
  • Formation of a valuable customer base/ Volunteer ambassador of the product

The translation of an anonymous visitor into a volunteering ambassador is the overall journey for business. And if you wish to be a digital imprint then you can march this journey digitally. For this, one needs to store the customer data- journey, behavior, and engagement at a single place that is effortlessly accessible in real-time with the time-stamp. Hence, Plumb5 facilitates these aspects as a unified marketing platform backed with the capability of tracking, interactions, and sensible engagement in real-time on multiple channels.

“You need a platform to have your customer’s data intelligently interacted with your audience based on your automation ability. The stored information will assist you to easily decide to take the best action one aspires to perform as per the company,” conveyed Vijay Chander.

The secret sauce behind this machine is the ability to compute in real-time and output customer states, which is consumed by the automation engine to respond based on rules for any kind of customer request.

Driven by distinct facets- First-party data collection, intelligent Engagement in real time, Customer State Management, Automation, Analytics and Business Intelligence, Plumb5 has come up with some phenomenal solutions that shatter the cycle of bundled silos inducing latency and inaccuracy. Such inefficient solutions bring down the overall business performance, directly or indirectly affecting productivity.

With its 24/7 real-time solutions, Plumb5 has been facilitating a perfect unification of data to allow customer engagement automation. It poses to be a seamless machine that with a decisive system drives one’s business to better prospects. As a state machine, it possesses the capability to ensure realtime engagement that is regardless of any customer touch point.

The company is driven by a sole mission to impart the industry with the truest knowledge-based solutions where the customer centricity is in the absolute ‘know’ what he is going for. “Scripting the true value of data-based automation into the market and customer place with a transformational mindset imparting relevant knowledge is what our mission statement says,” asserts the Co-founder. In terms of vision, it aspires to emerge as one of the top 5 real-time marketing automation organizations in the world. Here, the luminary asserts that he has envisioned it to become a robust platform-based company instead of just being a point-solution company.

Thinking ahead of the curve is mandatory to lay down a strong foundation. Evolution was crucial to manifest the envisioned future for the company; therefore, Plumb5 evolved from a first-party data collection engine into a resilient and robust real-time automation platform. Earlier years of the venture were dedicated to Integrated Architecture with web analytics, email management, personalization and lead management. The next consecutive year it was fixated on rolling out ECOM connectors, social connectors and SMS management systems. Then 2015 was when it came up with CRM Connectors, POS Connectors, ECM Connectors, and BI Dashboards to deal with the evolving market.

Afterwards, in 2017, Mobile Engagement, Bot Integration and Beacon Integration were the core focal areas. And 2019 was the year determined by their presence as Journey Designer, advanced segmentation, and Mobile Responsive UI Refresh. Whereas today, it has emerged to be the topmost integrated data platform aligned with customer pain points. Vijay enunciated that the leadership team acknowledged the fact that bringing various customer-facing systems and personnel to a more collaborative and unified platform would resolve 80% of the marketing challenges in perpetuity- driving the alterations that Plumb5 have undergone.

Vijay and his team’s intuitive approach to keep customers as well as employees happy and content under any circumstances. He is a people’s man who just puts his best foot forward to take care of every aspect of his business. “I believe in people and giving them a chance. As a leader, I put my faith in their competencies while performing with them in a way of initial handholding & thereby a complete independence. A majority of the leadership team has been trained and guided personally by me to explore the dynamics of leadership.

My formula for success is to try your best in leading by example where integrity and accountability are the cornerstones of my leadership mantra. To all the newage leaders or budding entrepreneurs out there, I would say that if you have an unwavering belief in what you are doing, then it is more than enough to bask in the glory of success. Just keep up with your high spirits and never look back!” elucidated the dynamic leader. No doubt that even as a bootstrapped organization, the company has made a significant mark in its targeted industry the credit goes to the influential leadership of the CEO.

With a large customer base that is known to be quite satisfied with what Plumb5 has offered it, the company foresees a radiant future where it will soon emerge to be the steadfast leader in this industry. Scaling the heights of success while gaining a few crowning achievements, it has maintained a lucrative network across different industrial segments where more inclusion of new partnerships is to be expected in the upcoming years.

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