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Steering Divami Design Labs towards better prospects

For this exclusive success story, our team sat down for a freewheeling conversation with the Chief Designer & Executive Director of Divami Design Labs— Prathima Inolu. This elegant read consists of her exemplary business insights, leadership style and much more, which make it a perfect addition for our brand-new edition featuring some influential C-suite executives.

Prathima Inolu has always been known for her influential persona where her key leadership style stands firm on the pillars of effective delegation and communication. Her values have always propelled her to lead the teams by encouraging open communication, delegating tasks, and finding the strengths in each other and utilising those for the company’s end- goal.

“I strive to create a team effort that creates an unexpected result by giving each person a chance to do what they’re best at,” described the luminary.

Also, fostering leadership at every level of the organisation, she very- well enjoys staying involved in motivating her team and brainstorming to rekindle the imaginative as well as creative flames. As the management has established a flat organisational structure at the workstation, every employee is encouraged to express their views, take initiatives and offer solutions regardless of their seniority and experience. They leave no stone unturned to stimulate leadership qualities in their employees by granting them opportunities out of their comfort zone, under the stewardship of Prathima.

Divami Design Labs began its journey as a software company when UX UI wasn’t a popular concept. But by discovering some significant gaps across the industry that were needed to be addressed, their core focus shifted to design and development. Today, with utmost dedication and determination, Divami Design Labs has attained the stature of being one of the top 3 UX UI Design firms in India, with its diverse clientele across the world from different industrial domains.

The company is a UX UI Design Agency that provides relevant services to Technology Software Products, B2B Saas Platforms, Enterprise Digital Transformation Projects, Consumer Applications, and eCommerce Marketplaces. It is also fixated on complementing its Design Services with design-led UI & Mobile App development services across its targeted markets such as the US, India, and Europe.

Divami Design Labs was incepted in 2008, to address the major industrial gaps by delivering products with great user experience. Prathima Inolu conveys that her adept team aspires to build the company’s repute as a top-rated Design Studio and also be well-recognized as the No.1 player in this space. Indeed, they have become one of the leading UX UI Design Agencies at the global level, but there is a long way to go and become an absolute service provider, asserts the leading lady.

For Divami Design Labs, clients, as well as employees, have been instrumental in its phenomenal journey of 12 years, thus far. It stands firm on the concept that apart from communicating the value proposition to the clients, making employees aware of the company’s vision, values and strategies is equally imperative. From adopting a culture of transparency to accepting the constructive feedbacks, they strain every nerve to resonate with the above premise.

Alongside this, strategic communication has been a vital part of their agenda where the management ensures a regular reminder about the vision and the idea to the workforce and aligns their energies towards a common objective.

When asked about how is the company adding substance with its offerings to the respective industry

Prathima Inolu replied, “We comprehend the challenges of the design fraternity pretty well and contribute significantly by conducting design workshops, training young designers, and building a stronger design community. We have also been actively participating in building an ecosystem by working very closely with other design agencies.”

Moreover, their user-centric approach, persistent efforts to perform methodical user research, and ‘know-how’ to understand the user’s needs, behaviors, and pain points have proven forte in the niche market, rendering a personalised experience the targeted audience. With their acumen of the differences and nuances between designing Tech- Software Products, B2B Saas Platforms, Enterprise Digital Platforms, and Consumer Apps, they can adapt their design strategy as per the platform’s demandsrm.

Additionally, for a challenge that is witnessed by several organizations, i.e. transforming designs into functional screens without losing the spirit of the designs, Divami’s development team comes to the aid by delivering pixel-perfect screen that resolute with the client’s aspired product.

Divami Designs Labs thrives on true partnerships with its end-customers apart from its vendor-client relationships. Prathima Inolu asserts that alongside offering UX UI designs to the clients, they also become their strategic advisors throughout their journey and make sure of an ingrained involvement in their future initiatives, owing to their firm ideology that long-term relationships are lucrative when compared to individual project delivery.

For the company’s thumping success, Prathima Inolu claims their clients have been the foremost inspiration to them for staying ahead of the game. By being in sync with their clients hailing from a variety of industries, they acknowledged the changes in thought processes and formulated best practices, learn from those and made suitable adjustments to ameliorate their products and services.

Prathima Inolu elucidates that R&D is instrumental for their future growth as well to be perfectly aligned with the upcoming market demands. Owing to this aspect only, they have strategized to develop an extraordinary salesforce platform leveraged with AR/VR and AI that will prove to be a catalyst in expanding their footprints even further.

Divami Design Labs is a service agency that is functional across different industries as well as geographies, ergo, the work culture is quite flexible here. The workforce adjusts its schedules and work style as per the necessities, either of the client or the project. While being in harmony with the organisation’s core values, the teams make sure to do justice to their clients’ trust by making the best out of their precious assets entrusted by them to team Divami. For this, they diligently deliver their clients with exceptional values above and beyond their expectations. And, client appreciation as well as client retention are their rewards for the committed services.

The phenomenal journey of Divami Design Labs has grabbed eyeballs across the business fraternity. Therefore, it has been recognized by eminent media houses as well as mega publications for its exclusive services as one among the top UX UI Design firms in India. The company has been rewarded for its Design Excellence by the Confederation of Indian Industry.

“Apart from these, many reputed publications have identified us as the top UX firm. – the world’s leading rating and review provider of IT, marketing, and business services companies have ranked us in their top 10 global UX Agencies and we hold the number one spot in India,” claims Prathima Inolu, regarding the company’s attainments thus far.

As per Prathima, they are in a constant process of evolution, be it internally and externally. For the upcoming years, they have planned to multiply the clientele by 2 times while adapting the market trends to be substantive to the future demands. Also, they will be incorporating innovations like AR/VR, MR, Speech & Conversational UI, and wearables to add more substance to their targeted industry. And apart from these, they have also envisioned brighter prospects by proliferating their presence in the Salesforce ecosystem, concluded Prathima Inolu.

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