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Since the pandemic, businesses have realized that traditional ideas and practices can no longer meet operational needs. Shifting technologies and customer dynamics have made it more difficult than ever to keep up with the corporate world’s trends. Since every business is unique and looking for a niche, customized software solutions can be extremely beneficial. It can assist firms in developing disruptive tactics, whether it’s through content management, HRM, inventory management, customer service, or any other concern.

On the other hand, the volatility of software markets can’t go unchecked. While customized software can clearly benefit businesses, it is critical to have a reliable partner on board that not only delivers what is promised but also goes above and beyond to achieve optimal client satisfaction. Presear Softwares is amongst such trusted partners. With a portfolio of bespoke solutions, the company is helping firms achieve sustainable growth in the face of rising competition and harsh economic conditions.

Presear is led by Mr Abhijit Tripathy (Executive Director & CEO), his classmate Ms Ch. Monisha (Associate Tech Lead) and Ms Priyanka Mishra (COO). The team has a bunch of smart people from different parts of the country as cloud consultants, UI designers, content experts, software developers and much more. It started as “RigorVigor,” which later merged into one company named Presear Softwares Pvt. Ltd. It is one of the first in-house startups of Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur, one of the notable central universities in India. Their teamwork, collaborative ideals and bespoke solutions make them a valuable inclusion in “The Best Software Consultancy Startup 2022” edition.

Entrepreneurship is more than just a business, it’s a change-bringer, and Presear is no exception. Its mission represents the founder’s vision to close the unresolved gaps in-between customer service and satisfaction. Prior to his entrepreneurial endeavour, Abhijit has had multiple tenures as an intern in tech startups.

Here, he discovered a pattern of neglect in cultivating customer relationships, followed by a lack of quality and transparency in the software delivery pipeline. Abhijit knew he couldn’t stand on the sidelines and do nothing. He is an engineer, author, entrepreneur and researcher, and owing to such a versatile profile – he wanted to develop software products that optimize the user experience and foster transparency. COVID-19 further enabled him to explore customized software solutions, especially open source. With a distinct strategy and vision, he founded Preasear Softwares.

The company focuses on core software development, especially software integrations with Deep-tech technologies like AI, Blockchain, etc. It has expertise in hybrid software development that curtails development costs while retaining optimal quality. With time, they also took outsourcing projects on software resources and provide consultancy on emerging tech.

At present, Presear is a full-fledged software firm offering customized software development, QA & Testing, R&D, cloud architecture & support, software maintenance & support and 3rd party integration. With every accomplished project, the firm is taking a step ahead in its underlying vision. Presear is serving multiple verticals such as healthcare, e-commerce, retail, edtech, fintech, real estate, HRM, factory management and manufacturing.

In today’s digitalized economy, quality trumps quantity. We’re in an age of transparency, and customers crave authenticity. And for a competitive market, such as software, this is indispensable. Aware of this scenario, quality is prioritized above all else at Presear. The company has a devoted QA & testing team to ensure quality is maintained in stages of product development. “We also perform several iterations and hold meetings with clients to make products customized to specific requirements,” adds Abhijit. They also offer free software maintenance, as well as hosting and deployment charges for a limited time, allowing business owners to test the waters.

The firm also has a seasoned R&D cell that contributes to optimizing quality. They are quite active in publishing white papers and research, as well as patents. This helps the firm provide better use cases to clients, thereby ensuring better trust and brand visibility. The team also scouts the market and continues to find better ways of building software. The consistency of having a tailored framework has helped them land contracts for fintech, e-commerce, AI-based cloud apps, and crypto trading platforms, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve.

A Startup is typically a ‘community of empowerment.’ No matter the vertical, startups have a promising culture for self-learning, leadership and collaboration. Presear, like a hilt holding the blade, upholds these principles. “In fact, it is one of our few features that can’t be copied!” states Abhijit. While assembling this team was challenging, emphasizing dedication above skill sets and later training them led the way. 50% of their workforce comprises females.

With a greater emphasis on women’s empowerment, they have established a dedicated cell for the overall development of their female staff. Contemplating the need for engagement and recognition, they provide the “Best Employee Award” against remarkable performance with a monthly loyalty bonus. A fine instance of their collaboration and drive for growth is seen in their work model. Being in a disruptive market, the firm follows a 100% remote culture and bears 10% data expense to all employees. “To keep the flow going, we’ve been employing multiple WFH tools and holding pertinent meetings regularly,” says Abhijit.

Presear’s mission to drive positive transformations in the software space has bore rich fruits. Within 2 months of incorporation, the company has successfully found 6+ clients with a 100% satisfaction rate. It is working with many promising startups like Prodigal AI Technologies, Kirway Technologies, Grath and Associate LLC, among others. Its efforts have rewarded it with “The Most promising Startup Award” by Indian Achievers Forum, as well as the “Most promising hybrid software company 2022 Award” from 8th global Choice awards 2022.

Their trajectory truly shows potential for uncovering more possibilities and introducing more enticing developments in the near future. Presear is also willing to increase its workforce to three digits within 2 years and expand to foreign boundaries by exporting software services.

“Whether you are a CEO or any other management leader, never become intoxicated by power. Keep hustling, upgrade yourself every day and learn to motivate yourself and your team daily to succeed. Lastly, consider no one else to decide your future.”

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