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Please shine some light on the company profile and services.
That small idea of web designing company became a fruitful business and got incorporated within a span of an year as Prevoir Infotech. A new symbol of growth flourished with roots to hold on to. With this on growing movement and flow of the company we decided to develop our dimensions and reach the market overseas where we expanded our business in the market of Turkey, USA, Bangladesh, Brazil and UK. We also established our office in the city of Coventry, UK.

In 2017, we decided to focus our business to specific segment and hospitality industry became our source of focus. We decided to be the only digital marketing company focusing completely on the requirements of Hospitality section.

Prevoir is not just a company but a family that support every client who needs our hand in developing their business and generating revenue. We are not just consultants but your partner who believe that your growth will certainly lead us to our growth in terms of satisfaction.

What was the core motivation that drove you to become a leader in your industry?
In current scenario, companies provide services in digital marketing which are sometimes not so honest and  inorganic… There are so many agencies or freelancers who are just creating some creatives with the help of some tools and posting them on social media. Client believe that this is all about the digital marketing, they are. I believe in providing the services stratigaically and with transparency which is impacting directly to their business in terms of revenue & better PR. to the customers.

What are your values, vision, plans and strategies that contribute to your growth as a leader?
I believe in keeping my staff satisfied with the work environment. The core strategy to contribute to the growth of company is to say Yes to customers always…. A customer/ client must not feel that their digital marketing teamI is not doing enough for them. They must feel that they has their own inhouse team who can plan the plenty of things and are very practical.

How are you making an influential mark in your respective industry with your exclusive offerings?
As I have good knowledge of hotel/restaurant operations, They trust me & my team. Team is very honest towards every aspect of promises which they do. I believe in being budget & result-centered quality services. Through Prevoir, I always try to make sure to keep them trending and aheed in the current market.

Define your company’s response to the covid-19 crisis in brief. See we are marketing people. Clients believe that we have strategy to deal with each situation. Some of them putted their business on hold and some of them discussed with us and yes strategies worked. It had been little tough in starting days of covid 19 but later we have learnt how to deal with the situation. Our job was to create a new market for each of our client. Yes the support from them was also very outstanding and we all won together.

Do you believe R&D is significant for the growth of your company? If yes, provide us with a brief of it.
Yes, Ofcourse R&D plays very important role in every organization’s growth. Through research employees and employers comes to know about various requirements and situations of industry. We gather information about new technology, new trends in market which helps us to grow in the industry through research. Thus, I happily suggest Research and Development for all employees to grow.

What are your insights into technology and its incessant advancements
Technology can make your work smoother, always adopt as per the budget we have. But more important is your strategies. Good strategy, execution plan will win. Technology will not be usefull if you don’t have these.

How would you evaluate the impact scale of your venture?
The impact scale for Prevoir according to me is 10/10 as I do not find anything which we haveissed from our end and we are making every effort to bring the excellent results from all of our clients.

What is your definition of leadership as the key person of the company?
Leadership is the accomplishment of a goal through the direction of human assistants. The man who successfully marshals his human collaborators to achieve particular ends is a leader. A great leader is one who can do so day after day, and year after year, in a wide variety of circumstances.

He may not possess or display power; force or the threat of harm may never enter into his dealings. He may not be popular; his followers may never do what he wishes out of love or admiration for him. He may not ever be a colorful person; he may never use memorable devices to dramatize the purposes of his group or to focus attention on his leadership. As for the important matter of setting goals, he may actually be a man of little influence, or even of little skill; as a leader he may merely carry out the plans of others.

So Rohit, apart from Prevoir anything in focus this year?
Yes. Entering into Educations as well now. Started from Agrawal Shiksha Samiti. The organization has Agrwala PG college, Agrawal Institute of hotel Management, Agrasen Civil Services academy, Agrasen Public School & a B.Ed college. I have joined them as Marketing Head. I believe will win the trust, management has shown in me. Apart from it launching a hospitality app 1 Reception

What kind of work culture exists in your organization?
The work culture in my organization includes being punctual, giving perks to employees, celebrating their achievements, appreciating each employee for the tremendous work they perform and giving the best training to each and every employee so as to you generate more productivity.

What are your motivation strategies? How do you inspire your workforce amid difficult times?
There is a learning for everyone during the difficult times. We are not the teachers, time is the best teacher. In difficult situations, everyone learns how to cope up with it and how to come out of it. In such situations, I motivate the staff to learn and just perform their best whatever the result be. The one who performs under those situation is thus the outstanding one.

Lastly, is there a message you would like to give to our readers?
If you have a clear picture of what you are looking for your future in your mind, and you work hard enough to achieve it, nothing can stop you to achieve it and soon you will get all what you always wanted to have. Determination, Passion and Innovation are the key to success. Never be afraid of failures as every failure is a source of learning for us.

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