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Private dating apps — are they worth exploring?

Private dating apps — are they worth exploring?

What do you need to use a dating site or app? Usually nothing special. Sign up, fill in your profile details, and you’re done. But what if we told you that there are sites where things are a lot more complicated? And that not everyone can use them?

The average user divides dating platforms into two categories — free and paid. Free ones are accessible to a wider audience, while paid ones offer more features, better moderation, and an overall better user experience. However, there is a third category — services where even a paying customer may not be allowed in, because they do not fit certain parameters.

We’re talking about dating platforms “for the elite”. That is, those sites that, for one reason or another, are closed  off to most of us.

The top 5 exclusive dating sites and apps

Raya — a celebrity dating app. Interestingly, the Raya platform was originally created as a place for creative people to communicate. However, it soon turned into a social network where you can get it only by invitation. These days it’s mostly full of movie stars, designers, professional athletes, heads of large IT companies, models, and so on. Oddly, using the Raya application is very inexpensive — only $8 per month.

But in order to create an account here, you need to pass a tough test. Each applicant is first evaluated by an algorithm, then by human gatekeepers, like getting into an exclusive nightclub. They take into account a variety of parameters, even up to your number of followers on Instagram. Only 8% of Raya applications get approved.

League — an application for professionals in prestigious business areas and people with the most expensive education. The site is positioned as a dating portal for those who are busy with their careers and don’t have time to spend hours in dating apps, swiping and going on unpromising dates. When registering for League, you must link your profile to your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

After that the service team individually checks you out and approves your application or rejects it. Only 20-30% of applications are approved. For clarity, here’s a fact for you: there are about 300,000 active users in the application and more than 500,000 in the waiting list. There are actually entire countries in which the League is unavailable due to not enough people meeting their minimum requirements.

Lox Club — an online dating service featured by Vogue, New York Times and Forbes. This is a very specific dating app for Jews with especially high demands for a potential partner. Here, as in other applications mentioned today, there’s very strict moderation, which only a small number of users pass.

One of the key parameters is belonging to the Jewish diaspora. At the moment, Lox Club is most in demand among users from the US East Coast and Los Angeles. But its range is gradually expanding to other states and countries.

JuliaDates — a dating site for wealthy men and ambitious women. The developers freely admit that their users know exactly what they want and what they are ready to give in return. All JuliaDates user profiles are checked individually by a team of specialists to exclude fakes, bots and people who do not belong to the target audience of JuliaDates. Also, according to the developers, there’s special emphasis on the security, anonymity and privacy of their users.

Seeking Arrangement — a site for rich older men who are looking for much younger women. By and large, this is a site where meetings, sex and relationships are exchanged for money and expensive gifts. We’re not here to make a moral judgment on this, but the site is quite popular with both sides of its target audience. Interestingly, Seeking Arrangement CEO Brandon Wade once referred to his site as a socio-anthropological experiment. However, the scientific results have apparently been delayed — the site has been operating as a dating site since 2006.

A few words about premium features on classic dating sites

In general, paid features, even in mainstream dating apps, aren’t rare. As you may be aware, running into a paywall is actually very common. Some especially enterprising developers even require payment for virtually any user action. But what about a format like cam chat?

Webcam chat sites have been around since 2009, when Omegle and Chatroulette appeared. Both of them were and remain free, but at the same time they suffer from a major disadvantage — terrible moderation. It is virtually absent from these applications. Accordingly, here you’ll find an abundance of bots, Internet trolls, advertising broadcasts, exhibitionists and other dubious personalities.

Fortunately, there are alternative sites where for a small fee you’ll get a much more pleasant user experience and many times more chances of a promising interaction.

First of all, we’d like to tell you about CooMeet. This is a paid cam to cam chat, the main feature of which is a unique gender filter. The site only connects men with girls and is never wrong. How is this achieved? Actually, it’s quite simple. All live cam girls must verify their identity when they register. Only after that can they use CooMeet. This means that fakes and bots simply do not exist here.

This random cam chat is available in several formats — as a classic website and as an app for iOS and Android. And so that you can personally experience all the benefits of CooMeet without spending a cent, you can take advantage of a free trial period available to all new members.

Another interesting cam chat is Chatrandom. It’s for the most part similar to the other popular sites, but has several distinctive features. For example, it offers an extensive set of search filters, as well as themed chat rooms. But the most interesting section for a male audience is  a separate chat with girls, of whom there are more than 600-700 online at almost any time of the day. To use this section, you need to register and pay for premium access, and it’s worth it.

Most of the other features and sections of Chatrandom are available for free. Therefore, when you first start exploring online video chat, you don’t have to buy premium, just enjoy the free functionality. And after that, you can decide whether you’re ready to pay for additional features or you do not need them.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to find love

Currently, there are more than eight thousand online dating services in the world. Among them are both the quite ordinary and the very specific. If for some reason you didn’t pass the “face control” at the chosen site, you don’t need to be upset about this at all. You’ve got thousands more great options!

Do not stop searching — use different dating sites and applications, use live cam chats as an alternative, get acquainted, communicate and open new horizons. We wish you good luck and pleasant interactions on the Internet!

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