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When you go for an interview, stand in front of a board for a presentation or have a tête-à-tête with clients, what helps you stand out of the crowd? Of course, your crisp appearance and an impactful presence would prove beneficial, but is it enough? You also may have stellar technical knowledge, but regretfully it won’t be enough as well.

The majority of your success relies on super skills (such as negotiation, communication, ability to influence, etc.) to help with interactions that foster healthy relationships. Studies have proved that excellent soft skills account for 85% of the performance, whereas only 15% are from technical ability. Stating the facts, the critical role of negotiation, communication and other soft skills becomes quite clear.

And with the growing prominence of these super skills, India, like every other nation, has seen the rise in learning organizations and training institutes to nurture its talent pool. An out-of-the-box and innovative name in the league is Propelurs Consulting. Led by Anuj Jagannathan, a revered author, thought leader and career coach, the institute specializes in establishing excellent negotiation, communication, problem-solving, relationship development & other super skills in individuals, as well as turning young minds into strong leaders of tomorrow.

Anuj is a visionary leader with a keen passion for developing individuals via teaching, writing and coaching. He is a senior finance professional with over two decades of tenure across renowned MNCs and Big 4 Firms, such as Google, Visa, PwC, KPMG, etc. He is a CA from India and CPA in the US as well as an MBA from the University of California Los Angeles and the National University of Singapore, which further adds value to his dominant status.

Out of passion, Anuj has spent a considerable period as a freelance corporate trainer hosting training and workshops at organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies across multiple locations around the world. He has coached senior professionals/executives in addressing and resolving complex scenarios as well as young adults on negotiation & leadership skills. To take this a step further, in 2019, Anuj began planning a structured repository for his diverse training expertise.

Having a robust understanding of finance and technology with rich experience in dealing with people, he wanted to help the professionals as well as the young generation upskill in communications, negotiations & influencing to achieve their career goals. After considerable research, he finally brought Propelurs Consulting into existence.

Anuj is also a certified coach, trainer and speaker of the John Maxwell Team. His drive to develop strong future leaders who believe in becoming a better version of themselves makes him a valuable leadership coach. Last but not least, he is the author of a best-selling book, “Negotiation Quotient: Opening The Door To A Successful Deal”, which amalgamates the science and art of negotiating.

Additionally, “We Can Negotiate Too!” is a companion book for early learners and young adults to develop and build on negotiation skills. Motivated by the success of the two, he has plans to publish more books that add value to readers. Anuj is exceptionally ambitious about writing and aims to write 10 books before the age of 50.

Established in an evolving and digitally connected period, Propelurs Institute of Negotiation and Super Skills (a part of Propelurs Consulting) focuses on developing and enhancing super skills, such as Negotiation & Influencing that assist senior executives and managers with a business decision, resounding deal, favourable client engagement or a successful interview. Learners get to master strategies and techniques that ensure the best results.

Every deal can ensure a win-win situation for all parties, further fostering long term relationships. Most importantly, its curriculum enables participants to weed out any nervousness or fear that can hinder successful outcomes or decisions. To make the learning process more interactive, the workshops are supported by case studies, role plays, exercises and many more participative activities.

Next, Propelurs offers events and programs to increase the leadership value individuals bring to their teams and organizations. One such innovative leadership assessment tool is the Leadership Game – in which team members can participate in a group activity to discuss leadership behaviours and principles in a fun and open setting. All these courses are customized for one particular purpose – to create leaders who will redefine business strategies. Additionally, courses offered also hone in on common and essential areas such as communication and problem-solving skills.

Parallel to training, coaching and mentoring, Propelurs helps authors become ‘Authorpreneur’. To do so, it assists emerging authors throughout their journey from conceptualization to publishing. It also helps them promote their books to the masses through various channels.

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