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PROPTEAM MANAGEMENT LLP: Building Business Opportunities In The Real Estate Arena

Real estate has been one of the prime spheres attributing to the economy of our country. With the advent of globalization, the real estate industry has developed structures that have upgraded cities into metros and elevated our living standards as well. Over time, the sphere has also upgraded technologically. With the emergence of the digital platform, the real estate industry has been able to advance to network marketing. However, the foundation of network marketing is built upon integrity and it becomes an arduous job to find trusted sources. Realizing this complication, Shashank Bansal, curator of PropTeam Management LLP has conceptualized a tech-elevated platform, that can integrate entrusted resources (brokers) under one umbrella. Incepted in 2020, the Company is penetrating the real estate arena, with a mission to change the way people buy properties.


PropTeam is a growing real estate brand; selling real estate products through network & referral marketing. Operated on an online platform, the brand focuses on re-innovating the framework of providing real estate solutions. In addition to products, the Company aims to make a businessman out of everyone. People passionate for real estate business, can join their network and earn a potential revenue by, simply guiding buyers to their desired property. People can also refer and share this idea, with their community and introduce a member under them and so on; creating a prolific distribution network. With the expansion of the distribution network, individuals will obtain the slab difference amount on the sales made to the reference of down line associate member in his/ her network.


Prior to his entrepreneurship, Shashank delved the real estate arena by, working with well-known brands namely Mahima Group (General Manager), Subhashray Housing India, Gurgaon (Assistant Vice President) and GharOffice.Com as Vice President. Leveraging on this stint, he asserts “Real Estate business is considered to be a dirty business where it is hard to trust builders and especially brokers”.

This is the propaganda Shashank aimed to revamp. Shashank holds an M. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from BITS, Pilani and has been a Scientific Officer at the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd. (NPCIL), for 13 years. Even after being in a Central Government job, Shashank envisioned to revolutionize the way real estate arena was presumed and open employment opportunities as well. This mindset eventually, led to the inception of PropTeam Management LLP. Within a few months, PropTeam has grasped over 4 development projects in its region (Jaipur) and has been sustaining a team of competent professionals.


Over the last decade, the Real Estate industry has seen plenty of changes, with respect to technicalities, communication, and much more. Network & referral marketing also has gone through transitions, especially on the technological level. To stay abreast of this transition, the company has designed ‘PropTeam’ – A comprehensive android app that shows the details of every network and transactions against successful deals. “Trust and Ethics are two pillars of my company and there is no compromise on it”, acclaims Shashank. Since integrity is a cornerstone of growth in the industry, PropTeam aims to connect local brokers through its app, instead of the established ones.

PropTeam does its business with two types of client:

  • One who wants to start their own real estate business; can join the Company as an associate member.
  • People willing to purchase a property. The associate members work as intermediaries between the customer and the company.

Qualified associates help in maintaining a progressive image in the market. Shashank evaluates each and every member personally, to ensure they can provide the best services ethically. Till date, PropTeam has integrated around 100+ people in its business network.


PropTeam is still at the initial stages of its business and is accommodated with a small, yet dynamic team. Earning is based on hard work and dedication, which keeps the team motivated and positive. Furthermore, Shashank himself is a very energetic person and his motivation further keeps the employees focused on the mission and vision of the company. PropTeam also maintains the integrity and stand by its employees. This two-way channel creates cohesiveness between the two bodies; ensuring growth and productivity.


In addition to the holistic environment, PropTeam has prepped 3welfare plans for his networking associates:

  • Medical Insurance Plan: If an associate reaches to Slab-4, he’ll get medical insurance for himself. Elevating further to Slab-5, an associate will be bestowed, with medical insurance for the entire family. Family members can include Parents, Spouse & 2 children up to the age of 18 years. Upto 2% of the company’s profit, will be allocated to this plan.
  • Monthly Profit Sharing: Associates working for 20 years, with the Company and have reached the age of 60 can opt for this scheme. Associate members need to surrender their payout, under this scheme and the down line member will be working directly under the company. Up to 5% of the company’s net profit will be utilized, for this scheme.
  • Interest-free Loan Facility: This scheme can be accommodated by associates, having 5 years of working experience with the Company and has attained Slab-4 or further in the stretch. Associate members can avail interest-free loans up to Rs.10 Lacs or 4 times of their level whichever is lower. Up to 5% of the company’s net profit will be allotted in one’s account and utilized, for this scheme.


On top of revenue, social responsibilities are an indispensable aspect, for PropTeam. Emphasizing on this, PropTeam is in a process to establish their NGO/ Trust focused on helping:

  • Old age people
  • Destitute/helpless people
  • Destitute child care
  • the Company is also ensuring 10% of its revenue will be facilitated, for handling these CSR activities.


Despite being at an initial stage, PropTeam has attained several feats. It has assembled a vibrant workforce, developed a holistic app and has built a growing network. Based on these achievements, PropTeam is forecasting a lucrative future. Within the next 1 year, the Company is looking forward to flourishing its presence into 2-3 states of India and associates around 1000 members in its network.SHASHANK BANSALFounder & Director


Instead of negative thinking for the business, we must have faith in God and our hard work. It may take some time, but hard work will always conceive electable results. – Shashank Bansal


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