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An innovative leader in the ‘cloud-native’ service assurance space

For this exclusive inside story, we are in conversation with Rami Amit, one of the senior executives of RADCOM— an automated service assurance solution provider. Here, he conversed about the company’s innovative streak and how it has made a huge difference for network operators across the global telecom space.

With its three decades of experience in the telecom industry, RADCOM has attained the title of being ‘the telecom operator’s eyes into their network’. While making continuous leaps in delivering cutting-edge solutions for telecom operators leveraging the latest network technologies, it has become a reliable service provider for top-tier operators such as AT&T, Rakuten, Beeline, and Globe.

The exemplary solutions are driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to allow the operators to predict degradations in network performance before it negatively affects their users’ customer experience. Therefore granting a matchless user
experience owing to the best-in-class services.

Expounding the key USPs of their solutions, Rami Amit quoted that most of their solutions are formulated using a micro services architecture where the Lego-like structure allows the addition and removal of micro services, and components as needed, ensuring the solutions to be lightweight and agile. RADCOM’s solutions are stateless with low footprints, high-in performance, seamless to deploy on-demand, and consume minimal resources.

As per Rami Amit, RADCOM CTO, innovation means the formulation of outstanding products that can transform the market and allow them to stay ahead of the game. To them, innovation is all about seeking better solutions to the existing problems in the respective industry,

RADCOM ACE is the company’s latest innovative offering: an automated 5G assurance solution that effortlessly integrates with an operator’s 5G network in the form of a Cloud-Native Function (CNF), facilitating real-time subscriber analytics and advanced troubleshooting capabilities. This unique product was launched in August 2020. The first contract it began with was of Rakuten Mobile in Japan in November 2020 — one of the industry’s first Standalone (SA) 5G assurance contracts.

Unveiling more about this flagship product, the CTO asserts that this one-of-a-kind product ensures automated root cause analysis for 5G where operators can proactively improve service quality with a range of telecom-specific use cases. Utilizing AI to reduce noise alongside finding network anomalies automatically. This helps engineers to focus on addressing critical issues while being fixated on core business goals majorly.

As a cloud native solution, it can be easily distributed while being dynamic enough to monitor services 24/7/365. RADCOM ACE heavily relies on auto-instantiation, auto-scaling, and re-balancing, allowing it to adjust itself to meet the assurance needs of the operator whenever the traffic increases.

RADCOM has always kept itself focused on innovating while keeping its customers’ insights at the forefront. It has allowed them to push forward their capabilities of automated assurance and deliver solutions to make swift turnarounds and keep pace with the telecommunication industry.

“We are the first assurance vendor to adopt a cloud-native (software-based) assurance solution. We deploy innovative Research and Development (R&D) methodologies such as AI/ML-based algorithms, Heuristic Modelling, and Continuous Development / Continuous Implementation (CI/CD). Delivering rapid product updates and customizations to customers.”

Rami Amit also highlighted a few of the Company’s innovation management strategies as follows—

  • Evaluation of new ideas.
  • Making thorough market research to ascertain the idea’s value for the customer.
  • Refining the idea as per the customers/end-users insights.
  • Agile product development leveraging complete CI/CD pipeline enriched with automatic testing of the solution before deployment.

About their business model innovation, they reckon on continuous and comprehensive innovation to make a difference in addressing emerging challenges in the telecom market. It has always been in harmony with its evolving technologies by developing relevant solutions to be substantive to the customer needs. Out-of-the-box thinking and industry ‘know-how’ have been the cornerstones of their business model innovation body.

Their network insights product (part of RADCOM ACE) grants operators an AI-based unified view of 4G and 5G networks while converging focus on end-to-end customer-centric indicators. Here, the foremost priority is understanding the end-customer experience for all the services and troubleshooting the customer-impacting service degradations.

For 5G rollouts, mobile services such as fixed broadband, device analysis, network slicing, OTT application analysis, VoLTE/Vo5G, roaming, VIP assurance, and video streaming, RADCOM Network Insights offers a sheer coverage for scaling as well as high availability.

Undeniably, RADCOM’s proactive methodologies using built-in AI/ML to improve network uptime have helped operators to render better services to their end-users. In addition, the engineering teams can effectively perform pre-emptive rather than reactive maintenance, enabling engineers to address customer-affecting issues while enhancing maintenance efficiency and saving OPEX.

Moreover, as churn takes a heavy toll on the telecom industry every year, its field-proven churn prediction insights can forecast customer churn by identifying customer quality experience, persistent monitoring of connection speeds, and detecting customer visits on competitors’ websites (if any). They firmly believe that delivering this churn reduction can expand their reach among clients, helping them resolve issues while earning their customers’ loyalty.

Rami Amit is guiding the business as the Chief Technology Officer and Head of Product, who came on board in February 2017. Before joining RADCOM, he offered his services as director of engineering in the Cisco NFV Business Unit for four years, where he was a significant contributor to the vision of the evolution to virtualization in that space.

Also, he had been CTO for Jungo- a leading software provider, has founded Surf & Call solutions that was later acquired by CosmoCom, and was the first employee of the VoIP industry pioneer, VocalTec. He is considered as one of the pioneer inventors of VoIP, building the first-ever VoIP gateway that showed the way to the development of many of the VoIP technologies used on a daily basis.

Thus far, RADCOM has been showered with industry-wide recognition for its innovative streak. Given this, it has grabbed central attention by winning a Frost & Sullivan Product Differentiation Innovation Award, not just once but three times. Moreover, it has received multiple TMC Labs Innovation Awards and won the TMC Award for NFV Innovation.

Climbing the ladder of resounding success, the company has aligned its solutions to fully support operators facing the challenges of rolling out new 5G networks. When looking into the future, they are thrilled to be a leading provider of the automated assurance market, which is the cornerstone to a successful 5G rollout.

“We will be assisting operators in delivering their 5G networks as a one-stop-shop for connectivity and advanced use cases such as edge services, network slicing, and increased adoption of the Internet of Things with smart cities and industrial factories,”

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