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Written by Gulshan Parveen

The American military leader and a passionate persona, Douglas MacArthur have well asserted, “A true leader has the confidence to stand alone. The courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. They do not set out to be a leader, but become one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent.” Leadership is the hardcore quality that helps a person leads the community with a positive and progressive mindset.

When the discussion topic is Leadership, one cannot forget to mention the contribution of Business Connect in introducing the world to one or other inspiring leaders through its monthly editions. We have a great history of featuring numerous well-experienced and versatile leaders in our portfolio.

And here again, we are back with another tale of passion and dedication with our today’s star of the show Rajamani Vignesh, Founder and Director of Servtronica Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful session with the visionary leader. In the exclusive virtual meet, he shared his inspirational entrepreneurial journey so far and the immense portfolio of the company with us. The leader spilled the beans on the process and courage behind establishing a venture in this cut-throat arena. We truly hope and desire that this fascinating tale will surely inspire our global readership panel and will motivate them to break the barriers and chase their dreams.

Servtronica is a startup India recognized company and Government e-Marketplace (GeM) authorized OEM, conceptualized in the year 2020 with the prime goal to bring a revolution in the respective realm. “We got an associated as Implementation Partner of Dassault Systems SolidWorks Corp. & Technology Partner Siemens Digital Technology Software in 2020. capabilities include Design Data Management, Design Data Security & Design Automation.

We formed with an idea of solving the current design data management and design data security issues in the industry. We intend to bridge gap between different departments of the organization so as to reduce the day-to-day mistakes. We also do CAD-based API customizations & Design Automation services. We understand the value of time and importance of data management for any organization.”- Rajamani.

Explaining his unique journey, Mr. Rajamani asserts, “Before starting up this company I worked in different manufacturing sectors for over a decade in various fields like Design & Development, Project Planning, Project Costing, etc. During this course of time, I realized that unknowingly Mechanical Design Engineers are spending their valuable time working on Excel sheets rather than doing actual design & development.

And a lot of manufacturing errors happen because of a lot of manual interventions. Projects get delayed because of improper planning. Project budget issues because we still follow the old typical traditional methods for calculating the cost of a machine. No control over the raw material scrap! With all these issues in the market, we realized there has been a solution that could handle all the above-mentioned problems.

So we came up with a solution called BOM Creator & BOM Planner which handles the core manufacturing process-related issues, including SAP/ERP integrations, Prepare a complete material summary of machines, Generate Segregated reports based on the Part Type, Generate Reports based on the Manufacturing, and purchase Lead time Reports to track the release of drawings, etc.” He further states, “To understand our offerings and overall portfolio of the company, there are few keywords everyone needs to know.”

  • CAD (Computer-Aided Design), A Software used for making General Arrangement Drawings (GAD) & Manufacturing Drawings.
  • PDM (Product Data Management) A Software used to manage the project folders, manufacturing drawings, project-related documents, Revision of Documents & manufacturing drawings.
  • BOM (Bill Of Materials) A list of items with their respective quantity, grade of material, weight, etc required for manufacturing a piece of complete machine equipment.
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) A software that helps prepare & to share Engineering information within the organization with different stack holders like Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Design, Production, Manufacturing, Assembly, Purchase, Planning, Quality, Store, etc. ERP also helps prepare work orders & keep a track of all the information concerning the same.
  • The major capabilities of the respective solutions are as below:
  • BOM Creator: It handles the core manufacturing processrelated issues like:
  • 3D CAD & SAP/ERP integrations
  • Prepare a complete raw material summary of machines
  • Generate Segregated reports based on the Part Type like Manufacturing Parts, Hardware & BOP
  • Generate Reports based on the Manufacturing & purchase Lead time
  • Reports to track the release of drawings
  • Project Costing considering all parameters
  • Comparison of Machines for complete planning
  • BOM Planner – A CAD Integrated MES system:
  • Paperless BOM preparation & sharing with different stakeholders
  • Setting up project deadlines & notify the concerned stack holder about the same
  • Release drawings & create PDF of manufacturing drawings
  • QR code for complete inventory management &controlling the spare part ordering systems.
  • Reuse old projects for creating a new project
  • A Dashboard for Non-CAD users for accessing the BOMs &Manufacturing drawings.


  • Values: The team works very closely with their prospects & customers. They truly understand the issues their clients face in their day-to-day life & try to provide them with a customized solution fitting their requirements. They believe in establishing before they sell services to anyone.
  • Vision: The company heads forward with a vision to standardize & streamline the organizational workflow. They want to automate the complete manufacturing process & cut down the raw material scrap to as minimum as possible.
  • Plans: At present, the company has a total of 10 value-added partners across India & Malaysia. The team looks forward to building a global channel for sales & services of our product. Also, there are over 2.3 million active users at over 234,800 companies in 80 countries of SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Autodesk products & PTC products and the team wants to make most of them use their products & solutions.

“We are helping industries utilize their resources effectively, save lot of TIME, enhanced project planning for timely delivery of project & reduced raw material scrap. Help them do the project costing considering all the necessary parameters & generate maximum profit. In less than three years of time we got recognition from Start-Up India, got associated with Dassault System SolidWorks as Implementation Partner & as Technology Partner with Siemens Digital Software Industries.

We also Won a front-runner award at Go Global Awards 2021 organized by International Trade Council, USA (ITC). We have made customers from almost all the major Industry Verticals. In fact last year we added Defence Electronics Research Laboratory (DLRL)-DRDO to our customer list. So we believe we have made a decent impact in the market.”- Rajamani.


  • Recognized by Start-Up India
  • Associated with Dassault Systems SolidWorks as Implementation Partner
  • Associated with Siemens Digital Software Industries as Technology Partner
  • Won a front-runner award at Go Global Awards 2021 organized by International Trade Council, USA (ITC)
  • Got Design Data Management & Automation specialist award 2021 from APAC Insider
  • Got Innovation & Excellence award 2022 from Corporate Live Wire, UK

Leadership is about influencing your colleagues for delivering things for good. Learn from mistakes & improve daily. The team primarily focuses on adding value services to the customers’ life and prospects so that they don’t
leave the connection after getting associated with the organization. Rajamani asserts,

“We are not a very big team right now but we make sure everyone in the team is comfortable with the work environment. We talk to each other & understand anything which is required to improve from our end to make them feel at home with us. We do have flexible working hours also take the feedback of employees with respect to our product & services improvements & enhancement.” Before signing off, he adds some words of wisdom by quoting,

“We Indians have a very much capability of building & delivering world class technologies like any other country of the world. We need to believe in ourselves & our people and try to promote the Indian Startups trying to make a mark globally.

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