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“I’m convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”-Steve Jobs. We all know that it takes a whole lot of courage and passion to enter the world of entrepreneurship as the roadway, most of the time, is full of hurdles and failures. But the true entrepreneur is the one who surpasses all the obstacles on his way and reaches the heights of success with his passion and dedication.

The business Connect team has a tremendous history of bringing the best success stories to the table for its global readership panel. Our team has always been putting the utmost effort to feature some next-level entrepreneurship tales in our portfolio, and here again, we are back with another story of ‘scratch to success’-by introducing our readers to Ramesh Babu Pemmasani, Founder and CEO of Power IT Services Pvt. Ltd.

Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful session with him in which he shared numerous unknown facts about his journey. In further conversation with us, he also spills the secret sauce of his successful business career. Further, the visionary leader shared some valuable nuggets for the upcoming business enthusiasts and some tips to sustain in the business domain. We truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will not only add an extra value to the lives of our readers but will also inspire them to break their limits and fly toward their dreams.

Ramesh is bringing his brainchild to the great height of success, by having a tremendous and versatile experience and expertise in the respective domain of more than Twenty Five years. Being the next-gen leader, he is considered a role model for the people looking forward to entering the industry of Information Technology.

Ramesh possesses a plethora of knowledge in various aspects of the business world, including software development, the life cycle of Technology, Business Intelligence, Telecommunication, BFSI, and SCM. Moreover, Ramesh keeps himself connected with the team directly by working closely with the Sales, Marketing, and Support teams to make sure the company offers the best suitable solutions to its clientele and that too with top-notch quality.

Our curious team asked Ramesh about his perception and views on leadership and how an ideal leader should be. In response, he asserts, “Leadership is not about a title or designation. It is about the impact, influence, and inspiration that we instil in the team. We have various Client Relationship Managers handling various clients and the Account Managers and Delivery Leads are empowered to take decisions related to the Projects they work on in the Best Interest of the clients. All of our team get inspired by the Customer Delight.”

Bob Nelson has well asserted, “An employee’s motivation is a direct result of the sum of interactions with his or her manager.” Leaders in an organization play the biggest role as direct motivators and are the prime reason for employees’ efficiency. Keeping this fact in mind, Ramesh utilizes all his soft skills to convey positivity to his Power team. “The key to a successful venture is not only focusing on the customers’ needs but ensuring that their employees are well taken care of. A few points are being followed in the organization without compromising. First of all, setting clear goals for the employees aligns with the company’s goals. The second is making the employees part of a bigger picture. Keeping the employees informed about the growth or expansion plans helps them to feel valued and that they are part of the growth. Trusting and recognizing their contribution. The employees feel empowered when trusted and recognizing their contribution.”-Ramesh.

A great persona has well asserted, “Information technology has been one of the leading drivers of globalization, and it may also become one of its major victims.” Power IT is revamping the IT arena with a plethora of innovative solutions majorly dealing in the services such as Consulting, Technology, and Digital transformation. Having a  tremendous experience of more than ten years in the industry, the company is acting as a helping hand for the business firms operating to revamp their respective realm.

The company runs on a robust perception that the business value of technology gets attained through people connected with it. Hence, the multicultural company is equipped with team members across ten countries around the globe.

Giving a brief view of his company’s portfolio and overall service panel, Ramesh affirms, “We are focused on offering IT Consulting, Technology, and Outsourcing solutions and services. We have a massive team of 300+ consultants, who are experts in Telecommunication, Banking, Financial Services, Health, Insurance, Automotive, Defense, Security, Energy, Semiconductors, and the Consumer Sector. They directly help our clients remain up-to date with the changing technologies in their domain and remain ahead of the competition, grow quickly, and become more profitable.”

The company offers its excellent services across a wide range of countries, including New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia Pacific-and making the company a well-established brand across the globe.

Abraham Lincoln has quoted, “The best way to predict the future is to create it,” Power IT is relentlessly climbing the success ladder at a brisk pace, hence upholding a bright future. Currently, the company is aspiring to boost its overall revenue and is also planning to increase the number of clients on its premises. Since its inception, the company has had the prime goal to be recognized as ‘The Most Trusted IT Services Partner’ all around the world. They are leveraging the emerging changes in the IT domain and expanding its roots to adhere to their focused goal.

Before signing off, Ramesh asserts, “We do believe in what you take back from the Society to give it back. We have tied up with numerous NGOs in India and Australia to provide basic needs to the less privileged, especially the kids from rural and slums. We sponsor to celebrate key festivals like Diwali, and Pongal along with the kids providing entertainment as well as motivational talks from the achievers in the society who have been once an underprivileged.”

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