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An emerging EPC company that redefines the infrastructural intricacies…

Written by:- Mr. Aditya Shinde (Executive Director)

Construction is recognised as one of the most significant advancements worldwide in many sectors, including infrastructure, industry, commerce, and residential development. Due to the rising need for infrastructure and the requirement for competent experts to design and construct projects, it is anticipated to expand by 20–25% year on average. By 2025, it is projected that the civil engineering sector would be worth $12 trillion.

EPC Company – Understanding Their Work and Responsibilities

A business that specializes in engineering, procurement, and construction, or EPC, is a one-stop shop for all efficient project designing, execution, management, and setup, as well as structured arrangement of control measures. The two major operational objectives of an EPC business are to maximize production output while minimizing defects, communication breakdowns, lags & delays in project timeline and quality.

In the enormous construction sector, EPC is a common approach to managing contracting projects. EPC firms complete this activity either entirely on their own or by outsourcing a portion of it to an outside contracting company. In exchange for a set price, EPC players may potentially subject the contract to budget and  scheduling risk.

EPC contracts are often ones where EPC providers are required to oversee nearly all of the contractual work’s processes. Both parties to the contract face significant risks if there is a price difference at any stage of the project, although EPC businesses are more likely to suffer losses. Any EPC contract is a very difficult procedure since there are so many different stakeholders involved, including consultants, M&E professionals, designers, and sub-companies.

Some EPC contracts are international in character, making them exposed to many price alterations as a result of the unstable global economy. An effective EPC business should have the necessary expertise to manage pricing adjustments that may occur at any point during the execution of the contract work and to take into account changes in labour and material costs as a result of a corresponding change in the project site.

What is an EPC Contract? Here’s What You Need to Know…

As part of the EPC contracting agreement, the EPC company undertakes three important components of a project: Engineering & Design – where it carries out the detailed engineering design of the complete facility. Procurement – where the EPC firm procures all the necessary materials and equipment to execute the design.

Construct – where the company builds the facility and delivers the facility in a ready-to-commission state to the project owner or sponsors. The EPC phase of a project, which occurs after the feasibility study and FEED (Front End Engineering Design) research phase, is frequently referred to as the execution phase.

The fundamental engineering design study, which examines the many phases and elements of a project, is included in a FEED study. When the project owner seeks bids from EPC companies during the tender and bidding stage, a FEED study report is required.

Question & Answer:

What is an EPC company?

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction is referred to as EPC. Large complex buildings are designed and built by a construction business or group of construction companies, particularly in the infrastructure, oil and gas, food, pharma, automobile and energy industries.

What does EPC mean in contracting?

EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) A whole range of services, including design, procurement, and construction, are included in an EPC contract. A turnkey solution is offered by the contracting company.

What is a turnkey contract in construction?

In a turnkey contract, the principal contractor or construction company is entirely in charge of all project-related tasks and delivers the finished product to the owner in a fully functional form.

What is the difference between turnkey and EPC contracting?

Turnkey contracting is an EPC contracting that always includes the complete scope of project work, right from design to construction and, often, commissioning of the facility. On the contrary, EPC contracting may or may not include the complete project scope. It may either provide the complete service package, including designing or may undertake only the construction part.

How do EPC companies work?

EPC companies work either as part of a project, such as construction or act as project managers on behalf of the owner. However, most EPC companies work on projects right from their conception to the completion stage.

RCON Group & EPC

RCON Group, are into the construction field since the last +20 years and have been executing projects for MNC & Indian giants like Ferring Pharma, SWITZ, Godrej & Boyce, Inox Air Products, Infiiloom, Air Liquide, Mahindra, Times of India, TATA Motors, TCI, CEAT, Pierburg Group, Schott Kaisha, Prince Pipes and many more.

“RCON”, formerly known as Aditya Construction, has been entrusted in operation of this industry for more than 20 years – with an extensive expertise in constructing industrial units across the nation. Our workforce is highly skilled and experienced, and we have excellent infrastructure with fully functional contemporary equipment.

RCON-EPC, (Engineering Procurement and Construction) is a business division of RCON and is managed by a group of highly trained EPC professionals with multidisciplinary skills and varied spectrum of experiences. Our EPC solutions are produced by an in-house engineering team with the ability to provide world-class engineering solutions.

Construction management, erection, and commissioning of different dimensions of huge equipment are efficiently handled by our highly trained project management team, which has already witnessed and delivered several successful projects. The research-based market knowledge of our SCM team ensures the best of materials at unmatched prices to make all projects a success. RCON-EPC aims to deliver cost-effective and project-specific EPC solutions, ensuring high standards of quality every time.

By delivering high-quality work on time, within budget, and in accordance with the project’s specifications – we confidently assert that RCON Group is primarily devoted to offering the finest engineering techniques in the following areas:

RCC Buildings
Industrial Sheds
PEB Works
MEP Works
Earth Works & Retaining Walls
Trenches & Heavy Machine Foundations, Tanks (UG/OH) etc.

RCON-EPC as an organization is proud of maintaining a culture where every employee in the organization, no matter in what function or level, has a responsibility towards our clients. Our robust processes have quality certification from ISO, through globally accepted standards such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

Our goal is to produce a high-quality product that complies with the requested specifications, on schedule, and in compliance with the applicable safety and quality regulations that apply to the construction sector.

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