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Crafting a Variety of Specialized Equipment to Tackle Customer’s Specific Demands

Nestled in Hyderabad in 2021, Refro Era has successfully paved the way to this ever-changing world and has established itself as an esteemed supplier of Retail Stores with Premium quality display racks, diesel generator sets, air conditioning, commercial refrigerators, commercial LED lights, multilevel heavy-duty storage racks. It also serves as the Pan India Business Associate for M/s Posiflex, a renowned provider of billing hardware and E-retail software. The dedicated consulting team at Refro Era is committed to serving customers in every way.”

Each project is distinct from the others. Some require only a few pieces of equipment, while others need many. Refro Era brings a wide range of specialized equipment to meet the specific needs of its customers ever-expanding industries.

Refro Era is in to and offer/supply.

• Consultants / Designers
• Super Stockist
• Distributors
• Dealers
• Business Associates
• A – Z Solutions to Retail super markets.

Initially, the idea was incorporated in 2019 as Refro Era Consulting, dealing in KEI power cables and wires. Later, the firm was established as Refro Era India Pvt .Ltd., with a vision to enter into franchise-advanced minimarts where a common man can feel comfortable doing the shopping and buying all kinds of needed items with the best quality at lower Market price.


The leading man, Ranga Rao M.V. who is also the Managing Director of Refro Era, heads the Board of Directors. He is a visionary leader and a senior supply chain professional, offering over 35 years of expertise in managing end-to-end procurement and services (facilities management), supply chain management, and vendor management. He is qualified in PGDMM and holds excellent expertise in using a process-oriented approach to achieve cost, profit, service, and organizational goals.

Mr. Rao held positions as General Manager and procurement head at Tecpro Systems Ltd., Nspira Management Services Pvt. Ltd(Narayana Group of Educational Institutes), Heritage Retail and Ratnadeep Retails Pvt. Ltd. During his tenure in Narayana he also become a member in the purchase committee. He was handling all the branches across the country for its capex and consumables procurement efficiently by implementing new techniques in the procurement process where the capex cost has been minimized and supported to the new branch establishments This led to high revenue growth.

During his tenure, in Hyderabad – based Narayana Group, he Contributed Majorly to procure customized TAB’s for “n’slate”, an E-education platform, for its chain of schools throughout India. As the first Indian E- learning institute Narayana Group Built Up 128 AV- based digital class room as part of the digital India Initiative in the academic year 2017-18. He also made a significant contribution to the opening of more than 150 retail super market establishments in Heritage &Ratnadeep across south India major cities.


There is now no company that can offer solutions (Consultation, design, capital expenditure supply, launching activities, support for Post establishment operations) for the establishment of retail supermarkets, particularly in Hyderabad city , major towns in Telangana and other significant Andhra Pradesh cities. Refro Era was created to support new entrepreneurs who want to start and operate retail stores. The company is able tosupport shop operations even after they have opened, thanks to their excellent solutions and servicing know-how.

By connecting all FMCG food and non-food, grocery and general merchandise vendors with the shop planogram , for example , they even support in the hiring of store employees. Refro Era has strong cooperation and business operations, which enables it to consistently provide all clients with deliveries that are made on time. Refro Era is a leader in providing consumers with A-Z solutions for the establishment of premium retail supermarkets. The firm provides end-to-end solutions to its customers and a complete range of services.


We believe in the learning process every day, and this helps our customers comfortably educate themselves and give our best business proposals that minimize capex investments. R&D is not just about developing new goods; it also involves ongoing experimentation with business processes, technology distribution strategies, and organizational structures. In terms of its offerings in the many forms described, Refro Era has always reinvented itself.


Refro Era strives to create a flexible and friendly ecosystem. The way they provide every one with an equal opportunity to flourish and develop shows how inclusive their culture is.In addition to regular outings, they provide team classes onsoft skills, training, customer relations awareness, and a good office ambience to perform their job efficiently.


Today, with a committed team of 20+ professionals Refro Era offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions. It further offers installation, testing, and education in addition to the “ready to use” principle. The business company has been steadily expanding and has had a track record of generating revenue since it was founded. Refro Era also plans to open FIFTY franchisee model stores in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh during the fiscal year 2023–2024 and 2024-25. They have already started their operations in Andhra Pradesh to cater Big, Medium and small retail entrepreneur’s requirements. Slowly enter other cities in the south, like Chennai and Bangalore, by FY 2024–25, i.e., after achieving the franchisee stores target in FY 2023–24.


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