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Demand for legal services in India is growing exponentially with large infrastructure projects expected to be launched by the Government to combat the economic slowdown with the increasing number of companies in the nation; many Indian companies engaging in cross-border transactions; increasing levels of legal awareness, regulation & compliance. One law firm that has been able to seize these opportunities and add value to its clientele is New Delhi, headquartered Riar Global LLP.

Founded in 2010, Riar Global carries a legacy of quality and integrity and caters to a wide range of legal requirements of a diverse clientele. The firm continuously helps clients get through the maze of complex legislation in a world where globalisation and technology are constantly changing. It is concentrated on providing clients with counsel that would guarantee the most excellent feasible resolution without compromise.

The most prominent services that the firm has provided revolve around corporate and commercial advisory, expatriate compliance, and global mobility consulting. In addition to legal services for many expatriates and companies, its vital service areas include Litigation, International Expatriate Consulting, and Mobility Compliances.

At the helm of Riar Global LLP, Mr. Amit Suden is one of India’s foremost senior corporate immigration attorneys with 25+ years of experience as one of India’s senior corporate mobility lawyers; Mr. Amit is recognised as an experienced authority on expatriate mobility matters. In academics, he schooled and graduated in New Delhi, did his master’s from Delhi University, and is also a Law graduate from Delhi University. His success mantra is to Achieve the destination, Enjoy the Journey, Work Hard and Stay Humble. He strives to learn contentiously, however inconsequential it may seem.

To precisely define the values that need to be protected and the goals to pursue, Riar Global gives each client painstaking, individualised attention. “Lots of firms cover more ground, but Riar Global is much more cross border than any other firm its size.” Here, the team believes that clients hire lawyers, not law firms. They speak the Clients Language. A significant edge over their peers is that they do not accept representation in every case. When a client evaluates a potential attorney, they ensure that the client’s expectations are reasonable and that the attorney can help them.

Every client is unique, and every situation is different. The team at Riar Global develops tactics that are specifically targeted to achieve outcomes that are quick and successful. For nearly two decades, they have represented public and private entities, including boards of education, charter schools, and regional and multinational corporations throughout the tristate area in various practice areas. Here, the clients demand and receive excellence, success, and value.

The team at Riar Global is very forthright in what can be expected from an outcome point of view and will often make arrangements for those in need. Additionally, there is committed personnel available in case of a legal emergency. They are always ready for the unexpected.

“When the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” Our attorneys collaborate across conventional practice areas to provide fresh insight and creative approaches to our client’s problems. – Amit Suden

“Our firm’s slogan, “The Counsel You Keep,” refers to our competitive advantage, which results from the fact that most of our attorneys have long-standing relationships with our firm and our clients. As a result, we are deeply ingrained in the businesses and industries of our clients. Our tagline perfectly captures the fact that we are the trusted advisors to our clients, Mr. Amit continued.

The company primarily serves high-profile multinational corporations and global brands operating in various industries, including the fields of pharmaceuticals, foods and beverages, liquor, clothing, cosmetics, FMCG, and fashion accessories, using its distinctive strategy of doing quality work and maintaining excellence in standards in what it is a part of.

The firm has partnered with several Fortune 500 businesses around the world, including New Holland Tractors, Dredjing International, Nortel Networks, Bechtel, British Gas, Microsoft Corporation, Fiat Italy Spa, IVECO, Magneti Marelli, Louis Vuitton, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, AT Kearney, McKinsey & Co, ABB, Shell, Altious Consulting, Bonifica, Bombardier, Petronas, Israeli Aerospace, Actia, Carrefour, Daniele Corus, etc.

Riar has also worked with mentionable clients such as Clinton Foundation, Richard Gere Foundation, International Aids Vaccine Initiative, SOS International, Mexican Embassy, and Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Additionally, it benefits state-owned, medium-sized, and small businesses as well as important local businesses, embassies, and nongovernmental organisations.

Everyone is easy-going and friendly! In other words, the work culture at Riar Global can be described as “welcoming,” “relaxed,” “comfortable”, “without cutthroats”, and generally collaborative. Everyone at the company is respected as a creative professional. The team closely collaborates with clients to comprehend their objectives and offer prompt answers. The administration establishes a welcoming environment where ideas can be openly discussed. Every professional affiliated with the firm is acknowledged as a part of the team on an equal footing.

Further, Mr. Amit apprised, “the cool culture is manifested from the top down. Any junior can walk into my office and talk about anything. I have kept our firm super down to earth. People are not stuffy here, and for the most part, everyone is relatable and personable, or may I say, “everyone is normal and unpretentious.”

Independent small practice is an all-in-one process – you are the originator of the work, the executor, the teacher and mentor, the researcher, and sometimes the office manager. One of the most challenging things for Amit with a small independent private practice was establishing his brand, which is very well known and acknowledged as the client feedback shows with a very long list of appreciating clients who have documented their input and service appreciation. Despite the difficulties a small practice faces, work is the main objective. With practice, one discovers that, given enough time, a variety of problems may be overcome.

“I anticipate having a successful balance of forprofit and pro bono practice. In the following years, I want to see more of it. The idea is that if a business has a legal issue in a field of law I practise, I want to be one of the first names that come to mind for that individual or business or to be among the very few that come highly recommended by other clients”, asserted Mr. Suden.

Many young attorneys think their legal education only qualifies them to work as associates, corporate counsel, or litigators. I believe the opportunities available are much more – setting up a start-up providing innovative legal solutions, a career in research and policy, consulting, teaching, civil service, etc. I think one should try a few different avenues and fields of law – before finding their “Ikigai” and then excelling at it with full force.

Early in your legal career, there are advantages to becoming a generalist rather than a specialist. According to Justice Frankfurter, reading excellently is the most excellent way to prepare for the law. In addition to the law, history, not just the law, but history, literature, politics, religion, etc. “When people get more senior, they tend to reflect in some nostalgic way about ‘the good old days, as if somehow twenty years ago it was better. I don’t subscribe to that.”

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