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A leader defined by his extraordinary vision to shape a better healthcare system in India

Today, the increasing number of cancer patients across the globe has posed an urgent need for primary prevention techniques to help in the early detection of this incurable disease. With the evolution in scientific knowledge, researchers are seeking new ways to make a difference in direction of Cancer prevention methods. Here, the role of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology is said to be revolutionizing the fight against cancer by detecting the mutations in genomic structure to get started with the right medications even before the symptoms start manifesting in the human system.

On that note, a 33-year old entrepreneur, Samarth Jain, set up his first and foremost entrepreneurial venture-Positive Bioscience— to add substance to this Cancer prevention as well as ‘combating’ drive. His unequalled contribution as an influential, as well as insightful leader in the healthcare space, propelled Business Connect to featured his vignette in this brand-new edition.

Positive Bioscience was incepted in 2012, after its Founder- CEO, Samarth Jain recognized the significant role of genomic testing in the amelioration of the healthcare industry. Samarth set up this venture with a keen vision— ‘to provide every Indian patient access to the latest and best cancer testing at an affordable price’. For him, the inspiration to start this business came after realizing the large gap between testing for cancer patients available in the USA and what was available in India.

In the USA, NGS testing has become a boon for cancer patients that can prevent the disastrous results stimulated by the disease. Hence, Samarth pioneered the launch of NGS based testing to the patients in India where targeted sequencing, microarray-based tests and RNA sequencing were introduced for early detection of the disease as well as identification of the effective medications for the advanced stages.

This Mumbai-based start-up offers two types of testing facilities– Myriad Genetics testing and PositiveSelect testing(in-house service).

Myriad Genetics is a US-based leading genetic testing as well as precision medicine organisation. Its partnership with Positive Bioscience as a gold-standard testing facility answers some critical questions like-

  • Will an individual get the disease?
  • What is the impact scale of the disease?
  • Should a person opt for medication for the disease?
  • What should be the best treatment for the disease?

This testing will helps the masses avoid unnecessary medications allowing them to make precise decisions in terms of dealing with cancer. Effective treatments, accurate screenings and improved patient outcomes are the salient features of Myriad Genetics testing.

Positive Bioscience’s flagship service PositiveSelect provides – Genomic Profiling on Gene Panel Tests and Actionable Results Backed by Reliable Analytics. Here, DNA is extracted from the patient’s body and is decoded via NGS testing. With the help of the relevant software and their genetic expertise, they find the mutated gene and the most effective treatment for it in no time. PositiveSelect testing heavily relies on gene panel tests that analyse several genes at once for any cancer-related mutations.

In this direction, Samarth asserts that the commonalities are aware of the fait accompli that cancer can also be inherited from generation to generation but are ignorant to the presence of genetic testing that can detect the risk of cancer way ahead of time, allowing people to take preventive measures beforehand. Both these testings have so far changed thousands of lives by facilitating better treatment response across the categories like immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and targeted therapy.

“We believe we are the company that is most frequently benchmarked by other companies in our niche. Doctors all around India and in almost all (if not all) leading institutes have tried out our testing. Our commitment to high-quality testing is widely known in the industry,” claims the founder, when asked of the venture’s USP. So far, their services have made a huge difference for those suffering from different types of cancers and to spread awareness among the common people in this regard, Positive Bioscience’s official website is enriched with well-explained articles that are quite informative as well as insightful.

Also, with the team’s sheer focus on ensuring the best possible cancer testing facility to people with appropriate industry comprehension, the CEO aspires to reach the pinnacle heights of success soon

Persistent research in genomic testing services has always allowed Positive Bioscience to stay ahead of the curve, claims Samarth. He affirms that at present their research goals are focused on providing doctors as well as patients with beneficial information on genetic variants that can pose cancer risks in future. The R&D team is straining every nerve to be substantive here. Samarth further adds that beyond any doubt, the R&D process has allowed the company to stand apart in its industrial area— be it pioneering NGS testing in India or introducing biopsies i.e blood-based testing for when cancer tissue is unavailable.

“Probably more than any other company in India, Positive Bioscience has lead and defined the field of cancer genomics testing. We do it by continuously investing in R&D,” continued the founder.

Considering their business estimates, Samarth told us that they have heavily invested in R&D more than any other enterprise for enhanced testing methods so far. He professed to provide customized panels pertaining to internal data in India, that is exclusive to some leading American companies only, ensuring them with a renowned stature in their targeted industry within a short time.

Samarth is an avid believer of the leadership that stimulates collaborative work culture. In his thoughtful endeavour to bring a huge change in the lives of cancer patients, Samarth aligns his adept team members to strive incessantly towards more testing and more accessibility. For this, Samarth chooses the teammates precisely and keeps testing their competencies by assigning them some challenging tasks. Every employee at the company fervently believes in its mission i.e. to upgrade the testing infrastructure in India, which is way bigger than any individual or even this establishment, states the iconic leader.

Yet another noteworthy aspect of his stewardship is his emphasis on ensuring gender equality in his company.

Samarth reveals, “We have maintained a near 50-50 male to female ratio in the company since inception. We strongly believe in and have always been an equal opportunity employer.”

Indeed, his able administration has helped him establish a robust work culture that advocates equality for all.

Moreover, his innovative streak, hard-working outlook and quality alignment have helped his entrepreneurial venture become a thumping success in a short period only. His mentorship has propelled Positive Bioscience to be enlisted one among the top 6 start-ups worldwide by in 2012. The company has also opened India’s first personal genomics clinic in partnership with Medanta hospital in 2014, which is a remarkable milestone for it.

While scaling the greater heights, Positive Bioscience is always forging ahead with the notion to put forth something substantive. Now when the start-up is converged on some colossal initiatives, it is also addressing the imperative questions like – How is the field changing? How can we do even better for our customers? How can we drive the industry forwards? Samarth is certain that his extraordinary vision will spur the waves of changes across the nation in the healthcare space, transforming lives in a positive light.

“An entrepreneur must foster creativity and innovation and adapt quickly to changing market conditions. Innovation faces a lot of pushback internally and externally and an entrepreneur must be ready to face and overcome these challenges.”

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