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An eminent logistics service provider driven by the ingenuity of  its ‘founding father’

In a case study of ‘The Journal of High Technology Management Research’, the entrepreneurial journey has been defined as a sheer process of neoteric business creation when an opportunity is transitioned into a real business. This study also claimed that ‘entrepreneurial intent towards a new opportunity emerges as collective actions for combining new resources to create new value’.

Indeed, value creation is the foremost objective of a majority of ventures mushrooming globally. In most of the triumphant journeys, pioneering intent is the motive force behind the phenomenality.

There are several luminaries across the business world, who have become the epitome of such praiseworthy traits mentioned in the above premise. Hence, we unveil an inspiring success story of a business leader who embarked on augmenting the stature of his first and foremost business venture from ‘zero to 100 Crore’. So, dive into an enticing read outlining a journey from ‘nothing to something to everything’!

Integrity, discipline, and prudence are the archetypal values proposed by a visionary leader— Pradman Krishan Ganjoo. Where social impetus induced a myriad of impediments in his road to becoming an influential personality today, he defied the odds with his incredible ability to deliver excellence enriched in style, sway and, of course, entrepreneurial intent.

Staying committed to his vision to establish a successful business empire of his own, he kept walking against the tides. And now, he is a proud owner of his brainchild— Sampark Global Logistics Pvt LTD. Starting his venture from scratch in 2002, he was the pioneer to choose the name ‘Sampark’ and make it a ‘reputation’ in the logistics space.

Mr Pradman strained every nerve to carve a global repute for his adored venture across the business landscape and carried out his well-established mission. Even after hailing from a not so favourable childhood where Pradman pursued his education while dwelling in a camp house, he attained his Bachelors of Legislative Law later and became a phenomenal leader with exemplary prowess.

Beyond any doubt, his professional trajectory took a significant turn towards his destination to become a successful business tycoon, which has become a stirring story for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

Sampark Global commenced its exclusive journey with a humble beginning from just one office chamber and one PC back in 2002. And now, it has expanded its service wings at PAN India level with 42-owned workstations, with a manpower of more than 500+ adept professionals. The past two decades has witnessed the resounding success of this organisation, making its firm presence in the list of unicorn organisations.

Owing to the Founder’s committed zeal to take his business venture to greater heights, Sampark has now become a hallmark of the trade of the logistics sector. Predominantly, the unicorn organisation majorly renders premium logistics support to OEM companies (a major portion of its clientele). With an excellent service record and highlydisciplined services, Sampark Global makes justice regarding on-time deliveries of urgent and high-value consignments.

The services are intensely aligned with its exclusive mission to provide cargo express services to their end clients who are steering highly sensitive businesses. As the company imparts its adored clientele with lucrative value generation, most of the OEM giants across the country have entrusted them with their customer loyalty for over a decade.

Moreover, addressing its cosmopolitan presence, Pradman claims that the company’s years of flair and finesse backed with an enriched history have facilitated its growth across international markets.

“We have got collaborations with some of the giants in the international market for air and ocean freight. Sampark Global and its worldwide alliance form an extensive transportation network that spans the four corners of the globe,” continues the dynamic founder.

“We have got collaborations with some of the giants in the international market for air and ocean freight. Sampark Global and its worldwide alliance form an extensive transportation network that spans the four corners of the globe,” continues the dynamic founder.

Moreover, Mr Pradman emphasizes that the involvement of swift and modern techniques and consideration of vendor & customer feedback have allow them to improve their service offerings effectively.

Commenting on this aspect, he elucidates, “We exclusively ensure value-added services with no extra cost where we ensure flexibility for both pickups as well as deliveries. There is no consolidation of Loads at origin or destinations. We strive for absolute transparency in our operations.

Additionally, we not only work as logistic service providers but also the logistics consultants. We have special cut-offs at the airport to uplift the shipments in a very short time where we are working 24×7×365 days. We set on board – carrier services and apart from using direct operational sources to uplift the shipments.

In this direction, Sampark Global has a core philosophy to never compromise on the quality of the offered services reflecting its grandeur, asserts the Founder. The values and ethics of the organisation are majorly aligned with ensuring probity and integrity in their service portfolio. Moreover, apart from nurturing self-motivated individuals, the company runs its operations on a specially structured code of conduct that is highly valued by each employee.

In light of highlighting his ‘success mantra’ for ensuring better business flows, he spoke that rendering customized services to clients can allow any organization to relish their loyalty!

“I firmly reckon that personalized services are the need of the hour to take a venture to greater heights,” cited Mr Pradman.

Across the business fraternity, different leaders describe leadership differently. And Mr Pradman’s career trajectory reveals that he was born to be an exceptional leader with exclusive insights. For him, being a leader is an in-built trait that is not a common phenomenon. He further adds that above all, an efficient leader possesses a specialized trait to identify the ‘pilotage’ qualities within other people as well and align their respective competencies in favour of his envisioned objectives.

“No one is perfect. It is all about accepting each other’s flaws and focussing on the suitable skills and talents to the exemplary outcomes in terms of a business. Every individual is borne with a unique skill-set, competencies or drawbacks. A leader must acknowledge the fait accompli that his efforts should not be inclined towards handpicking the perfect individual for a job, rather recognize relevant capabilities and utilize them in a common direction.”

In addition to the above premise, he advises the youths to get enlightened with their hidden talents or skills as early as possible in their lives, as it can bestow them with a bountiful of benefits to while taking the greater heights. Be it entrepreneurship or a 9 to 5 high-heeled job, acknowledgement of one’s passion is instrumental in the growth of the career, explains the exhilarating luminary.

Earlier, the logistics sector was highly unstructured where all the operations were performed manually. During the nascent stage of his career, Mr Pradman witnessed several impediments to tech adoption. But today, technology has significantly revamped this space as such, that it has become an indispensable part of Logistics operations.

“Technology has become a crucial aspect to stay ahead of the game in this industry. Syncing with this context, Sampark Global has ensured to leverage 75% well-equipped tech advances for better workflows. Furthermore, as an industry leader we are ceaselessly striving for more and more adaptation of latest technological advancement to synchronize with market trends,” conveys Mr Pradman.

From ideation to inception, R&D always ensures any venture with industry cognizance and trouble spots to be substantive in the best possible way. For Sampark Global as well, heavy reliance on R&D operations imparted an idea for ‘reverse marketing’.

Mr Pradman affirmed that they were the pioneers of reverse marketing back in the late ’90s that culminated in effortless business nomination. And today, 99% of the ventures are operating with the concept of business nomination only. Thereby, R&D practices are at the core of the company’s existent service portfolio, paving its path to be India’s No.1 logistics service provider.

“The unfortunate circumstances induced by the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us a multitude of valuable lessons. Firstly, it has accentuated the need of living a healthy lifestyle where our physical, as well as mental well being, has to be our priority. Secondly, in regard to the business ecosystem, who would have ever thought of remote working or work from home business model to run the operations effectively? We have learned that human beings have multi-faceted capabilities where we can perform, learn, or express several kinds of exertions.

But above all, this unprecedented scenario has directed us to be more vigilant and conduct a well-disciplined life as the supremely intelligent beings!,” cited the Founder, acknowledging the current crisis.

Sampark Global has always nurtured a work culture where discipline is a motive force alongside ensuring motivation, rewards, and recognition as the cornerstones of growth. The administration has always resonated with the notion to create an environment of holistic growth at personal as well as professional front for its workforce.

From engaging Saturday discussions to gifting ‘iPhones’ to the employees as the festive bonus, the management under the auspices of Mr Pradman, leaves no stone unturned to ensure a culture of motivation and ebullience that has concluded in the thumping success of the organisation.

Filled with gratitude for the roaring success he has witnessed in his entrepreneurial journey so far, Mr Pradman’s intuitiveness prompted him to established his own NGO- Sampark Global Charitable Trust to help the underprivileged section of society in whichever possible way. His dedicated team of zestful volunteers is strenuously toiling to ensure education and feeding facilities to the children across the remote villages who are immensely deprived of the basic necessities of life.

Even amid the glooms and dooms of the pandemic, they heavily contributed in the form of grocery kits and daily essentials to the indigent commonalities across the nation. All the outstanding CSR initiatives taken by Mr Pradman testify to his ingenuity as a humanitarian that is quite commendable.

Under the influential administration of its visionary leader, Sampark Global has bagged rewards and recognition from colossal industry players and government councils across the nation. A few of those noteworthy mentions highlighting the awards and certificates received by Mr Pradman as well as his brainchild have been enlisted below—

  • In 2012, Pradman K Ganjoo was conferred with ‘Bharat Gaurav Award’ by ‘Citizens Integration Peace Society’ for his distinguished services to the nation.
  • Yet again in 2012, the Founder became the recipient of the Pride of India Award by the All India National Unity Council.
  • In 2014, Indian Achiever’s Podium certified Sampark Global as — Most Reputed Logistics Service Provider with a PAN India presence.
  • Bagged Global Excellence Award by Web pulse in 2018.
  • Sampark Charitable Trust has received Indian Legend Award 2019 for its magnificent CSR activities.
  • Moreover, Punjab Logistics, Pune Logistics and Mahindra Logistics have recognized Sampark Global as an excellent industry player in the Logistics space.

Owing to a lengthy list of the recognition showered on Sampark Global, we have featured only a few since the whole list couldn’t be curtailed in this article! As for the future, he has envisioned boosting his company’s global reach and be radically substantive to the big international markets with state-of-the-art logistics services.

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