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The protagonist behind Yield 4 Finance’s resounding success

Putting faith into something heavily inspires the confidence to embark upon the unknown territories and avenues. But, faith could only be sparked from the intense passion for any endeavour. And such passion drove Sanjeev Chadha to be an avid entrepreneur who decided to hone people’s latent talent while dedicating his services to the comprehensive growth and improvement of society. Operating a business presents a complex set of challenges while making a person introspect and learn a lot about oneself. The types of roadblocks and potholes confronted by an entrepreneur in his journey facilitate him to become more conscious of the possibilities to explore and witness tremendous growth.

Sanjeev entered the banking space to bring the touch of ease and accessibility, acknowledging immense possibilities here. His commitment to introduce some revolutionary financial service products in the industry to enhance the capacity of managing cash better and make sheer access to credit facilities has made a huge difference between survival and closure for many struggling SMEs in the current volatile as well as challenging times. His vision for the Yield Group is to emerge as a reliable partner for the client in its internationalization efforts have made his success story worth more than a glance.

In line with recognizing the ‘entrepreneur’s’ contribution to the financial service industry by launching several client-centric solutions, we couldn’t help but feature his vignette on the cover page. This elegant read has been prepared as per the conversation held with Sanjeev Chadha over a virtual meet and we firmly believe it will leave our global readership astounded with some unique insights and perspectives shared by him.

“Looking far back, I started in a different situation being a simple employee practising my profession as an engineer, and never did I imagine I would be a market leader in the financial guarantees realm. My entrepreneurial streak is proof that success is possible in the most unimaginable ways, as long as you keep going forward and innovating” Sanjeev conveyed.

entrepreneurial journey is not only about the challenges he came across while forging ahead. Instead, he happened to have attained several feats in his way to phenomenality while encountering multiple losses too. Nevertheless, irrespective of the lows, he was directed to different paths leading him to the exponential growth the group is witnessing today

Sanjeev Chadha started with humble beginnings where he established several ventures in India. His businesses grew phenomenally to places like the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Zambia and other major business hubs globally. He is a seasoned engineer who made an unwavering name in the management certification field. Owing to his more than 2 decades of experience in refined management, operations and successful track record, his business ventures grew exponentially.

Later, the serial entrepreneur pioneered the concept of Yield 4 Finance Pvt. Ltd. in India and Yield Financing Broker and Yield 4 Management FZE in the United Arab Emirates. Soon after, branching out in the UK and Zambia, he was armed with own banks he established. With a steady faith in the group’s vision, he is determined to make his companies the premier providers of financial services at a global scale. And addressing the significance of success in the life of an entrepreneur.

Sanjeev continued by saying,
“To me, success is building businesses that enable people to live their best lives by giving positive value and upliftment. Success does not come to those who are selfish and do not encourage and lead others on the path to success. Instead of constructing a society where only he has all the rights to exist and earn, a successful person constantly provides. This is what I teach my team, and what made us what we are today. With this, I have a whole team that helps in building a brand that sparks trust in its customers.”

The Yield Group was established with an insightful purpose to allow the targeted clientele to achieve long-term success while delivering responsible financial services and solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, based on internationally recognized best banking practices by our issuers. With an ardent mission to ensure the clients, shareholders, staff and the general public with substantial value, the organization is growing in leaps and bounds.

And talking of the core principles that prominently guides the mission proposed by the organization, Sanjeev Chadha claims honesty and transparency, professionalism, customer dedication, teamwork, and excellence allow them to stay ahead of the game. The whole workforce is driven by the vision to be a firm partner of their respective clients in their pursuits for internationalization, making sure they can only look forward to exemplary financial services ahead. To revolutionize the business of trade finance and carve an image of the foremost and leading financial solution provider for our customers across the globe, Yield 4 Finance has been straining every nerve to make a difference.

‘Purpose of the actions’
• Utilize the expertise of our skilled staff members to deliver customer-centric financial solutions
• Provide our clients with Integrated trade finance solutions
• Get distinguished by our outstanding financial services
• Deliver superior services that create value for our customers
• Become a trusted and customer-friendly financial guarantee provider

SMEs are considered to be key contributors to the employment creation drive stimulating the progress of the global economy as they are considered to be the backbone of most of the economies throughout the world, yet they have been challenging several groups so far. On one hand, the biggest concern of most banks is the fact that several SMEs are not well-organized. On the other hand, businesses are hesitant to reach out to the traditional banks’ methods to consider business funding. Moreover, liquidity problems have been one of the most significant and recurrent problems across international trading sectors.

Owing to the risk of strategic defaults, an exporter expects persistent payments where the dearth of liquidity prevents a buyer from internalizing the seller’s gain. In this direction, banks might take months to issue a letter of credit or guarantee, making the procedure cumbersome, causing importers to lose out on market opportunities. Additionally, cash holdout has been known to be a common requirement in trade finance instruments and blocked money affects liquidity, even if the opposite side hasn’t initiated anything.

The industry is known to stimulate a major portion of a country’s GDP where a majority of it misses out on transactions and is considered uncompetitive as it cannot afford the prerequisites of the bank requirements to issue the crucial instruments. Hence, clients are in constant search of a reliable financial partner who can help them achieve their company goals by guiding them through best practices when working with such products and this is where Yield 4 Finance pitches in with its effortless support.

The unique selling proposition set forth by Yield 4 Finance has been ameliorating the financial services space. To simplify the process in favor of the clientele to gain effective access to financial guarantees, the organization offers 24*7 support them. These guarantees are crucial to mitigate the risks and manage the cash flow in any international deal for MSMEs. As per Sanjeev, the clients need not be worried about bank instruments as they should focus on their core business and take on more transactions with some peace of mind.

The agile and customer-centric alternative to the bureaucratic and time-consuming traditional methods are regularly employed to help MSMEs grow enormously. And for facilitating imports and projects, financial instruments play an instrumental role in developing markets and unbanked regions, specifically for MSMEs. An elementary and swift business approach accompanied with less demanding paperwork allows effortless operations under strict regulation and compliance.

“Our efficient business model directs their efforts to expansion and core concerns as they trust that they have a credible partner to manage their financial guarantee needs,” asserts the leading figure.

When questioned to acknowledge the significance of market research in the growth of the company, Sanjeev avidly states that market research allows them to be up-to-date and be in the know of the emerging trends in the industry while syncing with the client’s expectations. In this ever-evolving world, businesses try to cope as fast as they can and bag the opportunities within their reach, especially when they have firm financial support from the institutions.

“The R & D process assists any organization in identifying gaps and initiating regulatory-compliant arrangements that clients can rely on as it continues to progress and establish advantageous relationships. Yield 4 Finance has played a significant role in the expansion of Micro Capitals Bank and Sigma Financial Solutions, United Trust Bank, and Acumen Bank, and together with these issuers, the company is constantly creating solutions to contribute to a more inclusive worldwide banking environment,” responded the dynamo.

Additionally, how could an organization ignore the proliferating tech upgrades across the business landscape? To educate clients and partners about its products, it uses digital platforms, social media, and video conferencing technologies. It also collaborates with banks and financial institutions that provide 100% digital offshore account services. This gives clients access to bank accounts and currencies that are difficult to come by in their own country, and it allows them to interact with buyers and suppliers in other countries.

“The transformation of ingenuity into a useful, timely and up-to-date product or service is characterized as innovation. Advancement, in my opinion as an entrepreneur, is any new concept, method, or product, as well as any change to an existing product or process that adds value to that product or service,” reveals the entrepreneur.

Innovation is said to be a key driver of entrepreneurial success that is determined by a leader’s ability to pioneer and market something unique. Today, entrepreneurship has grown to be connected with originality, notably the capacity to generate an idea or a representation of an idea. Innovation heavily necessitates creativity where the application of creativity distinguishes it from others.

And when it comes down to creating some innovative solutions, the roadmap is as follows

1. Engaging with business partners catering to the same market
2. Keeping up to date with developments with traditional banking, and identifying gaps we can fill
3. Checking the competitive landscape and benchmarking
4. Utilizing the experience and insights of our staff based on their interaction with clients, among others.

Today, Yield 4 Finance has been known to be assisting innumerable importers and traders globally by making a sheer presence worldwide and enhancing the global trade with their extraordinary products like LC, SBLC, and bank guarantees.

The expansion witnessed by them could be witnessed in the hundreds of meaningful partnerships forged with top consultants and finance professionals who have been the motive force for extending their services across the targeted market. From ensuring face-to-face client meetings to establishing major hubs with a robust network of partners and clients, all of these mentions attest to their alignment with the excellent service.

For Sanjeev, he draws his leadership upon sheer passion and philanthropic vision to empower others. His hard-working and dedicated persona has been directly proportionate to the company’s thumping success thus far. The owner’s enthusiasm motivates every individual associated with the company to work hard. He fervently believes in cultivating people on their skills and sees himself as the ‘Chief Gardener’ to his people.

Sanjeev’s keen leadership could be well-understood from his quote, “Great leaders are distinguished by how well they develop people and guarantee that everyone successfully works on corporate objectives, even though it takes time and patience. My leadership style is defined by coaching and inspiring others. I am convinced that concentrating on long-term competencies will empower employees and, as a result, the company’s future. My generous nature aids the organization in concentrating on the development of all of its stakeholders.”

Also, driving his people to better prospects, he always ensures to bring the experts on board with proven financial expertise and an optimistic attitude. His inspiring personality has been the core reason behind maintaining a pleasant environment in the workplace. The personnel working at Yield 4 Finance come from different countries as well as cultures, who are highly adaptive and versatile personalities. And regarding upscaling employees’ efficiency and their development, the management is fixated on maximizing independence, and the “do-it-yourself” mentality.

“Albeit investing avid time and resources on training and nurturing, it’s not right to look over their shoulders all the time as it compromises their integrity. Yield 4 Finance is one big epitome of team spirit. Our offices collaborate to identify and create ways on how one’s shortcomings can complement another’s strengths,” unveiled the leader about the vibrant work culture at his organization.

Since its inception in 1998, Yield Group has witnessed a myriad of milestones. Be it six offices established in different cities to a rapidly expanding workforce- the company has grown multifold. Also, the company’s collaborations have grown at an exponential rate. Sanjeev’s other enterpriseSigma Financial Solutions- is a regulated and licensed enterprise by the Bank of Zambia that has advanced beyond trade financing today.

It is a well-acclaimed institution that provided contemporary banking services such as offshore account opening and money transfers, fixed deposits, trade financing, micro-lending and prepaid debit cards and other products too. Presently, the Group has evolved into a comprehensive window for reaching out to other banks such as Micro Capitals Bank, United Trust Bank and Acumen Bank.

Micro Capitals has likewise been helping clients for financial guarantees and bank accounts to help perform international payment collection and disbursement with a variety of currencies. United Trust Bank has assisted in bank instruments similarly as Acumen Bank. Acumen is also having a registered marketing office in London, providing reliable services for issuance of instruments like Letter of Credit, SBLC, Bank Guarantees and other swift messages.

In terms of the future outlook, Sanjeev is spearheading the establishment of more and more offices in Asia, America/ Canada, Europe, and Africa, strengthening its presence. On the other hand, it’s consistent in innovating its products, creating more valuable partnerships to assist trade flows and development projects. In the end, Yield 4 Finance aims to develop more full-fledged banks having adaptive technologies to address the market gaps while adding significant value to the customers’ lives.

“As an entrepreneur, you will go through ups and downs as you struggle to develop a company from the ground up. You’ll lose inspiration from time to time, and all it takes is a reminder of why you started in the first place. Persistence and determination will lead you to the realization of your dreams. Talent and money will be nothing if hard work is not factored in. Let the fruit of your hard work inspire other people and be the living proof that tenacity makes a difference no matter where you came from.”

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