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Santosham Foods

Santosham Foods

Bringing Authentic South Indian Delicacies to Treat Your Taste Buds

Sharing a truly South Indian flavourful meal experience with authenticity at its core has been a carefully preserved dream. Santosham has been a realisation of that dream which took shape in 2022 with the set up of the first outlet in June 2022 under the exemplary leadership of Chittaranjan Gohokar, founder of Santosham. The journey was started by walking on a strong commitment to providing a nutritious food experience that can only be provided by truly authentic South Indian flavours.

Envisioned to serve truly authentic South Indian cuisine at reasonable pricing without sacrificing the brand experience, Santosham has been delivering amazing taste and superior quality. It has successfully created its presence in 5 locations in Thane and Mumbai with in a year and is further planning to expand its presence in not only Mumbai but other cities as well.


Santosham is a Tamil and Malayalam word that signifies “happiness” or “joy.” They want customers to feel exactly same when they interact with their brand, ‘Santosham.’

The Santosham team is confident towards expanding the business since they work well together, place a high emphasis on quality, and constantly strive to improve to offer the best customer experience.

While Santosham has created an active presence on the social media platform, the team is a firm believer in letting their food do the talking. This is one of the core competencies of Santosham.


The brain behind the brand, Chittaranjan Gohokar, Founder of Santosham, holds extensive experience in the construction and manufacturing segment. From strategic planning to implementation, from human resources to vendor management, Mr Gohokar is able to manage everything effectively with a smile on his face. Bringing his mother, Bhagyalakshmi’s lifelong dream to reality has been the key driving force, and motivation to venture into this segment. From a very humble beginning and with minimal resources, Mr Gohokar has driven the brand with exceptional and extraordinary skills to reach new altitudes.

The visionary leader shared his insights on the true meaning of Leadership: “Leadership for me is not about control but about constructive influence. We are proud of encouraging our team members to assume leadership positions in their roles and supporting them in the process has been a joy.”


Entrepreneurship is ingrained in Indian society, whether through small- to medium-sized family-owned businesses or corporate behemoths like the Ambanis. The start-up industry has boomed during the past ten years. The start-up economy has been booming over the last decade. So much, so that nomenclature like ‘unicorn’ is no longer just used in the context of startups and venture capital but are but has become a living room conversation. While they have seen the good, bad and ugly of start ups, they are here to stay and how! Santosham hopes to contribute in the growth of the startup industry.


Absolutely! While R&D has been a part of the organisational culture at Santosham from the beginning in order to improve the offerings with each passing day, the firm was founded on the strong values of authenticity and maintaining traditions.


Santosham houses a team of dedicated, educated, hardworking, and goal-oriented professionals. They have been consistently winning the hearts of all the customers by providing them with the best services and have been setting the bar since its inception.

Santosham Foods has a diverse employee base. Respecting each other’s life experiences and providing a safe, non-judgmental space where one can share their opinion, regardless of their position, is something that is intrinsic to Santosham. The management team have ensured an excellent living arrangements for the employees from day one as a priority, as happy employees are productive employees.

They have been actively working to hire female employees and ensure that they are fairly compensated because there are strong female role models at the top of the organisational structure.


Since its initial footprints in the South cuisine segment, Santosham’s has achieved several significant milestones in its path. However, for Mr Gohokar and his team, no achievement in numbers is more significant than the happy faces of the customers who have relished the authentic culinary experience.

The team’s commitment and diligence have unquestionably resulted in a substantial rise for the organisation. In the short span of 1 year, they have had customers who have travelled from other cities to celebrate a special occasion and many customers who are now ‘regulars’.

“We are grateful to have consumers travelling from different parts of the city, especially one as big as Mumbai. We are overjoyed to hear that they now have their authentic”, Mr. Chittaranjan Gohokar further apprised.

A Piece of Advice for the Budding Entrepreneurs

Be authentic! A business is not only about the highs but also about the challenges. Learn from each situation, positive or negative. A company is nothing without its people.

As Helen Keller said- ‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.’

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