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An Innovative Endvour by Rahul Mehta and Sanya Singla Creating Solid Impact in the Community

With over 400 million small businesses worldwide, customers have a vast array of options. This means that for businesses, it is vital to develop strategies for differentiating your brand from rivals. Reviews can be quite effective and beneficial here. Finding out what customers think you are doing well or where you can improve is not the only purpose of reviews but also they are a very effective marketing strategy for attracting visitors, generating leads, and converting them into customers.

Extensively empowering local manufacturers and MSMEs by collecting reviews from various categories of customers, Sellebration is bringing up “”, a unique review platform by Rahul Mehta and Sanya Singla, is not just a tale of success and growth but also a great promise to create a positive impact on the local ecosystem.

With the single vision of creating a data-driven retail ecosystem, Sellebration takes concrete strategic steps to contribute to the growth of the community and promote economic progress. The innovative platform gathers reviews across many different categories. Any product/service that a person is using can be reviewed on this platform and customer needs to validate review.

Post verification, the review is published and ready to help other customers to make informed purchase decisions, and the person receives points for being a contributor, where one point holds a value of one rupee and can be redeemed for rewards. Rewards are always redeemable by users on different categories. In addition to monetary advantages, the idea promotes helping nature.

“Primarily, our business relies on the data that it caters, since we take reviews from different categories on different products and services. “In addition, each review helps in the identification of each client space and help us to get information such as touch points, pain points, likes, and dislikes, as well as the pricing at which a customer feels comfortable”, the leading founders, Rahul Mehta and Sanya Singla, shared.

“Let’s say you want a smartphone. You would have some preferences for features, touch points, and pain points, and the price is also important because you will only buy in your budget. For example: If you are someone in the 20,000–30,000 price segment, you are not going to spend 1 lakh for some features that you seek. These reviews help us to identify the customers, what types of customers they are, what their budget is, what are the requirements, challenges and more.

When we spend a lot on marketing, but the target market is irrelevant, the money is wasted, its same as Ferrari showing up advertisement on Television. We have pain points that enable us to comprehend precisely where customer stuck, the touch points as well as the influential factors that matters a lot while making a purchase decision.”, they further added.

Sellebration is also helping customers to make informed decisions and targeting untapped categories like financial products, education services on large scale enabling honest reviews for schools, colleges and banks on large scale over internet, beyond this they leverage these reviews to make data driven retail and indirectly targeting Indian Retail market that have a potential of 365 Billion US Dollars and out of which 65% share is with foreign brands, with reviews, company is helping people to make informed purchase, also helping local manufacturers by providing market research to serve Indian customers with different strategies for different audience for brand creation and boost to domestic economic efficiency.

The overall goal of Sellebration is to create a retail ecosystem that is data driven and to make which is necessary and required, solving retail problems, as well as empowering customers, small vendors, and manufacturers by bringing them on one platform.


The brain behind the idea, Rahul Mehta, started his journey when he was in 8th grade. His father had a Telecom Distributorship. He used to sit with his father and learn how a business operated. And it was from this that he was motivated to start his own company. Today, his company is valued at 1.5 Million US dollars. There have been a lot of transformations in this segment in the last few years. The market has seen the emergence of numerous businesses.

But within a year of its founding, Sellebration has distinguished itself in the industry with the unwavering dedication and collaborative efforts of the entire team. The verification they conduct for each review is the crucial element. The incredible rewards and offers they offer users in exchange for reviews are additional factors. With these two unique qualities, Sellebration is able to collect more engagements in less time.


Research and development are significant for any business, but Sellebration is an R&D-centered company focusing on user feedbacks. Despite providing incentives and offers, the team initially did not receive the engagement they had hoped for. After additional research and improvement, they developed a unique concept that has never been used on the Internet. It is comic UI. How exactly does it work?

Let’s say you came before to submit a review. Questions like “Would you recommend this product to your family?” were asked earlier. simple inquiries. If you return a second time, the questions will be changed, such as: “Is the product worth the price?” The same question is asked, but in a different making it interacting for the user.

Also adding up different doodles and scenarios making it feel like a digital comic, which adds new scenarios in story with combinations on every refresh, making a fun to visit platform. They could identify and come up with such innovative and unique approaches through research and development.


Leadership is the fusion of experience and talent”, said Rahul Mehta. In terms of experience, they are being carried by generations that have worked for a long time. At Sellebration, there are professionals for previous generations who have great experience. And people from the new generations bring energy, talent, and innovative ideas. So, the approach to leadership at Sellebration is focused on the combination of experience, talent, energy, and innovation.

Further explaining more about the leadership work culture, Rahul Mehta apprised, We have an idea to build a petrol engine; it is not something new. But if we do not take guidance from the older generation, whatever mistakes they have made so far, we would be doing the same mistakes.

It is a waste of time, energy, and resources. But if we have that experience, which means people from previous generations, they will guide us, and we would be able to know the possible mistakes that can be made. So, we will be able to avoid those mistakes or even be aware for pit holes on the way.”


Grateful to have had such tremendous growth in just one year of its establishment. Rahul confirms they have achieved numerous milestones along the way. He said, “I am proud to share that despite the recession and low liquidity of cash, we have successfully raised an investment on a valuation of 12 crore from the Startup Indian Seed Fund. Besides, we have successfully in finales of numerous international competitions while staying focused on making an impact on society and making lives better.”


Moving on its victorious path, Sellebration is planning to target college students. They are someone who needs this type of offer and activity to be engaged in. And they are going to spend a lot of money in the next decades. Sellebration is targeting those college students and making cash cows for tomorrow by making them comfortable in the ecosystem by knowing every factor.


Never give up, nothing is simple. It requires a lot of sweat, but if you are facing obstacles along the way, you are on the right track. No need to worry.


Mr. Piyush Garg mentored our startup and guided with his experience, we would be thankful to him throughout life. If you can guide someone selflessly you should do it because one idea, bring the potential of changing the world, and indirectly you can contribute to something really big, and be someone like Mr. Garg in one startup and be the part of revolution.

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