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Incorporated in 2020, SKInnovative today stands at the pinnacle of providing IT training to professionals, individuals, corporates and academic institutions. SKInnovative Learning Services Pvt. Ltd. “SKILS, is a bootstrapped company with two founder directors, Sushil Salve and Kiran Dongre.

SKILS: “ Your Career Partner”

Nestled in the Oxford of the East, Pune, SKILS, since its establishment, has been engaging with clients at a strategic level to provide end-to-end solutions for training and resourcing. The firm’s rich portfolio accommodates an exclusive suite of specialised services and training in SAP, S4HANA, MuleSoft, Microsoft, Java, AWS, SalesForce, Project management, Behavioural training and many more through a distinctive training methodology.

The wide spectrum of customised training solutions offered by the firm also encompasses certifications. Here, the training is focused on a variety of learning goals, including skill development in accordance with the project or job requirements, up-skilling for future possibilities, up-skilling for beginning or changing a career in the IT business, and international certifications.

SKILS is well-equipped to design and deliver training for its customers across various technologies as standard off-the-shelf training, custom corporate training, entry-level training programs, certification training programs and behavioural trainings, thanks to its collective experience working with global giants from the IT and non-IT sectors.

As a company, we focus on the ERP (SAP) space and provide training, certification, and job placement to individuals and working applicants who want to switch from a traditional field to the IT industry. Due to globalisation and the need to keep up with fierce competition, the ERP market is promising and has experienced significant adoption in the industrial sector. For the right talent in the ERP sector, this is opening up tons of job opportunities”, stated Kiran Dongre while explaining the company and sector in greater detail.

The Beginning of a Victorious Journey

The transition from intrapreneur to entrepreneur has always been inventive, inspiring, and educational! During the COVID period, when everything was shut down and went into the work-from-home mode, the founders, Sushil Salve and Kiran Dongre, were also forced to work from home and then came across huge pay cuts from the employer.

During this period, they noticed the training industry shift from traditional learning to online learning, and many training providers who were unable to offer high-quality training and customer service or who lacked a differentiator were unable to keep up with the change. Working in the IT education industry for more than 15 years, they closely observed the transformation, and it was at that point that the idea of creating this business became a reality.

This is when they left a secure career and began building their own business. The duo designed the values that they wanted to SKILS convey to the customers, and the startup became reality with early support from customers.

It was a journey that we will always treasure, starting with working from home, going to coffee shops for business meetings, using shared facilities, and then having our own office. Today’s business with operating profit gives us the confidence to achieve more now, Kiran Dongre excitedly remarked.

Leadership: A Distinctive Path to “Hero from Zero”

According to the key executives,
Leadership is a journey from zero to hero.” One person’s definition of a hero may differ from another’s. The process of becoming an entrepreneur is a lifelong learning process. Leadership needs to have certain qualities like empowering, enabling, collaborating, being an opportunist, being a listener, being a decision-maker, and being a people leader. Leaders should always trust and believe in their ideas and put them into action. Quotes Sushil

The Work Culture at a Glance

There is an open work culture at SKInnovative based on these core values.

• Respect: the customer, the people, and the environment
• Innovation, adaptation, and transformation are the keys
• Empowerment: trust people and get the job done
• Teamwork: work together and collaborate to succeed.
• Integrity: trust, transparency, and honesty always
• Having a female co-founder, they also believe in gender equality and present equal opportunity for all genders.

A Glimpse of Industry Evolution Over the Years

In the past three years, the education sector has seen a significant transformation that was aided by improved internet connectivity. With the aid of e-learning platforms, social media platforms, and YouTube, learning that was formerly dependent on in-person instruction has transitioned to online instruction, where distance is no longer an obstacle.

Before COVID, the acceptance of online learning was extremely slow or limited, and classroom instruction was always preferred. Learners are now willing to pay for quality online training and services as opposed to open and free learning platforms, especially during the COVID period. Technology adoption, which had previously seemed like a distant dream, quickly became a reality, and in even the smallest towns across the nation, e-learning had replaced traditional learning with adoption of 4G/5G.

Achievements and Milestones Along the Way

The company has conducted more than 100 training sessions on a variety of technologies in SAP core and advanced modules in the past three years, with the goal of creating novel learning and development methodologies. Some other noteworthy accomplishments include:

• Became the fastest-growing IT training organisation in less than 3 years.
• Association with 100+ corporates in a shorter period, including global MNCs and PSU sectors
• Delivered 75+ corporate pieces of training
• Delivered 10 Hire – Train – Deploy batches for corporates
• Delivered 25000+ hours of online and offline training in less than 3 years.
• with a 100% certification success rate
• 100% placement success rate for certified candidates Next, the company is aiming to create 10,000 job-ready resources by 2026.

Road Ahead: Aiming to Position Itself as a Pioneer

Having created a solid mark in the industry, SKInnovative intends to adopt a technology platform and become India’s leading education provider in its segment in the next 5 years. The company holds a massive growth prospect and is expanding not only in India but across borders.

Shining more light on the future plans of the company, Sushil Salve shared, “We intend to grow our operation from one location to multiple cities in order to capture more markets through adoption of technology platforms by offering opportunities for quality training and employment, positively impacting more lives. We also want to explore international collaborations and training options as we attempt to grow our workforce from the current 25 to 50.”

Parting Words by the Visionaries

Sushil advises aspiring entrepreneurs that
“If you are a budding entrepreneur and you have an idea, eat, drink, sleep, walk, and run with it. Make it count. Failure may occur, but that will teach you a fresh perspective. However, you will regret not trying. Never give up”.

Kiran wraps up the discussion with a piece of advice to the emerging leader:
“Starting is of utmost importance than thinking of results. If you start, you will find your way to reach your goal. “So just start it.”

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