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A High-Tech Ecosystem Offering Result Driven Technology

The business world has seen more disruption in the last three years than it has in the last two decades. With each passing day, the industrial fraternity is becoming a cutthroat arena, where everyone wants to be inventive and on top of their game. While there are many ideas to reach their crescendo, firms need tailored solutions to shape them; this is where software systems come in. With the rising influence of technology, every business, small or large, now relies on a variety of software solutions.

However, each business has its own distinct software needs. And not all software on the market is known as “Off the-shelf software.” The crucial thing is to have software solutions designed to cater to particular issues and needs and give a competitive advantage over the masses. Introducing SentientGeeks, a reckoning name for customized software solutions. Based in the bustling metropolis of Kolkata, SentientGeeks is known and regarded for providing end-to-end technology solutions that help businesses stand out.

SentientGeeks specializes in creating custom software solutions for enterprises, non-profits, SMEs, and government agencies worldwide that are suited to their specific needs. It enables businesses to address issues such as a lack of dynamic and professional expertise in software solutions, ineffective innovation strategies, a lack of quality-driven and client-oriented services, and lastly, the smooth functioning of businesses.

The firm also provides customized tools for brand engagement and digital enablement. It offers web and mobile app development, enterprise application development, and digital marketing services that are up-to-date, cost-effective, and tailored to clients’ specific needs.

The company ensures a faster turnaround for its products and services through its rapid application development (RAD) methodology. SentientGeeks takes complete ownership of its projects. It encourages honesty and conviction over shortcuts, and it nurtures and updates itself on new technology and trends. It perceives from its mistakes, from planning to coding, and follows a scalable standard. Their innovative offerings and integrated practices, coupled with cutting-edge technology, position them as a trusted technology partner. With a robust presence in India, SentientGeeks caters to a global clientele across the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. Its fast delivery and secure software solutions also complement its dynamic team and hospitable culture.

The world has become more favorable to customized solutions during the last decade. Technology is advancing, and companies are looking for unique experiences that reflect their goals and ambitions. SentientGeeks believes in this philosophy and creates software and solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

Its experts work with clients to develop secure and dependable applications with a faster time to market. They use an agile process to fully customize each project without jeopardizing the budget, deadline, or structure, giving clients the best online exposure possible and keeping them ahead of the competition. Their extensive experience and customer-specific technologies have earned them a global reputation.

The synchronization between technology and talent also keeps inherent obstacles at bay. While creating a road map to success is critical, putting it into action is difficult. However, SentientGeeks is fortunate to have a dynamic staff that connects and operates well together.

“We respect our team’s dedication to achieving greatness, providing excellent customer service, continuing to learn, challenging one another, having fun together, and more,” states Satyendra Hari, Director, SentientGeeks. They gather ideas and knowledge to develop momentum and create a positive environment.

Innovative ideas that stimulate new product development- R&D can help bring them to life. SentientGeeks has a hefty investment in R&D to craft unique solutions and revamps the old ones. Its R&D team is proactive and works in sync with its developers’ team.

“Their objective is to come up with the best solutions and keep the firm up to date on the latest technologies that will make business operations and goals seamless,” says Satyendra.

SentientGeeks owes a lot to its R&D investments. The firm has increased market participation, improved cost control, and developed robust marketing collateral—all thanks to its R&D efforts.

A team leads a vision, but without competent leaders, a team lacks vision and direction. Thankfully, SentientGeeks has an accomplished bench of leaders that includes Satyendra Hari, Tapas Kr. Patra, Chandi Charan Manna, and Krishnendu Bhattacharya. They all have an extensive industrial portfolio and have a deep passion for innovation and technology.

Satyendra leads the panel and is a key driver behind SentientGeeks’ global recognition. He has managed multifaceted IT projects from inception to successful conclusion. He has spent years addressing business challenges, strategizing, designing, creating, and deploying solutions for SMEs and startups. Satyendra is a forward-thinking leader with strong communication, attention to detail, analytical and organizational abilities. He is well-organized with a track record of self-motivation, inventiveness, and initiative in accomplishing corporate and personal objectives.

He and other leaders have shaped SentientGeeks into a value-driven ecosystem of innovation and intelligence.  They stand proud for:

  • Having a definitive mission and vision for the future
  • Designing a reputable system & execute them well enough
  • Roping in the tools that adjudicate the factors of success
  • Creating a sustainable hierarchy & environment within the organization

As previously said, the pillars of SentientGeeks’ existence are passion and innovation. Everyone onboard respects this and contributes to a positive employee-employer relationship. “We are more than just a team; we are an extended family. We share our accomplishments and failures. We reward our team members for their excellence and diligence in their work.

Most importantly, we are a team that takes ownership; we have already proved it throughout the recent pandemic, and I feel proud to be a part of such an incredible team, “exalts Satyendra. The core of these relationships comes from the cultural ethos, and everyone focuses on uplifting them. This fosters improvement and motivates everyone to deliver proven results. The team also celebrates festivities, goes for picnics and team dinners, and participates in sports and music activities to improve engagement.

Starting four years ago, with perseverance and dedication, SentientGeeks earned many accolades. Eminent business media house Silicon India has listed them as one of the “Top Ten Start-up Companies in Kolkata,” a critical feather in their cap.

The company is also certified under the Startup India program by DPIIT, Govt of India. It has constantly ensured uncompromising quality and teamwork to ensure on-time delivery of projects. They are equipped with the latest technologies and have all the resources needed to meet any business challenge. Their resourcefulness has earned them a “Top Rated Agency on UpWork” with a 100% success rate. They are a trusted Google partner as well.

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occur while you are still climbing it.” The phrase perfectly captures SentientGeeks’ journey and where it sees itself in a few years. While catering services to the USA, Canada, and Australia, it has set up a new office in Mississauga, Canada. They now intend to increase their geographical reach, expand their team, and bring on more international clientele. “Besides building our global presence, we are focused on building a great work culture. We believe our key to success lies in our core – our team members,” adds Satyendra.

Last but not least, SentientGeeks aspires to be known as one of Kolkata’s leading web and mobile app development firms.

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