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Authentic talent is appreciated far and near: Story of Sevengers Ki Sena, the sole reason for millions of people’s euphoria

Authentic talent is appreciated far and near: Story of Sevengers Ki Sena, the sole reason for millions of people’s euphoria

Sevengers Ki Sena, the name reflects familiarity but the story of struggle is unheard and unknown. The trio of “Sevengers Ki Sena”, a wonderful construction of the prolific comedians Shahrukh, Arshad and Kashif have spectacular personalities and never giving up attitudes. Everyone will be proud when you finally open the door to success irrespective of your indefinable struggle, and unspeakable efforts.

Every father will walk with pride when he watches his son excelling, endeavoring, and winning millions of hearts. The story of the Sevengers Ki Sena depicts actual talent, never before exposed skills in this field, and an unstoppable zeal to perform the best.

Sevengers Ki Sena was created on the 11th of October in 2021 with a motive to reach out to the maximum audience and be the reason for their daily dose of joyance. The motive succeeded when the love and affection for the members kept increasing and consequently crossed millions, letting them create fast-paced content like never before.

The amount of fan following for funny yet relatable content and massiveness in the audience’s requirements made the team work day and night which evidently let them reach a position that they only dreamt of a few years ago. “Sun and rain help a plant grow.” But the real challenge arises when you bring a storm and you can see the plant getting bigger and wider, consuming all the energy from the storm.

Such a story is of Shahrukh Khan, who is famous in the name of Dallu Chor of Sevengers. Born on 10th April 1996 and brought up in a middle-class family Shahrukh belongs to Bulandshahr. By work, Shahrukh was a shopkeeper. As a very important and proclaimed team member of the Sevengers Shahrukh toils his hardest in making humorous shorts along with managing his shop.

He shares about his previous hustle when starting his career in social media from Delhi, past experiences, and limitless difficulties thrown upon his path at a very young age. Shahrukh’s journey advises us to stay firm in whichever way you are desired to go, accept it all; the roses and the thorns that accompany it, head straight and always give our best.

A doctor doesn’t only save their patients but heals them for eternity but in addition to that, a resilient video creator appears near impossible. Well, such a character is Arshad, often called as Zulmi Sabbo of Sevengers, who along with his talent and exceptional ideas has gained infinite blessings and affection from all over the country.

Born on January 1st, 1999 Arshad roots in a small village named Pura Mahadev of Uttar Pradesh and even after gaining a huge amount of name and fame, he appears to be very down to earth. He qualifies as a professional BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) doctor, completing his medical studies in the city of the mountains, Dehradun. As we believe, interest grows in the most negligible things and when it occurs, it drives you insane.

The interest in quality content-making grew with Arshad while continuing his studies which was first a little spark in kickstarting his career in social media and after it became a massive flame making him shine like a brightly burning star. He currently resides in Delhi and creating funny videos while treating illness is his daily job.

Arshad shares his challenges in keeping a swift balance between both, working extremely hard to put a generous laugh in people’s mouths, and the struggles it takes in making the best group of comedians the country has ever seen. Keeping the faith, never giving up on yourself, growing forward crossing all the obstacles are what Arshad advises the youngsters who want to be successful Youtubers.

One of the versatile and talented members of the team is Prince Kashif, otherwise popular as CP ki nibbi of Sevengers who has gathered love from numerous audiences through his funny introductions and catchy lines and without whom the structure of Sevengers Ki Sena would’ve never been attainable. Born on 2nd February 1998 in Delhi, the journey of Kashif wasn’t something written in heaven.

Kashif shares his experience of striving throughout his life, the dreams that kept him awake at night, his fighting against all odds to make himself capable of something, and his limitless efforts and unfathomable dedication towards one single goal; making great content.

Professionally once worked as a barber in a local saloon, Kashif’s difficulties were torturous to mention but the chivalrous man suffered alone and evidently as fortune favors the brave, stumbled upon the team of Sevengers, who acknowledged the artistry behind his hood and in return offered him all the care he once sought. As advice to the aspirants and people with ambitions, Prince Kashif tells you to make your own path whatever hindrances may come, and follow your passion to find peace and the heart quests in this chaotic world.

For an adult, life is never easier. The life of Shahrukh, Arshad, and Kashif might be different but the story is similar! Their efforts in creating such a wonderful team that is acclaimed not only in India but worldwide and surpassing their once wretched, dejected journey to newer opportunities are what makes them, particularly in the content era. Confusion consumes an unaware player.

The doubts and helplessness in making something huge made them quit their regular jobs, close their shops; the single way of providing food, and try a variety of niches to prove their abilities. As every other human has a low point in his life after TikTok got banned and the sudden decline in subscribers, the team set its mind to stop video creating and continue their own path.

But in the end, it’s the win of truth, dedication, and curiosity in attempts. Real talent reveals itself. Sharukh, Arshad, and Kashif were raised from the ground, hurt and impotent, with innovative ideas and a motive to crush the paralysis in the industry. Astonishing is the fact that they do their own scriptwriting, shooting, video editing, directing, and posting.

They are an important part of Sevengers, the biggest group of comedians, and actively participate in their executions. Conscientiousness and diligence brought them 3.48 million subscribers in just a year and the humorous public of the country shower their love, and support on them and glorify them which is no less than a pat on the back, a forwarding force to reach sky-high and retain godspeed!

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