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The Sevengers, surpassing all odds to become one of the brightest constellations in the media universe: A story of India’s own youth!

The Sevengers, surpassing all odds to become one of the brightest constellations in the media universe: A story of India’s own youth!

The number of fans for entertainers, content creators, influencers, actors, and comedians keeps growing, and as a result, our nation has entered a viral era where everyone is more focused on numbers than significant talents. Anyone talking about what to watch and follow on YouTube, who has the most subscribers, and whose video is worth watching may be easily overheard everywhere.

Since practically every young male is actively using social media, this could seem simpler, but it isn’t. The Sevengers, a group of six regular people who overcame adversity to reach a milestone of not one, not two, but TEN MILLION subscribers in a very short period of time, have a bold and endearing narrative to tell. 

Two brothers and their middle-class family living in a little community in North East Delhi at the start of this huge saga. The two brothers decide to do something enormous and wholly outside of their comfort zone. Their family is a typical Indian one, with a father away at work in a factory who is the only source of income and a mother who is a stay-at-home mother.

The brothers transfer to a course in editing, animation, and graphic design because they have no prior knowledge of the subject matter and have little interest in academics. Don’t let them sleep; along with their studies, they manage to secure freelancing as a career while also supporting a family of four and their aspirations to become someone of distinction in life.

They decide to open a gym as a means of making some money as their income declines and their liabilities increase as a result of their parents’ taunts. Although the monthly income of 15,000 rupees is enough to manage the home, the brothers are still not completely satisfied, and their parents continue to hound them about having a legitimate job. The story conveys extreme helplessness at your youth and how the boys overcome the odds against their ambition to become famous on YouTube, and also get featured on Netflix.

Little brother Mohammad Aasif, known as Master Ji of Sevengers, has a talent for singing and making videos. However, big brother Nadeem, also known as Bunny, despises it and forbids him from doing so because he believes it to be a complete waste of time. Aasif’s path is exceptional in and of itself.

In one of his inspirational videos for Josh Talks, he admits that his obsession with making humorous shorts began when he videotaped himself selling cold drinks and uploaded the clip to TikTok, where it became viral right away. Even after learning his destination, Aasif was unable to find the proper route. He responds to his brother Nadeem in jest that “One should have the bravery to make videos”, and from this point on, Nadeem turns out to be the story’s unexpected twist.

The notion of “Master Ji” was created by Nadeem when they decided to use an extra stool to create student-teacher content. Within a few hours, it miraculously crossed millions, earning them 1.5 lakh followers. They were now made aware of the method and materials needed to create content that would go viral. Due to this, Sevengers gained popularity on TikTok and amassed close to 4 lakh YouTube subscribers

But as everyone is aware, every story isn’t a fairytale. Life’s two stages are happiness and sadness. With cherry blossoms, life brings tsunamis as well. The sudden disruption made The Sevengers shiver in July 2021 when TikTok was banned from India, taking with it all the media love they had been receiving. The smiling eyes of their parents were replaced with worry wrinkles between their brows.

Unfortunately, the Sevengers’ YouTube channel also seemed to be inactive, so they were unable to connect with their followers. They were driven to make videos outside by sermounting pressure from family, and relatives as well as the financial requirements of a typical adult guy. Now every video produced in the market is based on current events that affect us on a daily basis and keeps people hooked to their phones, which is a perfect example of brain and improvisation.

The channel’s activity graph, as well as the team’s confidence, kept rising with regular material and consistency. In just one year, they gained more than 10 million subscribers thanks to a similar technique of narrating content with their self-made innovative ideas, unconditional efforts, tireless toil, and commitment in providing the best contents for viewers. 

Sevengers began in June 2018 as a simple channel with five friends, Aasif, Nadeem, Arshad, Prince Kashif, and Shahrukh, who played a variety of comedic and hilarious characters to influence the audience. Today, with an audience of 11.6 million fans, Sevengers is one of the most well-liked pages, and many great brands have contacted them for marketing and advertising their grooming products and entertainment content.

On Jantantra TV, you can see their unique interview in which they give you a peek into their personal life. For other aspiring YouTubers, Aasif shares his life experience through content creation “To fully understand oneself and to be an excellent editor. Because the viral industry is based only on an individual’s original concept. And finally, to stop feeling embarrassed of yourself and to stop caring what people think “.

People who aspire to succeed in the media profession are advised by Nadeem to “Give your 100% in anything you do and ignore everything people say in your back.” With 3.37 million subscribers, the team’s other channel, “Sevengers Ki Sena,” continues to provide people with the very important medicine of laughter and entertainment. We expect the best future for the Sevengers team and to move forward with Godspeed!

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