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The Young, Promising, Innovative 19-year old Entrepreneur Spearheading Auriga to New Heights

Shubh Chauhan, the CEO of Auriga, is today at the helm of the 2020 founded brand, is an innovative young trailblazer in digital marketing. Marked by his single-minded quest for success and achievement, he is an influential business leader focused on revolutionizing the way media operates today.

A Gen Z, the 19-year-old entrepreneur, Shubh has already worked with over 100 brands and influencers for creating brand advocacy via Memes and Influencers. His passion drove him into the influencer and meme marketing industry five years ago where he closely worked with Global giants like Netflix, Samsung, LG, Cetaphil, and Lakme. He has successfully performed and helped grow India’s biggest meme community from Zero to 6M across all social media platforms.

Shubh Chauhan is a high achiever and multi-talented leader with a strong belief in the law of attraction hence he is an optimist for all things around him. He leads by example and motivates the team to be their best selves. He is so dedicated to his work and the projects he works on that they inevitably become his passion. Shubh is an aspiring marketer by professional qualification and an ambitious and self-motivated individual. The innovative leader transformed from a young leader into the inspiring business leader he is today backed by his strong determination, dedicated hours, continuous learning, and constant innovation.

Talking about the inner motivation to become a leader, Shubh Chauhan stated, “Auriga was founded with the aim of acquiring media properties in different domains—and it’s been incredibly rewarding to see how much you all enjoy what we’re building. We come from a variety of backgrounds, and we’re excited to bring our unique perspectives together to create something truly special.

We love to think about how Earth is such a vast place, and there are so many different kinds of media being created by so many types of people. We want to help the world. We want the world to be stronger, healthier, and happier… for everyone. If we can create awesome things that make people feel that way, then we’re doing our job right!”

A Glimpse of Auriga and its Achievements so far Auriga has been operating globally and doing business with different companies and individuals worldwide. It has already acquired numerous media properties, which have millions of following audiences on different social media channels.

The company is focused on building this for India and from India to global. Their goal is simple: create the best technology possible to create real content for real people. Fortunately, the company has flourished rapidly. Just in one year, Auriga has grown from 0 to a million-dollar company in just one year, acquiring 1M+ Followers Audience Worth of Media pages in India as well as in the USA and Canada. Its mission is to keep on entertaining people in all the possible ways, from mass-producing content in different channels and mediums, collaborating with other entertainment companies, or creating the best quality content in the industry.

R&D is the most important part of the content production process. The team at Auriga focuses on continuous research to understand people’s interests in and the type of content they enjoy instead of writing the same things repeatedly. These initiatives help the team to produce quality content. Auriga leads is actively taking care of constant research & development at the company. The team is always making new and creative content that indicates their unique thought process and creativity. For example, they perform social media surveys time-to-time to stay abreast of the market trends.

In terms of technological advancements, makes sure that the company using analogies to empower his team. He pushes everyone to use the best tools and generate solutions for problems because nothing is more important than doing the best work possible. In addition, he is leading several tech projects that aim to solve problems in people’s lives through applications.

The work culture at Auriga is unique. The management supports the whole team members to be creative and come up with their dream projects that they want to work on. Then, the leaders help them make those projects a reality! When asked how he motivates the team against obstacles, Shubh said, “We all have obstacles to overcome every single day. The way our leaders mentor the team to be calm and always think and focus on the solutions always keeps the employees motivated and productive. They also help the team to learn from the mistakes, improve and grow.”

Since its inception, Auriga has been growing steadily. Now, the company is poised to become a world leader in the innovation space over the next decade. It is planning to expand its business worldwide and open offices in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It will be acquiring media properties throughout Europe and North America, positioning Auriga as a leading provider of news, entertainment, sports content, and commentary.

“Entrepreneurship is super enjoyable and loving, we wish love to every entrepreneur that is hustling out
there to be successful, keep working hard, and be patient that’s all I want to say. Shubh Chauhan”

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