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Sowramana LLP

Sowramana LLP

Sowramana, An Apparel Brand Embracing Natural Hand-made Embroidery Designs with Comfort and Modernity

Started as a celebration and representation of natural hand embroidery, Sowramana expresses a design language embellished with artisanal elegance and enduring embroideries, all treasures of our ancient legacy. The creative vision of two determined sisters, Ramya and Sowmya, Sowramana curates a selection of clothing with hand embroidery and distinctive ethnic styles.

They are additionally endeavouring to introduce Indo-western and traditional clothing and evolve simultaneously to become more global in their goals and more refined in their aesthetic style. Based in Bengaluru, the D2C is striving hard to restore the lost allure of the craft of hand embroidery and make it affordable for most people with the vision to be an apparel brand that produces sustainable handmade clothing that celebrates the beauty of nature.

Ramya further apprised, “If we look at nature, The leaves, the flowers, etc. are not exactly the same as the others that make them beautiful. That is how handmade is; despite imperfections, what is crafted by a human hand still has beauty. We at Sowramana would like to recognise the value of what is known as imperfection and appreciate its beauty. As an outcome, we replicate the stunning features of nature in our attire, minimalistic art that displays emotions, and a lot more things.”

“We would like to establish a clothing company that creates sustainably created clothes that honour the beauty of the natural world! We would want to keep the methods of achieving this environment friendly.” “According to me the type of hand embroidery stitches chosen for the designs matter a lot. They should be giving the output matching the real look of whatever we choose. Say for example it’s a flower, a person should feel like plucking it off the dress. That’s the amount of dedication, we would want to pour into our apparel while they brag the beauty of nature”, asserted Sowmya.

The Beginning and the Journey So Far

The name SOWRAMANA means the Beginning of a year according to the Hindu Calender. The founding team of Sowramana would want to be the beginning of a range of Styles curated with Hand Embroidery. At the same time it is Also the first letters of their names & their parents name. SOWmya, RAmya, Meena and NAndakumar. Ramya and Sowmya watched their parents sew clothing as children.

Despite having a distinct line of work, their grandfather was a skilled tailor. Even before they were born, their father tried to launch a sewing business. Most of the clothes they wore as teenagers were handmade by their mother. Due to her hearing impairment, Sowmya found it challenging to make a decision on her future career. She enrolled in a sewing course, followed by a course in fashion design and CAD for creating clothing patterns.

When the team first launched their brand, this was a bonus. Ramya had a deep interest on art and paintings from childhood which now makes designing the attires, choosing the best color combinations & finalising on the various aesthetics they add to their apparel designs in a finer manner. Initially, the founders of Sowramana wanted their company to offer those who wore its clothing distinctive, modern designs.

There was embroidery in some designs. But as time went on, they both saw how challenging it is to create anything original using a machine. They were unable to use machines to create the embroidery designs they desired. That is what inspired the creation of the company Sowramana, which curates clothing using only pure hand embroidery. It is definitely not easy. Not an overnight magic. It is tough…

Insights on the Ideal Leadership Approach

Leadership is the capacity to grow and change as you lead others down a path. You cannot be arrogant or believe you are an expert in everything. A leader is someone who is flexible in changing situations and values on the basis of each team member’s viewpoint. Respect does not entail accepting everything; rather, it refers to how politely you can reject or accept something that is advantageous to the group or organisation.

They also need to be capable of treating everyone on their team fairly. This does not imply that everyone should be rewarded when one person is the best. It involves treating them equally to how you treat the other team members. It’s human nature to like someone who’s good at something, someone who’s friendly, or even someone who’s smarter than us. But despite that, he or she has to treat them equally, knowing the thin line between personal and professional opinions, decisions, etc.

Moments, Milestones, and Accolades

Sowramana successfully provided employment to more than 30 craftspeople, which is one of the company’s greatest accomplishments. The business sought to find more and more craftsmen and provide more and more wearable works of art.

Sowramana’s Team at a Glance

Sowramana houses a team of eight inspiring and creative people striving hard to give the best versions of their art rather than to achieve the target. Because they are artisans they already love what they are doing, The leading team trusts their working style, and everyone strives to give the best finishing to each product that they deliver as they derive the embroidery stitches that are not possible through machine. “Anyone who touches our work will know that each peace of Sowramana reflects this work culture of ours like a mirror”, quoted Ramya.

Walking the Road Ahead: Sowramana Future Goals

The art of hand embroidery is definitely lost somewhere. Hand embroidery in the later decades turned out to be used as patchwork to cover torn clothes and for other reasons. An apparel with 50 to 80% hand embroidery as casual wear is still not a common culture. Sowramana’s future goals are focused on normalising this through their distinctive designs and stitches.

They are further looking forward to putting up Sowramana Studios in each city in India and around the world. They wish to grow globally and become the number one brand that provides the most jobs to artisans in India.

Words of Wisdom

If you’re trying to create a business right now, you will be up against organisations that have been developed and sustained for years. It’s human nature to want to be as successful as them, but trying to start another “XYZ” company with the same product would never be of any assistance.

Own your USP. When you have a USP, your only rival is you. It is okay to restart something that is not working out. And no matter what, choose your vendors very carefully from raw material suppliers, marketing agencies, photographers, to graphic designers.

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