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Starfire Diamond Jewellery

Starfire Diamond Jewellery

Ensuring Expertise and Trust

The immense beauty and the inner fire of the diamond have made this very precious gem, gathering applauds for centuries. When designed by the most skilled designers to form jewellery, it’s like adding another feather to its cap and its magnetism enhances much more. This is what Starfire Diamond Jewellery does!

Based in Brisbane and built on the concept of trust, expertise and experience, this brand is now an elite brand of Australia. Founded by Shweta Khan, Starfire is known for exceptional customer service and high quality of craftsmanship in its jewellery. The personification of positive thoughts and passion, Shweta ensures all this and sees to it that nothing stops her. Her confidence in herself and passion to create something unique for her clients lifelong, have qualified her to be a part of our upcoming edition The 10 Most Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs to Watch Globally 2021.

Inception and an Overview of the Company
The Starfire Diamond Jewellery was incepted in 2012 in Brisbane, Australia. The brand is a synergy between remarkable design and exceptional quality. The company uses natural diamonds, precious gemstones and metals to create beautiful designs. As a result, the one-of-a-kind jewellery boutique comes up with unique one-off designs for the clients.

The showroom comprises of good-experienced and skilful diamond graders, gemologists and jewellery designers. The team is always willing to design and create beautiful pieces as per the client’s choice and they take proper care of what would go really well with the client. The Brisbane’s top destination for designer diamond jewellery, aims at going beyond the customer’s expectations and also to serve the person all days.

Coming back to Shweta’s hard work, it could be said that the journey had begun long before 2012 and Starfire was started as a result of her hard work and passion. She was always fanatical about diamonds even when she had her wholesale diamond business and jewellery designing.

In today’s date, Shweta states, “I believe that sourcing beautiful stones and creating stunning designs is the best way to showcase your love, passion and connection with yourself or your loved one.” She feels jewellery in itself tells stories and creates a connection with a person, his memories and his soul.

Her jewellery speaks loudly about the same and with this approach, she has designed an array of products. To quote a few, you could have a look at-

Starfire Signature
The brand is known for its lavish designs and unique diamond stones. They have a long list of their best-loved designs which are prepared very scrupulously.

Signature Diamond Drop Earrings
As far as Signature Diamond Drop Earrings are concerned, the firm is quite confident that these would definitely leave a beautiful impression on the others. Modern studs are what are supposed to be reinventing the customer’s look, according to Starfire Diamond Jewellery.

Starfire Timeless
This is what the brand calls ageless collection. To be more specific, this collection showcases classic pieces like classic ring, which is forever in style. In the words of Starfire, their Timeless Collection couples elegance and their signature passion for the exceptional diamond stones.

Starfire Constellation
Now, you must be wondering what this is! Actually, this brings out the natural beauty of gemstones. According to Starfire- Vibrant colours at play refract the light and add a touch of colour to one’s life with exquisitely hued rubies, emeralds, sapphires and aquamarines.

Starfire Lux
Starfire boasts about this by using the words ‘Luxurious’ and ‘Glamorous’. This features high-end pieces with brilliant diamonds and unique designs as an impact of which, these empower you with their daring energy.

Twelve-month Warranty on each jewellery piece of Diamond
As soon as you purchase jewellery from them, you are considered a valued member of Starfire’s family. They ensure you are offered a warranty of twelve months from them/manufacturer. This is meant for each jewellery piece and lifetime care too. Starfire asks customers to put on their jewellery with comfort because the company would ensure polishing, repairing and servicing of the jewellery always.

Women should be treated Equally as Men
The days are gone when it was a real challenge for a woman entrepreneur to establish herself!  Shweta is of the same opinion. Shweta affirms, “As business is conducted through technology or the internet to a great extent, the one sitting on the other end, is hardly aware of the gender of the person.

Therefore, things are becoming easier and gradually, discrimination between men and women is also going away. Advance in technology is challenging gender discrimination a lot. However, story-telling and write-ups appreciating an entrepreneur who is a woman, is always an effective way to inspire other women. Moreover, treating women equally as men should be followed.”

Journey through the Mouth of The Luminary
Shweta feels having good mentors and role models, is an additional benefit in the achievement of your goal. She says, “I have been fortunate enough to have such mentors around me. First of all, I am independent since the age of 13. It was at this age that my journey to Australia began.

With my parents staying in Fiji till my high school studies, I was with my elder sister who as a guardian, took care of me and became a great mentor for me. My parents gave me the best education possible and therefore, I learnt values and to be self-dependent. After pursuing B.Com in finance and accounting, I was on the way to become an accountant but the passion for entrepreneurship didn’t allow me to do so.

It was my first leap of self-confidence that I resigned from my first job as a graduate tax accountant. I opted to become a diamond wholesaler at that time and that was done in partnership with an Indian firm planning to start their business in Australia.

Shweta, is not only a business woman but also a wife and a mother of two boys. Her boys have further fueled her determination to succeed and leave a legacy.

I did an intensive course in diamond grading with my wholesale business which taught me how to grade diamonds, giving me the confidence and tools to sell. The first three years in any new business is tough but once you learn how to grow with the times, you can not only survive but also excel.”

Shweta adds she has learnt a lot about herself after experiencing tough times and that is the reason why she is a strong person today.

My Father My Inspiration
Shweta’s father has always been a great source of her inspiration. He never feared of anything and challenged himself always to do more business.

Never Followed the Market
The 43-year-old confident entrepreneur says that she never followed what the market wanted. She created a market for her jewellery pieces. Her vision is to create amazing diamond and gem jewellery which captures the fire within one, resonates with the person and empowers with its innate beauty.

Conflict-free Diamond
Starfire believes in offering you with conflict-free diamond and also certified with GIA international grading. Here, what contributes a lot is Shweta’s specialized training and experience in diamonds.

 Leadership skills and the Kind of Work Culture
Her business has a workforce of women who are also mothers and although they are all passionate like Shweta. They understand the need to be there for one another. A good leader need not to dictate but rather learn to be more compassionate of another person’s plight. I am grateful for the support I have from my team and them for each other.

Shweta knows that motivated work force would always follow a motivated leader. She states, “Being the head, the vision to be successful shall never be forgotten and the same shall be instilled in the team members. Encouragement, rewards and celebrating every success together are all very important.” This proves how well she enjoys staying involved in motivating her team.

Continue with Your Aims
Shweta believes in never stopping and continue having aims. She asserts, “I want to see another store for my brand and of course, a greater online presence in few upcoming years.”

Achievements of the Entrepreneur
Shweta has been seen appearing in a local magazine as one of the women to watch in 2020. In 2017, Starfire served as host to ‘Business in Heels Fundraiser’ which was a networking event for women entrepreneurs to meet like-minded individuals. Her brand has been affiliated with Queensland Ballet and she is also a proud supporter of Freelancing Gems. That’s a business that advocates jobs for women and women equality in the workforce.

She is a brand ambassador of many women networking groups too. Also, her support has been recognized many times, in charities empowering women under the aegis of Women’s Network Australia. She is an active member. Her company is a major sponsor of an annual event ‘Women In Fashion’.

An Inspiring Message for Young Women Entrepreneurs and Readers
Shweta speaks her mind, “Just have faith in yourself and follow your instincts like I did. Do not let fear stop you and get surrounded by positive people. Anything will change into a possibility.”

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