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Studio Coriander LLP

Studio Coriander LLP

Exploring the Exciting World of Advertising with the Motto “Garnish the Brand”

Advertising has changed significantly as a result of technological developments. From the time of advertisement on leaves, we are currently living in the age of the virtual advertising world. The introduction of advertising tactics marked the beginning of a new era by igniting a revolution in the field of advertising services. A well-known advertising and video production studio named Studio Coriander has become one of the primary players in this highly competitive market.

Studio Coriander has grown to become a major player in the advertising industry since its inception in the year 2020. Headquartered in Pune, Studio Coriander brings a wide assortment of services, including ad films, corporate films, pitch films, documentaries, motion graphics, TVCs, DVCs, and graphic design, to support clients working in B2B and B2C domains.

With an impressive clientele base and commendable experience over the years, the company works on a variety of creative aspects for businesses, from graphic design to video conceptualization and production. The audio visual medium of advertising is the USP of the studio. They essentially serve as a brand’s storytellers. True to the name (Studio Coriander), the motto is to garnish the clients’ brands— add that advertising master stroke that makes the brand or its offering stand out.

Talking about the beginning of Studio Coriander and what inspired him to begin this venture, Omkar Mahesh Markale stated, “Today, everyone wants to market themselves on numerous platforms, both online and offline. We are also aware of the culture of advertising. Even though brands are already strong and excellent at what they do, advertising serves as the finishing touch. We assist brands in connecting with consumers by employing a special storytelling methodology.

Regarding my own experience, I first worked as a commercial graphic designer. Along with that, I began to experiment with several facets of filmmaking, including writing, set design, cinematography, acting, and directing. Since I was a young child, I have always enjoyed telling stories. I was able to do both through filmmaking and advertising. I, therefore, engaged in intense and ardent research in this field. I finally made the decision to convert my passion for filmmaking and storytelling into a company after spending a lot of time in both fields. A couple of like-minded friends joined in, and that’s how Studio Coriander was founded and our journey started.”

The Spirit Behind the Success
Born in Solapur and brought up in the city of Pune, Maharashtra, Omkar Mahesh Markale, Founder, CEO, and Designated Partner, inherited his creativity background from his mother, who is a superb painter herself. Thanks to her, Omkar Mahesh Markale has been painting and drawing since he was 6 months old. He chose the field of art because of his intense love of drawing. In 2014, he graduated from Abhinav College in Pune with a diploma in applied arts. By then, he had already developed a deep affinity for the idea of “visuals,”

whether they be in movies or advertisements. The creative man had positions as creative director for numerous brands after beginning his career as a graphic designer at several advertising agencies. Finally, he took the decision to start his own company in 2020, and that’s how Studio Coriander came into existence.

Unique Value Proposition
“I know that sounds strange, but I believe our unique value proposition is to revive nostalgia and emotion in today’s advertising. Personally, I genuinely want the golden age of the 1990s advertising industry to return. I believe that creativity with the most basic vision has special worth. Definitely, this strategy is helping me. We’re still attempting to dispel misconceptions, but it’s helping us grow the clientele, the innovative leader stated.

At Studio Coriander, communication and collaboration take place on an equal footing thanks to the lateral organisational structure. Despite how corny it may sound, they actually work in a very creative and amicable environment because each team member has their own area of specialty. They don’t believe in a typical, formal corporate type of operation. They are also working on an eco-partnership programme with young creative talents.

Industry Evolution Over the Years
The present scenario of this industry is evolving daily in response to trends and shifts in the media, yet conventional methods of film and advertising continue to hold their allure and essence. The only difference is the medium. The modern consumer is considerably more knowledgeable and educated about what they truly desire, what they hope to accomplish, and what they will ultimately choose.

The manner in which commercial films are produced has undergone a significant shift as well. For instance, complex, lengthy films were all the rage a few years ago. The goal these days is to tell your tale in a matter of seconds or minutes. The mediums themselves have evolved. Social media has evolved into a platform that is essential for promoting both products and brands.

The Obstacles Along the Way
Temporary trends like reels pose a bit of a challenge in this domain. These are challenges as well as plus points challenge in this domain. But everyone wants to advertise according to the stereotypical formula; no one is taking risks. The Studio Coriander team often comes across clients who want something that is trending already; rarely does anyone want to create a trend and go against the flow. Everyone wants an instant solution. They are not ready to serve. This is one of the biggest challenges to creativity.

Inclusion of Technology
Tech is the core part of the advertising domain, and with every innovation, the team at Studio Coriander is trying to adapt and evolve with time. Innovations like AR, VR, and other immersive tech are all set to redefine advertising and filmmaking in the years to come. They are keeping up with all these developments and expanding their portfolio with more challenging projects.

Overcoming Challenges and Installing Milestones
The beginning was fantastic because of the previous experience and goodwill. However, launching a business in the midst of COVID was very risky. Following the second wave of COVID, the first six months were an emotional roller coaster filled with numerous rejections.

But thanks to the team’s passion and perseverance, they bounced back. They conducted analysis, attempted a few different strategies, and soon began to have success with business projects. With their short film being nominated, the team has achieved the first significant milestone, but they still have a long way to go.

Road to a Future Voyage
“They say every business venture requires approx. 1000 days to achieve break-even. We have thankfully crossed that landmark, and Studio Coriander is well on its way to clean profits. As previously stated, we are overcoming new challenges and spreading our own fashion throughout the world,”, said Omkar Mahesh Markale.

In 2023, they will be more focused on domain expansion and talent acquisition. Working on larger projects with fresher talent excites the entire team. Additionally, they are trying hard to reach out to potential customers outside of India. They are also constructing their own production studio to provide enhanced audio-visual services made possible by the most cutting-edge technology available.

Studio Coriander is committed to providing a unique and engaging experience to every client who associates with us. In addition, Studio Coriander, a startup itself, is constantly willing to support other startups and young business owners in the expansion of their brands.

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