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Sudhanshu and Krish’s Approach to Creating Edtech’s Darkhorse “iNeuron”

Sudhanshu and Krish’s Approach to Creating Edtech’s Darkhorse “iNeuron”

With the hit of the pandemic and schools being shut, the sudden shift to online learning was the only way to go. However, now it seems to be looked at as the future of education. Several factors affect the above, for example, the cost of physical location for in person classes is high. However, with online education, the funds allocated to the cost of physical classrooms and other expenditures is being used to inculcate better faculties and technologies which would make learning far more superior for the student.

The high rise in demand for online platforms led to the development of technologies that offer a wide range of services to help equip one with the best expertise and knowledge. Ineuron is an example of one of India’s most popular EdTech platforms offering 230+ Courses across all technologies including state-of-the-art projects in emerging technology like data science, blockchain, IoT, AR/VR and commercial drones through one of its kind OTT platform for education (

They offer to live as well as recorded sessions, 24×7 doubt clarifications, placement assistance and a revolutionary job portal which makes searching and getting a job a lot more effortless.

Mr. Sudhanshu Kumar, CEO and chief AI engineer, and Mr. Krish Naik, co-founder of Ineuron, have over a decade of experience addressing tough business problems with Statistical Modelling, Data Processing, Data Mining, and Machine Learning. Both founders have worked with some of the industry’s biggest issue solvers, including E&Y and Panasonic.

Sudhanshu says he has always been fascinated by what is going on in the world of technology, and he gets inspiration and admiration from all the great minds that are working tirelessly in the field of data science, producing new things, and changing the world for a better tomorrow.

Seeing how education has suffered in India, Kumar has always had a vision to make education practical, stating, “The key goal for us is to focus on delivering the critical skill sets desired by corporates and enterprises internationally, as well as making education accessible and sustainable.” He feels that the only path ahead for humanity is to make education more accessible to all sectors of the economy.

Mr. Naik, who has over 544k followers on his YouTube channel and is a master in the field of data science education, says, “I have seen more than 500+ of my subscribers and students from iNeuron from diverse fields making a successful shift to data science.” And there are an increasing number of job openings in firms for these specialized jobs in analytics.”

Mr. Naik began his career as a software engineer before transitioning to the field of data science. He could view the total evolution in terms of commercial, technological, and presentation, among other things, while working on AI initiatives. Mr. Naik is also a major admirer of mathematics and statistics, which inspired him to pursue a career in data science.

His long-standing love for education, as well as his extensive expertise educating and mentoring over 5 lakh students globe via his well-known YouTube channel, carried over into iNeuron. The founders and co-views founder’s effortlessly coincided, allowing iNeuron to be continually evolving and inventing, resulting in the creation of a breakthrough learning platform that is the first of its kind.

The ease of access to these unique and skilled courses is what makes it stand out from other educational platforms. Additionally, with the constant global changes taking place around us, it is important that our education is least impacted. Online learning makes it possible for people of all ages to access different subjects and give them the power to uplift themselves by learning at any place and any time.

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