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With the scenic transformations in the industry, the business goals have had a paradigm shift. More than revenue, expansion or other organic & inorganic growth, business leaders are focusing on green development, climate change and other emerging narratives. And it’s proven that resolving environmental issues brings better value to the business, makes it embellishing and expands the client base too. Over the last decade, the notion has driven a credible number of CEOs around the globe. And their work is unequivocally praised in the industrial sphere.

Mr Sushil Gadling, a veteran corporate leader, is a viable example. As the CEO of Ecopack India, he is fostering value to environmental concerns in India through eco-friendly paper containers and baking moulds. Ecopack is one of the seasoned brands in bio degradable baking moulds and containers, commanding a stellar presence in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, the United States and South America. Ecopack India is one of its numerous subsidiaries upholding the core vision to create eco-friendly solutions for the world.

The story of Ecopack started in 1939 in Turin, a city acclaimed for its refined architecture and cuisine. Here, Salvatore Ferri and Eros Pozzo – two individuals passionate about environment, ideated a firm that produces eco-friendly and biodegradable alternatives to plastic containers. And Ecopack was brought to light. Although environment wasn’t a major concern back then, Ecopack proactively worked on its core mission. And, even went on to file a patent for Paper shells for cakes and bakeries. Over the next several decades, the Company made distinct transformations and replaced a wide variety of plastic moulds.

As of now, Ecopack is a global magnate and leads the market in recyclable baking moulds. Growing and building with trends, it has created a versatile portfolio. It has introduced many flagships, like the Cocoa Paper line, Vivid Plumpy Baking Moulds, etc. Recently, it launched the Savory Line, which is a plastic-free alternative designed for salty dishes.

The Company has 800+ products in its dossier, all ensuring a stellar quality. Along with products, Ecopack has revolutionized the process behind the curtains. Recently, it commissioned a latest technology in printing – the latest technological achievement in the field of Muffin Cup packing. In 2011, Ecopack established its subsidiary in India, and it’s playing an integral role in promoting the use of recyclable baking moulds in the Sub-Continent.

“Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.” – Albert Einstein

The CEO has a long history in the packaging and container industry, and is well seasoned in negotiations and sales. He has over a decade of industrial experience and has a great corporate reputation. Growing with the tenures, Sushil witnessed the nightmarish impacts of non-biodegradable products on the environment and climate. And having the capability and will to do what’s necessary, he couldn’t stand back.

This brought him to the doors of Ecopack India. The Company had an altruistic vision and provided Sushil with the appropriate platform for his interests to unfold. From there, Sushil’s career took a new turn. Laced with a burning responsibility, he has been instrumental in developing and democratizing Paper Bags in India. And his enthusiasm and performance evolved him from a Marketing Manager to COO and then to CEO. Besides operational intelligence, Sushil carries an acute interest in advancements.

Under his stewardship, Ecopack India not only improved its portfolio but brought in technologies for smoother and faster functioning. The fine blend of leadership with technology and ideas helps Ecopack India mitigate the environmental impacts along the supply chain.

Ecopack India’s innovative portfolio is the work of nearly a century of R&D. The industrial space has gone through significant transformations bringing forth abundant opportunities and challenges. As Sushil says, “R&D is a landmark of our work,” Ecopack India’s R&D reflects upon its culture of innovation. All its product lines are tailored to criteria and different segments.

With eyes on the environment, Ecopack India’s R&D revolves around experimenting with innovation and raw materials. The Company incorporates a series of technology to work with various types of paper, inks, textures, adhesives, and other materials to curate products – that are industry-specific, uses fewer materials, are eco-friendly, and are safe to use in the HORECA segment.

Such characteristics separate Ecopack India from the crowd. All of the goods are made entirely of renewable materials and are 100% biodegradable. The raw materials (paper, glues, ink) comply with International Standards and are BRC Packaging Certified. The paper for the moulds is supplied by Ecopack SPA and sourced from FSC certified forests. Ecopack India’s moulds include Plumpy Mould, Paper Cup, Round cake Mould, Plumcake Mould and Muffin Mould.

Although R&D and innovations are the two pillars of growth at any company, at the end of the day it comes down to employees who work on them. Ecopack India has a large employee base who share a common passion and commitment towards creating a prosperous future. Sushil’s years of leadership plays an integral in this. Under his stewardship, Ecopack India has created a diverse culture, where every man and woman in every echelon share equal respect. Such a culture ensures long term tenures and proves the Company’s focus on overall sustainability.

Furthermore, employees get to work on a futuristic infrastructure and bring up ideas that can drive new product lines. Its state-of-the-art facility at Talegaon Dabhade, Pune, houses a range of packaging solutions that exemplifies its International standard. The passion and innovation help Ecopack India place itself amongst the leaders. The robust in-house resources help the Company meet customer’s individual needs and illustrates the overall excellence of the Ecopack Group.

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