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System Needs

System Needs: Being trendsetters by offering state-of-the-art IT Solutions

IT Solutions and service providers are aligned to offer innovative solutions that enhance the way of performing the business operations for a company. One can adopt the technologies that can spur the growth of a business venture, owing to the out of the box services offered from their end.

Many companies have evolved as major IT solutions providers, but a few of them have been able to offer state-of-the-art services to their clients. System Needs is one such leading names that is an end-to-end IT solutions provider. They have successfully carved a niche for themselves, by being in the respective sphere, for like 17 years.

An Overview of the Organisation

Offering exceptional solutions from approximately last two decades, System Needs has emerged out as an award-winning System Integrator based in Mysore, Karnataka.  It is a leading player in Karnataka’s IT industry space that offers solutions on Datacenter build(smart rack solutions), Network(Active and passive), Server, Data Storage, Backup, Disaster Recovery solutions and on Data security.

They have well established with professionals specialized in providing excellent services to their valued clients. It is gradually acquiring surging success with its powerful insights and delivery solutions that improve customer experience, reduce the cost to serve, and enhance profitably.

They play a major role in forming Antivirus, Firewall, two-factor authentication, Data Loss Prevention, Security Incident and event management and End-user Computing- Desktop, Laptop, Tabs, Printers, scanners, projectors and Accessories. The Company also offers solutions on GIS space and DGS D rate contract/GEM for all government sector.

Unfolding the motivation behind this entrepreneurial venture, the CEO, Vikas Chopra says that the business was conducted to make a difference in the world. He wanted to find personal meaning and satisfaction of doing something great by taking IT to a  new sphere.

The Company is in the close collaboration with the following organizations, that have helped them increase their market value greatly- HPE, Dell, Lenovo, Panasonic, Milestone, Videonetics, HP, Huawei, Epson, Canon, TVs, Samsung, Brother, IBM, Axis, Xerox, Lexmark, Molex, Corning, Commscope, Fortinet, Symantec, Sophos, Trend micro, and veeam.

System Needs has converged its focus on the new aspects of technology to carve a distinct niche for itself. They have become the trendsetter in the respective domain by keenly addressing the pain points of their consumer base and offer them with unique IT solutions. Their exclusive ideas enhance the chances of winning deals in the competitive sphere.

Ensuring better business outcomes amid COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole system has been halted. The business community being the most disastrously hit during the nationwide lockdown. Everyone is opting for a digital model that can serve as an all-round solution for everyone’s need. As we are aware that education has been hampered due to this Corona-virus outbreak. To this, the digital mode of communication helps in conducting online classes for students.

Be it the online classes or Professionals working from home everyone is demanding for End User Computing, Webcams and WIFI routers etc. According to the Key Official, the only logical course of action that entrepreneurial world to focus on the businesses and the aspects that are under our control. The Company also works upon long-term turnkey projects and keep themselves updated on Technological advancements by attending webinar sessions, online technical courses by OEM’s that helps to build their brand name.

Winning the faith of the clientele

The Company ensures to maintain good relations with its consumer base that helps in further advertisement and approach of the new clients. They have a strong Precoroprate Team and after Corporate support team to ensure all-round customer satisfaction. Their exclusive clientele involves- Bioclinica, Thought focus, Banknote paper mill India Pvt Ltd, Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note MudranPvt Ltd, BARC (Rare Materials Plant).

Significance of R&D

Without performing thorough research while making the decisions pertaining to the business venture, it will hamper the growth of any business inevitably. Being the System Integrators, they know the key to not lag behind the race and provide the consumers with exclusive solutions is to make synergy with the latest technology and stitch various solutions for their customers such as Surveillance with VMS, Network, Storage, Passive Network, etc. According to him, their business model is strong enough to recover from the aftermath induced by the global pandemic. They constantly keep striving to find better solutions to evolve the offerings for the development of their venture.

 Awards and Accolades to boast off

Showing steady growth through its 20 years of journey, System Needs has bagged numbers of accolades/awards. It has received awards from Seagate as ‘Best Channel Partner at Switzerland.’ Besides this, it has also received ‘GEM of Mysore from DQ weeks.’ Then, it received recognition from CIO Magazine as ‘20 Most Promising VMware Solution.’ Further adding to this list, the Company is about to receive another award from Cisco- ‘Top 10 Trustworthy Partner C Category.’

Prospects for the Future

System Needs has already nurtured itself in a way to build a strong team to execute turnkey projects. While focused on building turnkey projects like Surveillance VMS, strong Back end network and Data Storage, it is also honing on the aspects for better client satisfaction and scaling the heights of success gradually. Their business venture is converged on expanding its horizons in good stead shortly. Their prospects are fixated on extending the market leadership position by giving more value and services,  as well as widen their solutions to make offers from customers to customers.

A token of advice from the CEO

“Being an entrepreneur is essentially about being a visualizer and actualizer. He must be able to visualize his goal before turning it into a living reality. To make your dreams come true, you should be able to envisage it properly. ”~Mr. Vikas Chopra The CEO

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