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“Logic will get you from A to B, Imagination will take you everywhere”~Albert Einstein

Imagination opens the portals of awe-striking and jaw-dropping potential of the beings in this Universe. Until or unless you imagine, how would you create the miracle? Possessing the creative and imaginative prowess, Aswini Kumar- a young and emerging maverick has vigorously carved a distinct space in the world of creativity. Due to his creative and innovative instincts, he is the Head of the Creative Services Department in Syu Design.

SYU Design is a Mumbai based creative boutique and production house. They are a multi-awarded studio, comprising a team of film designers, visual artists, and creative developers. They combine scientific and artistic research to create beautiful and creative experiences. From films, animation, design to virtual reality, they love the challenging projects and are here to help people in designing a meaningful experience to their story.

SYU Design helps brands and agencies to connect with the end users through mediums like live-action, animation, illustrations, apps, virtual reality, games, and interactive mediums. SYU prefers to take very specific steps for each opportunity and the challenges it brings through storytelling and unique techniques, are quite interesting and brainstorming.

The Company covers the spectrum of mostly advertising, television, and animation industries, and it works in pan India. Sometimes they make films and communication strategies for the agencies or clients.


Every client has a different vision and ambitions. Therefore, they try their level best to understand the client’s needs and aspirations. Clients always expect exemplary design solutions for their communication strategies. SYU Design loves to travel with their brief throughout the project. Every client and project helps them to explore their creativity better.

“Creativity itself is a very tricky subject that changes its definition as per different clients from various industries.”~Aswini Kumar

Whether a client is small or big, they, as a design firm, try to bridge the gap as effectively as possible. People at SYU Design are always proactive in engaging with customers and their needs with commendable innovations. They try to align their superlative vision in accordance with their clients’ experience and strategies that helps in creating a bond between them and their esteem clients. They are their mentors, investors, and guides.


The difference in their culture sets them apart from the crowd. Syu Design values and encourages the culture of ‘keeping innovation first.’ Training, research, and development are the core rituals, which help them to innovate new stories, styles, and methodologies to deal with any complicated projects of communication design. The entrepreneur reminiscing the struggling days, says, “When I came to this industry, I felt a bit awkward and miserable as there were paramount exploitation and mistrust around us, specifically in the field of animation and film making.

Young talents used to start the profession and end it within a couple of years, which affected retaining good talents tremendously. For six years, I tried to do something about it but failed all the time.  I tried to connect all the dots to find a solution and people who can help us in such an endeavor.  In 2012, I made up my mind to take the risk, and hence started something with my friends.”

The most prominent objective was to connect with the talented artist in the industry. They have succeeded in keeping the trust intact that makes them different. Syu Design considers artists as artists, not as mere art workers. They hone their skills as per their core interests and expertise, and the same goes with their clients. They offer the best innovative solutions with absolute transparency in pricing and timelines.

Quite clear about his ambitions and purpose from the starting, Aswini Kumar says,

“I never thought so much. I knew from the young age that I will be in creating a platform that can nurture creativity. It does not matter if it is me or someone else. What matters the most if we can create that platform. I guess everybody who is in a job or an entrepreneur has their own struggle story. Both of them are equally difficult.

But definitely, for me, it was a good amount of learning. As my family members and society took the time to have faith in me. I feel that is natural for them to doubt your efficiency.  But, we have to perform with numbers. For me, it was never a struggle than a series of learning. I am still in the process. Sometimes things are extremely difficult and demotivating. But unshakable optimism helped us to overcome those fears.”


The advantage of the present government is strong leadership and a decisive mandate. But the serious concern is the loss of jobs across industries. The government and it’s highly influential policymakers need to introspect. On one hand, the government is setting a goal of 5 trillion economies while on the other side, people are losing employment. A few bold policies by the government have destroyed businesses, but they have also created new hope for the people like them, who try hard to meet the government’s expectation through GST.

Again new policies through MSME has encouraged businesses like them to solve many problems, any small business goes through. MSME SAMADHAAN is one such initiative to address delayed payments for MSMEs. It impacted them immensely to control the cash flow and unnecessary delay of payment from the clients. The entrepreneur feels that it should have been implemented in India 2 decades ago. The whole country would not have suffered so much corruption, unemployment, and lack of skilled talents. The future is definitely bright, bold and lucrative for good business in India.


In the last 7 years, SYU Design has handled some of the amazing corporate brands like HUL, Cadbury, BSE, Times Network, Ambuja, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DOCOMO, PARLE, MRF, ALKEM, etc. Their animated short film 26.2 miles about women empowerment of a tribal woman became a part of many film festivals across the country and international animation film festivals.  Along with other commercials, this film also owns several awards. Apart from different commercial projects, SYU recently got an opportunity to work with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) on different developmental activities in Rural Odisha.

They owe immense gratitude to the management and whole research team of UNFPA, where they brought some innovative solutions for communication to mass. As a result, they created a few animated contents to address the sexual reproductive health of school-going girls. They, in collaboration with UNFPA, KISS and REC Foundation, created few films on youth empowerment.


SYU Design is an entity that deals with imagination. Technology, commerce, art and a bit of passion are essential parts of this endeavor. We are moving towards a better world that is free from organized corruption and moral bankruptcy. What will be competitive is not technology through artificial intelligence in the coming years, not even intelligence. Beyond intelligence, imagination comes. As a company, they are trying the best of their capability in harnessing this impeccable human trait across different platforms.

 Aswini Kumar is greatly inspired by the cofounder of Infosys- Mr. Narayan Murthy. He states,

“Since childhood, I am quite influenced by Mr. Narayan Murthy. His will power, vision, and passion for the cause have moved many youngsters like me and my friends. It inspired me to create a cartoon series for print where there is a character called Mr. Murthy. The series of cartoons were representing the daily challenging life of an entrepreneur.”

The virtuoso, Ashwini Kumar has an impeccable message to share with our readers that can enlighten them to unleash their creativity for the welfare of society. He says, “If we have something very special thing to offer through our service to our society then definitely nothing should stop us. Not even our own confusion, fear and selfishness.”

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