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Tanmay Goyal

Tanmay Goyal

An archetypical visionary dedicated to giving back to the community

Vision is what makes any leadership distinct. The kind of vision put forth by any leader impacts his acceptability in the targeted audience as the leading face. But, a leader also needs the mettle to realize that vision conceived by him. The one who inspires, motivates, creates engagement and induces a sense of ownership among the teammates is how an ideal leadership is described by most of the business experts. Making a path to be followed by others, he acts like a coach as well as a mentor to the team.

But on top of it, a leader should be grounded no matter how many hardships he has to encounter in the journey to the destination. Learning how to rise above and emerge as a better version of oneself is how they set an example for others to follow. Such an example has been set up by Tanmay Goyal who is the founder and CEO of Triumb– a venture that is committed to sustainable car-washing.

This whole narrative is based on a freewheeling conversation with Tanmay Goyal where he unboxed some thought-provoking insights as a leader with us. We avidly believe that the information mentioned in this writeup will stir the entrepreneurial motivation in you while boosting your leadership skills with some phenomenal tips and pieces of advice, shared by the spearhead.

Tanmay began by revealing his educational background. He completed his schooling in 2016 from Jaipur. Since his childhood, he has been a science enthusiast who pursued his BTech in Computer and Communication Engineering from Manipal University, Jaipur. It was during this period(while pursuing graduate studies) that he happened to dive into the field of marketing and gained extensive experience before starting his own company.

Shining the light on the motivation that drove him to start this company, Tanmay affirms that the idea to embark on this journey emerged amid quite challenging times. During the global pandemic, the core team members were brainstorming day and night to establish a venture with a difference.

Hearing the hues and cries over the environmental issues across the world, the team members retrospected and realized their respective responsibilities to do a bit to make this world a better place. Hence, they came up with a unique car cleaning product – a specially curated chemical composition that eradicates over 99% of dependency on the water to clean the cars. With this offering, they were determined to have been giving back to society and helping the environment heavily.

When asked to walk us through the overall process of Triumb, Tanmay claims that it is a platform that has been dedicated to car cleaning and ensuring local garage comparisons on the website. Planning to collaborate with different organizations across the country, they are into rendering the car cleaning services to the parked cars inside the organization on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Today, it is a well-acclaimed app-based Car Cleaning Management platform where the overall car cleaning process has become pretty effortless, cost-effective and time-saving. With the exclusive mission to emerge as the most efficient and user-friendly platform for automotive solutions, Triumb philosophy asserts that every service should just be a call away.

Triumb goes the extra mile to ensure customer safety while hiring their service partners from verified sources. To assure the clients that their car is in the right hands, a dedicated training session is performed regularly to keep up with the efficiency of the process. Explaining their passion to ensure a satisfied customer base,

Tanmay conveys, “We have daily, weekly and monthly basis plans to cater to customers’ needs and time, when & wherever it suits them. Other than that we are developing a garage comparison platform that is one-of-a-kind on the globe and will be projecting it as our main USP.”

The dynamo states that to scale the ladder of success a startup needs to establish good networks and considerable connections across the entrepreneurial ecosystem that is brimming with several exceptional individuals. No doubt, such relationships would be helping organizations inevitably to play a robust role in futuristic growth. Herewith, he tossed a few external relationship-building tips with the fellow entrepreneurs-

  • Make the first move – Ask people to meet and hang out, always try to give first.
  • Be genuine – Never fake your true personality and feelings. Disingenuous people have disingenuous relationships, those will not pan out well.
  • Be intentional – Try to think of people even when they are not in your near vicinity.

“Take notes on your discussions and follow up with people on specifics happening in their lives. Showing that you have taken time out of your day to think of them shows the individual’s intentionality and true feelings for their relationship,” quoted the leader.

Tanmay Goyal is a persona that is known for his keen leadership skills driven by insightful values to facilitate a comprehensive growth of the people surrounding him. He is a leader who allows his people to perform, create and innovate where his impactful ways to drive better operational efficiency has been applauded by his peers too. Sharing some insights into his inspiring leadership, he conveys a few key differentiators that have helped him stand out from the crowd-

  • Define your vision
    You should have a clear idea of your vision and how it relates to the future of the company. Research trends within your company and industry to identify how your company can progress. Identify a new goal and the steps you and your team need to take to get there.
  • Create a sense of purpose
    Communicate your vision and process to your team. Help team members understand their role in achieving the goal and are sure to explain how their contribution will advance the initiative when delegating tasks.
  • Motivate your team
    Your team must believe in your vision as much as you do. Make sure they understand the benefits of the goal, as this can increase the chances to achieve it. You can also motivate your team by setting attainable goals, rewarding hard work, and recognizing individual efforts.
  • Adjust your goals as needed
    As you work toward your goal, you may discover new information that can help you improve the process. You may also encounter obstacles that require a new strategy to overcome them. Flexibility is the key to achieving your vision.
    Triumb has been steadily making progress in terms of going waterless as providing an effective solution to the global water scarcity issue. Today, more than 20 major cities in the country have been estimated to be running out of groundwater in the next two years ensuring around 40% of the potable water supply in India.

“Studies claim that by 2040, around 90% of the population will have no access to fresh water. India has an estimated 300 million operating 4 wheelers currently, with an average of 2 washes per month. It takes approximately 150 litres of water per wash. By going completely waterless, we can save more than 1 trillion litres of water annually on an average in the country,” enunciated Tanmay, regarding the prevailing situation across the world.

Tanmay uncovered his perception of success where he says that most people are bound to make most of the choices unconsciously. And voluntarily, they choose to follow and forever try to live up to what other people believe is a success. Don’t you think, we tend to measure success as per the material possessions and financial status of a person- house, career, car, etc. “What disappoints me the most is that this type of success – perfectly valid as it is – does not equal happiness.

If you decide to aim for that, you better be prepared to be bitterly disappointed at some point, because none of those things guarantees happiness in life,” elucidated the founder, “I believe in success by leading. By leading, I mean, being the sole (or main) judge of what success means to you personally. This takes time, reflection and courage. It’s about developing your philosophy, deciding on your goals and finding out what the purpose and the meaning of your life is. My personal definition of success is based on this quote of Mahatma Gandhi- Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever & Only, I would swap the world & learn for & live as well.

I say to myself, & Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Live as if you were to live forever & it’s not easy to train yourself to live by this motto. But, it’s very helpful in guiding our decision-making process when it comes to & success. It helps me to ask a few important questions when I need guidance and I leading a balanced and fulfilling life today, this very day? Or am I fixated on the future that may never be? If I am, maybe I’m a bit confused and need to stop and re-assess my priorities. It is often the case that our chasing after & success’’ – in whatever form- destroys our sense of well-being.

Our happiness in the present is often sacrificed in the name of some hypothetical success. I measure my daily " success & in those terms. Have I had a good day? Am I happy? Not – was I successful today? Looking at life from the other point of view (living for eternity), adds a different dimension. It says, there’ll be loads more & successes and failures. Some of them will seem huge, but, ultimately none of this really matters in the big scheme of things. Explore, experience, enjoy. In this context, Samuel Beckett’s words come to mind- Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

R&D is very essential as it provides businesses with useful insights and is considered to be the key to surviving in the long run. Along with creating new products and adding features to the old ones, investing in market research connects various parts of a company’s strategy and business plans, such as marketing, competitiveness and cost reduction. Today, market research shows that a lot of small businesses need. Hence, whenever you read about a firm being acquired by some fat company, now you know what that is for. Enunciating the prominence of the R & D process in the success of entrepreneurial ventures,

Tanmay quotes, “However, speaking strictly for a startup, you’ve to be extremely cautious about the process. While the rewards can be very high, the process of innovation is complex and risky. The majority of R&D projects fail to provide the expected financial results. So, that’s exactly where you draw the line. While I completely support the idea of researching around your existing universe and continuously improving to keep up with the ever-changing consumer preferences, development and diving into new scopes should be kept at bay at least until you’ve created a strong base in the market and have decent funding and backup to keep the fuel going.”

For Tanmay, technology is an aspect on which businesses should invest unhesitatingly as it brings processes and tools together, information exchange to promote development for the betterment of mankind. It helps people to solve their problems, reduce excess time, save lives and help to interact and exchange information. And today, tech upgrades are driving the world and making it more efficient and better. As in the 21st century, we are bound with technology in day-to-day activity. Due to this, businesses & industries are spreading globally. Even though they are getting in operation efficiently with ease. The education and communication systems are becoming more advanced. Software giants are changing the styles of study and communication. Likewise, there are innumerable examples explaining the dominance of technology in our daily lives.

In this chaotic and developing world, innovation is occupying a significant role in the economic development and the survival of organizations. In order to differentiate from the competitors or to increase their market share, innovative firms search for new technologies, products or services etc. Through this process, the definition of innovation can be challenging, questioning the novelty, sustainability, customer-friendliness, ecological properties or quality of innovative issues.

Triumb follows the principles of a flatwork culture where there’s less hierarchy,less management, omit lengthy protocols and get work done fast. The company describes itself as a bunch of open-minded individuals who love to welcome prospering ideas whether they come from the top management or just their regular finance officials. Curious listening, as well as learning, are at the core of Triumb’s culture that will pave the way for its upcoming feats.

Under Tanmay’s influential leadership, Triumb has been recognized on major public platforms; its major achievements still count in 1 year of the company’s completion. Moreover, Triumb’s high customer satisfaction and customer retention rate are the biggest achievements for Tanmay. Also, the company achieved a lot of milestones like creating a brand name for waterless car cleaning services around Rajasthan.

“Here are a few things I’ve learnt from my experience over time and would love to share with the readers if it brings any value to them:

1. The formula for a successful business: Find your niche, Look for Problems, Build a
2. solution/Product, Find your target audience segment, Market it to them.
3. Find a mentor to guide you through. Hang around with people from various spaces.
4. Networking is the way to stick around and make it big.
5. Don’t get overwhelmed by the plenty of options out there, it’s too easy to get carried away with the kind of consumerist mindset these days. Build a product you have absolute confidence in. Give it all you have. Don’t go all over the place. You’re on your way to failure if you do that.
6. Change is inevitable, the demands and expectations change too fast these days. Never get comfortable with success. You wouldn’t even know when someone else takes away your audience if you’re not continuously offering excitement to your customers. Keep the engagement going. Pay attention to the customer feedback, it’s the true reflection of your service and the most genuine piece of advice.
7. Always look at things from two perspectives :
8. Your business goals

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