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In line with listing trusted financial solution providers, these two pages of our exclusive edition are dedicated to the triumphs of an exceptional Digital and Fintech consulting venture– The Digital Fifth. Backed with future-ready dexterity and a zealous drive to make a difference, this firm has facilitated a harmonious union of Finance, Technology, and People across the financial landscape.

To learn more about the multidisciplinary aspects of its business portfolio, our ardent team arranged a virtual meet with the three co-founders of the firm– Sameer Singh Jaini, Shashank Shekhar, and R. Sreekant who spotlighted some exemplary business insights.

With the fintech space evolving rapidly, The Digital Fifth has come to light as a pioneer in fintech consulting, catering its solutions to the BFSI segments such as Banks, NBFCs, Fintechs, Wealth Management, and Insurance Firms. The firm is dedicated to building and rendering smart solutions to financial institutions and fintech start-ups. “We help our clients seek appropriate alliances, implement product roadmaps and acquire a customer base. Our committed services have made us the go-to solution providers for major BFSI organizations and game-changers alike,” asserts the ‘trio.’

The three key luminaries are well-connected with the Indian Startup and BFSI giving them a leading edge with unparalleled services as one of the leading fintech consulting companies.

The vision propelled by the triad is majorly focused on creating maximum impact with minimal disruption. Thus far, driven by this vision, The Digital Fifth has propelled several businesses through exponential growth. The exclusive mission for the firm was actuated by the key officials’ decades of industrial experience in designing effective solutions for leading banks with national as well as international repute.

They are keenly aligned with digitalizing the fintech ecosystem by facilitating modern business methodologies. Moreover, the company provides its collective experience and tools to empower organizations aspiring to transform the fintech space.

In the past few years, the BFSI domain has moved at a breakneck pace. The Digital Fifth’s purpose is to help businesses stay ahead of the curve as well as encourage professionals in this space to steer their organizations in the right direction via their deep-dive training.

The Digital Fifth has a broad spectrum of services to offer its clients with –

  • DIGITAL CONSULTING– ‘Simplifying customer journey’– Where they assist clients in shaping a unique digital and fintech strategy. On the one hand, the digital facet of this service vertical includes Digital Strategy & Transformation, driving Digital Initiatives, Open Banking Strategy & Rollout, Program Management, Setting up innovative frameworks, and Digital Maturity Model & Assessment. On the other hand, Fintech Strategy is all about connecting established BFSI entities with appropriate tech-forward fintech.
  • PARTNERSHIPS – ’Finding suitable partners for businesses’– With their deep connections in the ecosystem, The Digital Fifth connects its clients with the businesses best suited to their requirements. They have successfully built and executed India Entry Strategy for multiple international startups and helped in getting business engagements. Within India, they have accelerated multiple startups through their unique market outreach approaches. Fintech Bazaar is a one-of-a-kind, one-day focused matchmaking event with 20 minutes of a one-on-one discussion with customers and enablers. So far, they have hosted 14 fintech Bazaars where 225+ customers and 150+ enablers actively participated in more than 1800 meeting sessions.
  • FINTECH TRAINING – ‘Providing subject matter expertise for seamless execution and implementation of strategies’ – Where they train the professionals in the BFSI sector in various segments such as – Open Banking, Digital Lending, Digital Banking, Digital Payments and Cybersecurity through their masterclasses that they conduct for corporate as well as retail entities. There are a total of 25+ certification courses offered under this service vertical. Till now, they have trained around 4,000 BFSI professionals via 1100+ hours of training sessions. Moreover, they have also brought 30+ industry leaders from various fields for their exclusive training programs.
  • RECRUITMENT– Fintech is still a relatively new segment, and recruitment in this segment is complicated. The Digital Fifth handles this process on behalf of its clients and sources its candidates with great caliber and thorough industry insights.

The Digital Fifth takes immense pride in its core competencies to optimize tedious & cumbersome processes that allow seamless workflows and overall swift business transformation.

No doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic took a big toll on businesses but, The Digital Fifth promptly shielded itself by making its business model agile and flexible. Additionally, with people being locked indoors, the need for digital solutions peaked tremendously, motivating more entities to approach their digitized solutions. As a result, domestic as well as international companies, ranging from the US, Middle East, and Southeast Asia, approached them for efficacious solutions that helped the company adeptly navigate the adverse effects of the pandemic. “Owing to our proactive approach and swift turnaround, we are successfully growing at a rapid pace even amid the unprecedented times,” conveyed the co-founders.

Sameer Singh Jaini laid the foundation stone for the company and is leading it as the CEO. The recipient of Best CIO and Innovation Awards, Sameer was the founding member of Kotak Mahindra Bank and played a crucial role in setting up Bharatiya Mahila Bank and led digital payments and core banking initiatives at Citibank. He has also implemented major banking initiatives for ‘Finacle’ across the USA and Europe. He has been recognized as Fintech Asia Top 100 by NextMoney.Org.

The Head of Consulting, Shashank Shekhar, is a veteran in designing and executing digital strategies and transformation processes. His over 19+ years of enriched experience in leading technology set-ups and security & governance functions has allowed him to bag IDC Award for Omni Channel Framework.

R Sreekant, the Head of Sales & Partnerships, is driving revenue via regular sales and sponsor sales for the B2B and B2C events. His portfolio is filled with years of experience managing digital marketing processes for his esteemed clientele hailing from automobile, consumer durables, lifestyle products, and BFSI sectors. With more than two decades of extensive experience in Sales and Business Development, he efficiently manages the sales & partnership operations at The Digital Fifth.

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