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Winning ten million hearts and blessings through entertainment: The Tale of The Sevengers, a group of foregoing comedians!

Winning ten million hearts and blessings through entertainment: The Tale of The Sevengers, a group of foregoing comedians!

Ancestors have said that to actually thrive at something, you need a clear vision and a passionate commitment. The written metaphor goes like this, “Nothing in life is free. You have to labor for it and maybe risk your life for it.” The story of the Sevengers, one of the best teams of comedians on today’s YouTube, is a spectacular example of the above saying.

The story conveys the struggle of becoming a star from scratch. The story is of hopelessness, helplessness, feeling lost and lonely and after all, turning every chance into the greatest possible opportunity for the benefit and ultimately being featured on Netflix YT. As almost every young man is actively exposed to social media, the trick to get popular at midnight might seem easier but is not; it is like walking on a path of roses, the thorns may hurt you at any time.

The unlimited efforts behind managing a famous page of a mass audience, pondering over a single thought to create the best content, and simultaneously ignoring a thousand people’s backstabbing taunts can only be experienced by team members who share similar characteristics. Such a daring and darling story is of The Sevengers, the team of 6 ordinary people who have made it through thick and thin to accomplish this landmark of not one or two but TEN MILLION subscribers within a very short period span.

A society helps its children to grow and prosper. It pushes them forward to new challenges and hidden obstacles. Sevengers’ tale grows as a seedling when two brothers Aasif and Nadeem took birth in a simple, mediocre Indian family based in North East Delhi.

Having a father working in a factory, being the only source of income, and mother entirely looking after the house, their childhood wasn’t something to be written about in the books. A lotus will spread its beauty even when residing in the midst of dirt and mud. The same, brothers weren’t interested in studies but the dreams of fulfilling all their dreams in the future didn’t let them sleep.

In addition to Aasif and Nadeem, Shahrukh, Arshad, and Prince Kashif all the members of the team faced limitless downfalls, and crippling struggles while starting off their careers. But when we compare this to the present Sevengers, it definitely motivates us. How they transformed their life, the public’s viewpoint, and raised their standards is something to be taken aback by.

With zero experience in content creation, the brothers grabbed skills in editing, animation, and graphic designing along with freelancing to have a sound income. With time, as the income recedes down, and burdens grow with tauntings from parents, they decide to start a gym as a way of earning some extra money. Though the monthly collection of fifteen thousand rupees is sufficient for managing the home, it still didn’t satisfy the brothers to the core, and the offenses from parents about getting a proper job don’t stop.

The story of the brothers is about finding a lighthouse in the middle of the dark ocean with hurricanes. Starting with the younger brother Mohammad Aasif, popular as Master Ji of Sevengers loves singing and has a knack for creating videos. His first TikTok was as a cold drink vendor which immediately got viral showing him the path toward his destination.

The elder one, Nadeem, often regarded as Topa, is kind of the opposite and thinks it is a complete waste of time. But he joins his brother’s company when playfully, Aasif replies to his brother Nadeem that “One should possess the courage to create videos‘ ‘ and hereinafter Nadeem becomes the plot twist in Aasif’s story. The idea of “Master Ji ” came from Nadeem when in the middle of the day they decided to use their spare stool to make student-teacher content and within some hours it magically crossed millions which ultimately got them 1.5 lakh followers revealing the tips and tricks for creating viral contents.

With this, Sevengers became notable on TikTok and was able to get around 4 lakh subscribers on YouTube. The team in their recent interview advises us to have faith in ourselves and to be self-motivated so that nothing can be impossible. Be there a lot of hurdles, and giving up is not an option. Extreme hard woFsoicrk and determination are the only way to take you to your destination.

Root for your success and watch it follow you. Aasif has said in one of the episodes of Josh Talks, “Don’t be a fan of others. Rather make them your fan. Get inspired but do it your way!” But as we know, if there is snow in winter, there will be a drought in summer too. Aasif opens our eyes to how real life can be very much different from reel life. The story is about how he got his start in the industry early, his failures, the lack of help he received from friends and family, his financial struggles, and the fear of bad results.

The table of success was turned when in July of 2021, a tornado hit the Sevengers’ boat as TikTok got banned from India, and with that, all the affection they received from the media went in vain. Unfortunately, the YouTube channel of the Sevengers also appeared dead and they couldn’t reach their fans. Rising pressure from family, friends, relatives, and the financial needs of a common grown man motivated them to create videos outdoors which proved to be a stereotype breaker and once again compelled the audience to trust the Sevengers.

Now you can see, all the videos are made in shops of their market based on relevant events we face in our day-to-day life which leave the community glued to their phones. With regular content and consistency, the graph of activities in the channel kept increasing along with the team’s heart rate and confidence. The similar process of narrating content with their ideas and brains, never-ending efforts, hard work, and dedication in managing time and pressure brought them over 10 million subscribers in just a year.

All of these compromises and conflicts demonstrated the team’s passionate nature, ability to function as a presentable group, and desire to work hard at the tasks they had once just daydreamed of. To do extraordinary things in an ordinary society is a tedious task. But let’s ask that question to the believers. In terms of mantras to the youth who are beginning in the YouTube world, Sevengers advise following your guts.

To stay put, conserved, focused, and value your time if you want to succeed in your domain. Aasif shares his life experience in content making for fellow YouTubers “To have a strong hand at editing and to fully explore yourself. Because the viral industry works on a single thing; a single idea of someone’s own. And at last, not to be ashamed of yourself and to forget what the public says“.

Nadeem notifies the same things to people who want to be massive in the media industry; “To give your 100% in whatever you do and ignore everything people say in your back!” Sevengers started in June 2018, once playing various comic and humorous characters to rule over the audience, now one of the popular pages with an 11.6 million fanbase that numerous great brands have reached for advertising and marketing for grooming products and entertainment content.

You can watch their exclusive interview on news channels where they share a quick peek into their personal lives. The team has another channel called “Sevengers Ki Sena” with 3.37 million subscribers and continues to deliver people 24/7 cheers to let them be in their cloud nine. Everyone is surprised by the team’s success and is eagerly waiting to spectate more. They have made people believe, “The most wonderful views come after the hardest climbs’ ‘.

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