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7 Things Young People Should Learn this International Youth Day

7 Things Young People Should Learn this International Youth Day

Youth is not a stage of life; it is a state of mind that depends on one’s will, imagination level, and feelings intensity. – Sam Ullman A nation’s youth is its foundation. Hence, it is essential to recognise and value the voices of the young people in the community. The United Nations has declared August 12 International Youth Day to accomplish this. The day aims to provide an occasion to recognise young people‘s voices, initiatives, and acts worldwide. The World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth in Lisbon recommended it around 8-12 August 1998 that the 12th of August be designated as International Youth Day.

1999 was the commemoration of the first day. International Youth Day is a day of awareness set aside by the UN to spotlight a specific range of social, cultural, and legal concerns about youth. With more than three billion young people under 30, the current generation of youth is the largest in history. A healthy young generation has the potential to improve our society because they make up half of the world’s population. The top 10 lessons that every young person should learn are mentioned below to help better form the current generation –

International Youth Day1. Be Grateful for What You Have

It is almost amusing how innocent and impressionable you are. Do not be unappreciative. Your own life is a blessing in and of itself. You should never take anything for granted. But try to be grateful for what you actually have. Be appreciative of your friends, family, and network of support. Most certainly, the people supporting you will continue to do so until the very end.

2. Become a Risk Taker

You will discover more about who you are and who you want to be due to the chances you take. But remember not to let social forces change who you are. Who gives a damn what others think? Other people’s opinions do not mean as much as you believe they do since you are your unique individual, as you will quickly discover.

3. Health is Wealth

Of course, as young people, we should be concerned about physical activity, but we also need to be aware of what we eat. Do not let the thought of going after money deter you from maintaining your health because it is essential to your long-term success. Set aside a few hours each week to exercise in physically demanding activities such as lifting weights, running, playing sports, or other activities. As you get older, you will be pleased you looked after yourself.

4. Learning Never Stops

You must realise that obtaining a college degree does not mean the end of your education if you want to be highly successful in all aspects of your life. As you age, you must keep learning to stay current with events. Education never ends. Create a good reading habit early on, and it will remain with your lifetime.

5. Surround Yourself with Who You Want to Become

Choose your social group and affiliations wisely. As they say, ” I’ll tell you who you’ll become if you show me your friend.”  A man sharpens his friends’ expressions, just as iron sharpens iron. Your five closest friends represent who you are. What are the values of those around you when you look at them? Who serves as their examples? What interests them? Watch who you spend time together with.

6. Master Adaptation

Either you change with the world, or you fall behind when it does. Many people have strong morals and will not change their organisations or beliefs when left behind, but those people frequently declare bankruptcy years later. It is wise to understand that adapting to whatever life throws at you, pivoting, and having an open mind are crucial for long-term success.

7. Discover the World

There are numerous opportunities available. Pass by unlocked doors. You might never find your true calling if you do not seize the moment and take calculated risks. Consider obstacles as chances to strengthen your character and gain knowledge. When one door shuts, another one will inevitably open. So, these are the top learnings every young people should go for. That’s it for now. If we have missed any significant learning, feel free to share in the comment below. We would be happy to include them.

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