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A Distinctive Endeavour by Sarath Kumar, TOC-G Watches Crafts Pieces, Combining Classic Design with Modern Technology

Toc-G Watches (OPC) Private Limited is an innovative endeavour, bringing a distinctive range of watches dedicated to automotive enthusiasts. Established in the year 2022 in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, Toc-G Watches is the brainchild of a renowned automotive influencer, Sarath Kumar, Director of the company. Specializing in creating timeless, high-quality pieces that blend traditional design with contemporary technology, the endeavour strives to be the go-to brand for customers who value craftsmanship, attention to detail, and reliability in their timepieces.

Each piece of the brand is carefully crafted by skilled artisans using only the finest materials. Every component of the watch, from the case’s streamlined lines to the dial’s intricate details, is made with a dedication to perfection in mind. In the face of smartwatches, their strategy is to continue with traditional analogue watches, and in the next five years, they aim to rank among the top brands in India for these watches.


At a young age, Sarath Kumar realized very soon that he aspired to start a business of his own. The only things that ever crossed his mind when he saw a brand-new product or an issue were “how to sell this and generate revenue out of it” and “how to resolve the particular issue and earn money.” Three businesses—an Amazon seller, a POD store, and a wholesale operation—were launched between 2019 and 2021, but they all failed horribly due to a lack of essential business knowledge.

After failing in those ventures, Mr Sarath seized the opportunity to start posting content on Instagram about vehicles (he has always had a passion for cars and wanted to educate everyone about them). He started to grow on Instagram, where he currently has over 180,000 followers(theonlycarguy). He considered converting the followers into customers. Later, he came up with the idea to start a watch brand dedicated to automotive enthusiasts. It worked incredibly well, and gradually the followers turned into clients.


Envisioned to be the leading watch brand in the world, widely known for their commitment to excellence and innovation, Toc-G Watches brings timepieces that can survive the rigours of daily life, with reliable movements and sturdy construction to ensure that they will stand the test of time.

“To achieve our vision, we have planned to expand the market by moving away from merely producing watches with an automotive theme to producing watches with an anime or comic book theme and primarily entering the classic mechanical watch market, etc. In India, there is a large market for inexpensive mechanical watches, but there is no company specializing in that market. We are here to fill in that gap in five years,”, shared the leading man.

At Toc-G Watches, Sarath Kumar is the one-man army, handling all aspects of the business successfully, including inventory control, accounting, logistics, and marketing. The influencer-turned-entrepreneur, who has a passion for creating distinctive watches, wants to constantly push the limits of what is possible in the watch industry while simultaneously remaining faithful to its roots and supporting traditional procedures.


Being a digital retailer, Toc-G Watches places a strong emphasis on online marketing. Google Ads and Meta Ads are the main marketing channels that account for 70% of their sales. As a result of the uniqueness of the products and the high rate of repeat business and word-of-mouth marketing, which accounts for 20% of total sales, their average client acquisition cost has decreased due to word of mouth marketing. The remaining 10% of sales come through influencer marketing. As of now, they target only male audiences, as these watches are especially loved by men.


In my opinion, everyone shows leadership at some point in their lives, whether it be at family gatherings, work functions, with children, etc., but a good leader is something different.

1. Because the outcome is always a byproduct of the process, a smart leader concentrates on the process rather than the outcome.
2. Leadership skills can only be improved with real world experiences.
3. A good leader should always be cheerful, empathetic and inspiring


In the last five years, the number of startups has skyrocketed. This demonstrates unequivocally that opportunities are growing every day. Everyone has had business ideas at least once in their lives, but those who are bold enough to embrace them and upbeat enough to put them into action are the ones that succeed.


1. Primarily, Toc-G Watches focuses on increasing the number of designs and adding more watches to the catalogue!
2. Since servicing is a crucial component of any consumer electronics product, they are in talks to service the watches with a number of regional watch mechanics in premier cities.

Once the first two points are covered, a retail experience outlet will be opened for customers to experience the watches before making a purchase. One of their major plans is to sign licensing deals with automotive manufacturers like BMW, Benz, Lamborghini, and so on to use their logo on the watches to increase the value of the watches and attract more customers.


R&D is required for every company that has the goal of enhancing their products on a regular basis. The consumer’s needs keep changing from time to time, and Toc-G Watches, as a company, has to be prepared for the change. R&D makes sure that they keep researching, testing, and improving the products in every possible way. We are in the initial phase of patenting our new design, which will give us an upper hand over competitors.


Sarath gave advice to prospective business leaders, saying, “I believe the only difference between someone who wins and someone who fails is their decision to move forward. Regardless of the circumstances, if you have set a vision or objective, nothing can stop you from achieving it. The road may be difficult and may call for sacrifice, but if you push through all of that and keep working, you will undoubtedly succeed.”

He continued, “To all my fellow peers out there, we currently live in a world that is rapidly changing and upgrading. Set your goals high, keep improvising your skills every day, and keep experimenting with new things every day, and one day you will find something that will make you successful. Hold on to it and give it all you’ve got. cheers! “

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