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Top 10 Interior Design Trends to Watch Out In 2023-24

Top 10 Interior Design Trends to Watch Out In 2023-24

It can be challenging to update your area with the latest trends. Even though you always want your house to look attractive, keeping up with fashion trends can be time-consuming. Every year, new fashion trends emerge, and you quickly update your wardrobe with new outfits, styles, and colours. You may also add new patterns or footwear designs.

In the same way, our interiors can also benefit from subtle but important additions or adjustments. The focus of Interior Design Trends in 2023-24 will be on creativity, art, and nature accents. As we have survived the pandemic and now gearing up for the cocktail parties and jet setting while realising that many different ways of life have surfaced from the pandemic which will stay here for good. Family, work, and play now coexist peacefully in the multipurpose area that has become the modern house.

The house will still be seen as a sanctuary in 2023-24, and it will be constantly changing to better reflect our distinct lifestyles and design philosophies. Here are 10 home interior trends for the coming year, ranging from colour schemes to lightening and beyond.

Top 10 Interior Design Trends to Watch Out In 2023-24

  1. Modern homes and furnishings
  2. Colour Blocking
  3. a love of antiques and heirlooms
  4. Home Offices
  5. Organic with sustainability:
  6. Smart Multi-functional Spaces:
  7. Old fashioned gloomy kitchens.
  8. Elegant Chocolate Tones
  9. Global Mix Touch:
  10. Nature-Inspired Interiors

01. Modern Homes and Furnishings:

The design of homes and furniture is increasingly focusing on technology; lacking either would be a mistake in a modern house. Today’s homeowners want the ease and security of being able to handle various home systems from their smartphones, including security, heating, and music. Self-shading windows, induction cooktops, or heated floors are examples of other high-tech devices.

Inevitably, smart furniture also encompasses items that have technology built-in or are functionally designed. A television may be revealed by sliding open remote-controlled shelves, while accent tables may also have speakers and controllers. Multi-cornered couches, sculptural surfaces and storage, and decorative speakers are some more fashionable products.

02. Colour Blocking:

Colour blocking is the process of using diametrically opposed tones from the colour wheel to generate contrast in patterns. It involves pairing a few solid colours to produce a single bold effect. A fashion trend that made waves on the runway is now making its way into our homes. You will notice a difference in your area if you choose a few statement items and set them against a wall that is the opposite colour. Combine surprising hues for the finest results, such as turquoise and crimson, lilac and coral, or even pink and purple.

03. A Love of Antiques and Heirlooms

The pandemic made us more aware of our own creativity and compelled us to shop for home decor items to update our surroundings. The past year has opened us up to flaws and helped us appreciate the beauty in the little things.

A main element in interior design, antiques and heirlooms have moved beyond being a quarantine project because to ongoing supply chain difficulties. In fact, younger generations are demonstrating a love of antiques by looking for unique pieces in places that sell used furniture. Many homeowners are looking for furniture that has a certain lived-in appeal, if not used.

Not to mention that this renewed interest in vintage furnishings and decorations is consistent with the sustainability theme. In the furniture sector, antiques are becoming hailed as the ultimate “green resource.” Homeowners will choose quality over quantity in 2022-23 while designing their homes. We’ll observe a preference for one-of-a-kind items with a message to tell and long-lasting appeal.

04. Home Offices:

Building the ideal home office has become more popular. Home offices can be large and equipped with everything you need, or they can be small and just a fold-away desk in the living room. The goal is to make your room functional for you, regardless of the appearance. Therefore, keep in mind that practicality, aesthetics, and utility are all equally vital while building your own office.

Your home office will need a few essentials in order to be a functional environment, regardless of its design, shape, or size. So, keep the following things in mind when you incorporate the workplace style into your design.

Location: A workspace should ideally be in a peaceful room of your house. A foldaway desk in a guestroom can function just as well if a whole room is not an option.

Equipment: Include everything you’ll need to work effectively without adding extras that will just take up room.

Storage: To maintain order and organisation in a home office, there should be enough space for storage. Select attractive containers that can serve as decor.

Color: Choose muted blues, greens, and neutrals as this helps to focus and relax the mind. Additionally, keep in mind that energetic colours that are excessively brilliant can cause restlessness. To keep focused, limit your usage of decoration. To maximise space, add interesting shelving, plants, amusing rugs, and wall art.

05. Organic with Sustainability:

The year 2022-23 will see a trend toward more glass in Interior Design House Ideas. For instance, there are numerous ways to celebrate glass, including walls and large pendants. Therefore, you can copy nature and discard plastic as much as you can.

Although sustainability is in, it is a long-term strategy for environmentally friendly design. Here are some eco-friendly things you may do and add to your house:

Choose a design that uses less energy and requires fewer appliances, heaters, and lights. Select eco-friendly products that are made from recycled, repurposed, or legally sustainable sources. This broad category includes jute, bio-glass, recycled metal, and reclaimed wood. Keep your finishes green. Select paints that have the designations “non-toxic,” “low-biocide,” or “milk” to reduce your environmental impact.

06. Smart Multi-functional Spaces:

A future trend will be to use space creatively to tie the house together. Clutter can be reduced with the help of a well-organized layout. Since many people now work from home, a room can be transformed into a mobile office. It does not always imply adding a tonne of furnishings. All you need is a table that doubles as a working desk and a coffee table, a chair, and perhaps a lamp that you can turn on and off as needed.

Moreover, your living room could be the location of your side business! Content creation is more than simply a pastime in the Internet age. You may create a room that suits your passion with a savvy home arrangement or it could be an “Interior Design Idea for Your Bedroom.

07. Old-fashioned gloomy kitchens

In the past five years, kitchens have undergone significant transformation, and darker, moodier colours will continue to gain popularity. These paint colours are highly flexible and can be used throughout the kitchen. Some people love leather-like stones, such as quartzites, marbles, and granites. It’s both an advantage and problem because the matte and somewhat uneven texture tends to hide messes! But for those people who don’t necessarily want to keep their countertops clean all the time, it’s excellent. In 2022, You are going to see these materials more often around you.

In the midst of the pandemic, your kitchen serves as both the neighbourhood coffee shop and the place where you frequent to eat, drink, and meet friends. The majority of us are buying more and more kitchen appliances and consulting old cookbooks and recipes, which is bringing back maximalism and retro style. This cosy and character-filled trend has so much to adore, from the warm wood tones to the traditional rock wall to the mint-green appliances.

08. Elegant Chocolate Tones

Zandy Gammons and Liles Dunnigan of Raleigh, North Carolina-based Miretta Interiors said that many of their clients are choosing dark chocolate browns and lighter shades of camel for their interior décor such as paint, finishes, and soft furnishings like pillows and linens.

These cosier hues have a cosier feeling and are a reaction against the overuse of greys. People are sick of seeing rooms with light grey, dark grey, and more grey accents everywhere! We found that grey is almost always the colour of choice for quick build, “cookie cutter” new builds, thus choosing a shade of chocolate browns feels more distinctive and personalised.”

09. Global Mix Touch:

In 2022, Interior Design & Architecture will be once again influenced by cultures all around the world as the pandemic passes and travel becomes safe. These exotic inspirations will mostly be visible in our choice of accent pieces and home furnishings, including lighting fixtures, area rugs, and artwork.

The influences of the Bohemian, Moroccan, Scandinavian and Japanese cultures have already been apparent in design trends. For instance, the Bohemian, the 2020 CHEO Dream Home, was heavily influenced by bohemian culture and style. The Moroccan and Scandinavian cultures and designs served as inspiration for the 2021 CHEO Dream Home, the Caraway.

The trends in home design will still be influenced by external factors in 2022.

10. Nature-Inspired Interiors:

The appeal of peaceful environments inspired by nature will increase in 2022, as suggested by the colour green. The movement toward indoor-outdoor living is known as biophilia, which is defined as “the intrinsic human need to interact with nature and other living beings.”

According to researchers at the University of Minnesota, being in nature is known to lessen negative emotions like tension, fear, and rage while magnifying positive ones. We are more appreciative than ever of the calming effects of outdoors after spending a turbulent year indoors.

As a result, a lot of homeowners are including natural aspects in their home designs. Specifically, real vegetation. Popular plants like the fiddle leaf fig tree, monstera, palm, and snake plant are finding a place in interior design.

Taking care of plants and observing them grow has been demonstrated to have a variety of positive effects on mental health. This is in line with the growing emphasis on welfare and creating a comfortable and safe environment at home. Natural elements like exposed wood, wicker, and leather are also being emphasised in home design in addition to indoor plants.


From this list of “Top 10 Interior Design Trends to Watch Out In 2022-23” the values and trends that will affect interior design in 2022 are now clear to you, so you know what to expect. You can start planning the trends you’ll use in your forthcoming home décor tasks while keeping this in mind.


Q.1- What will be the “hot Interior Design Trends in 2023-24”?

  1. Modern homes and furnishings
  2. Colour Blocking
  3. a love of antiques and heirlooms
  4. Home Offices
  5. Organic with sustainability:
  6. Smart Multi-functional Spaces:
  7. Old fashioned gloomy kitchens.
  8. Elegant Chocolate Tones
  9. Global Mix Touch:
  10. Nature-Inspired Interiors

Q.2- What is the decorating trend for 2023?

The nature chapter trend in 2023 will be related to wellbeing and modernity along with comfortable, organic materials. A smooth natural atmosphere requires materials like wool, cotton, clay, velvet, and ceramics. The combination of old and new will be a hot subject.

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