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How to Develop an Attractive Personality (According to Science) 

How to Develop an Attractive Personality (According to Science) 

Life gets a lot easier when you have an attractive personality and people like you. However, it is next to impossible to be liked by everyone; people have their own distinct tastes. But still, there are some traits which most people find attractive. What are they? After studying human behaviours for years scientists have come up with some traits which are more desirable than others and contribute to an attractive personality.

In this article, we are sharing some tips on How to Build an Attractive Personality as per science.

  1. Kindness is Appealing
  2. Your Voice Pitch
  3. Smell Your Best
  4. Socializing in Groups
  5. Good Sense of Humour
  6. Action over Articulation
  7. Develop a Positive Outlook
  8. Respect Yourself

Let’s know more about them in detail.

Kindness is Appealing:

According to a study, it is wise to just be kind. Being kind is one of Good Personality Qualities, as our parents have been advising us for years. The study evaluated the attractiveness of photographs of 60 strangers with neutral facial expressions on three different groups of participants—a total of 120 persons, both men and women.

Weeks later, the same participants saw the same images, but the researchers switched up the groups: One group read compliments written about each person in the image, and the other group saw criticisms. A control group was also created, but this time the pictures in this group were not accompanied by any attributes.

There was a comparable agreement on which subjects were the most beautiful during the first round when none of the groups saw any personality descriptions. However, that changed when the negative/positive character qualities were revealed. People reported being more drawn to the subjects with positive descriptions and more turned off by the negative ones, as would be expected. Being kind will always pay off, but it may also get you a date.

Your Voice Pitch:

According to one study, women with high-pitched voices appear younger and even thinner to men, which increases their attraction to them and is a trait of an Attractive Personality of a Woman. The same study found that men with a deeper voice appeared more macho and appealing to women, with women connecting baritone sounds with greater testosterone levels.

Smell Your Best:

According to a 2017 study published in Frontiers in Psychology, what you smell and hear may play a significant effect in who you pursue. Agata Groyecka-Bernard, PhD, a researcher at the University of Wrocaw in Poland, and her co-authors studied 30 years of research on human attraction to gain a better understanding of how attractiveness is perceived. They discovered that beauty is considerably more than skin-deep.

It also includes other factors, such as how we react to a person’s natural fragrance and speaking voice. She discovered, for example, that while we are physically drawn to persons with similar genotypes, once we get close to that special someone, we prefer the odour of a mate with a different genetic background. The combination of the two preferences could help us choose genetically compatible partners. What is the main point here? Even if you don’t realise it, the tone of someone’s voice and even their scent may leave an effect on you when you first meet them.

Socializing in Groups

According to a 2014 study, people appear more beautiful when they are seen socialising in a group. It is one of the Attractive Personality Traits in a Woman and Man equally. Though there are only ideas as to why this occurs, the study’s author provided a persuasive explanation: Our brains most likely assign an “average attractiveness” to the group as a whole after assessing each member’s face individually.

The author interprets this to suggest that, considered individually, persons might not be found to be as attractive as they are when they are in a group. This is due to the fact that each member’s face tends to be bent toward the “average attractiveness” of the entire group. In groups made up of both males and women as well as a combination of both, the study discovered similar results.

Good Sense of Humour

According to numerous studies, women are more attracted to males who can make them laugh. Surprisingly, males are not more attracted to women who can make them laugh. In a study from 2006 that was published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, researchers polled undergraduate students about their ability to make their partner laugh as well as their own ability to do so. The students’ sexual orientation was left unspecified.

Women valued their partner’s sense of humour as well as their own capacity to make their mate laugh, but males rated simply their own ability to make their partner laugh. Hence, for men, having a good sense of humour is considered one of Good Personality Skills around the world.

Action over Articulation:

Do you complain a lot?

Venting is OK. According to Angela Grice, a speech-language pathologist, “venting can help us gain perspective and give words to our thoughts.” The mere act of recognising your sentiments can help minimise your anxiety over them (Higgs, 2020).

The issue arises when you begin to get obsessed with something. Are you continuously mentioning it? Do your friends seem to be getting tired of it? Negatively worrying over something and doing nothing about it leads to a potentially worse mood for you and people around you. Instead of instantly starting complaining, try to develop a more hopeful, resilient attitude toward your challenges.

When you need to do anything, do it as quickly as you can or as soon as your schedule allows. It is recommended that you complete your easier or more pressing chores first before moving on to another. You’ll feel terrific, productive, and relaxed as a result! Also, remember to take short rests every now and then. It’s critical, and it might even increase your motivation!

Develop a Positive Outlook

The power of a positive attitude can’t be underestimated. “Optimism not only reduces stress, but it also enhances the production of the neurotransmitter dopamine,” says Dr. Medina, an affiliate professor of bioengineering at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Dopamine, as you may know, makes you feel good. It improves your motivation and concentration. You become more productive and begin to see the bright side of things, which people find appealing socially. When you’re positive, you tend to lift people up rather than pull them down. It’s not always easy to remain optimistic, especially if you’re not used to thinking in terms of “glass half-full” – but that’s good! Being positive takes time, and you may always take things slowly at first.

You may use a quick trick right now by focusing through a “positive lens.” Has anything happened today that has made you feel down? It must have been challenging, but did you learn anything from it? What followed that helped you laugh or feel better?

This process of thinking, known as positive reframing, can help you educate your brain to be more upbeat over the long and short terms. Finally, be kind to yourself. You are appealing because you are special and significant in your own right.

Respect Yourself:

Do you like your body and self? It’s alright if the response is “no” or a close variant. Take this as a reminder to not let the bad days win since self-love is a daily battle! Since we all know that confidence is appealing, a person with strong self-esteem is confident. We can draw certain assumptions about a person’s personality and lifestyle when they have genuine self-confidence. You should keep in mind that developing your self-esteem is a continuous process. There must be a lot of optimism and patience. Your self-esteem can be cultivated through exercise, healthier diet, and increased productivity, but at its core, it’s about changing your perspective.

It occurs when you recognise that you are a “work in progress” rather than a “finished product”. Habits can alter, and people develop at various rates. You have improved from where you were a year ago, and you can certainly make an effort to do so now.

Final Words:

The tips we shared here on How to Build an Attractive Personality (according to science) are effective but take time to develop. Be consistent and stay patient. In your journey of bettering yourself, you must start with accepting yourself first and from there on you can work on yourself. The more action you take towards a better version of yourself, the closer you get of your goal. Good Luck!


Q.1- How to build a good/attractive personality?

  1. Practice kindness. It is Appealing
  2. Work on your voice pitch
  3. Smell Your Best
  4. Socializing in Groups
  5. Have good Sense of Humour
  6. Do what you say
  7. Develop a Positive Outlook
  8. Respect Yourself

Q.2- What personality is the most appealing?

The most attractive traits, for both sexes, have been identified as a cheerful outlook, balanced extroversion, and confidence. These three personality traits, according to psychologists, not only demonstrate a person’s ability to get along with people of any sex but also make them more appealing to that sex.

Q.3- How do I know if I am attractive?

Here are some things you should take note of when thinking about attractiveness signs: Your smile is praised by others. A genuine smile is a natural method to make your face glow and demonstrates self-confidence. You can feel thankful for those who have helped you get to where you are now by smiling.

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