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Age of Innovation, Age of Trinamix

Age of Innovation, Age of Trinamix

Written By: Kriti Anand

 Company At A Glance
is a leading implementation specialist that facilitates customers in the digital transformation of their supply chain using Oracle Cloud applications. Trinamix offerings include design thinking, strategic planning, change management, business process transformation, industry best practices, to name a few. Trinamix offers several industry-specific solutions and RPA-based implementations. Trinamix is headquartered in the US, and has local offices in Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, and India.

Trinamix was started with a vision of shaping the market in the wake of the millennium by inheriting the best from the past, applying in the present, and recreating & developing the future. Creativity, passion, and nimbleness have become part of their identity. They are industry experts and also offer solutions built to bridge the gap, if any, in Oracle Applications for a specific industry. These solutions facilitate successful adoption of Oracle cloud solutions for industries like semiconductor, consumer packaged goods and retail, life sciences, and distribution.

Trinamix believes that innovation is not only necessary but a crucial and irreplaceable ingredient for change. This is seeded in their talent acquisitions process globally, continuous learning, and knowledge-sharing programs. The culture of openness and collaboration and incentivized innovation program allows them to stay focused on their vision. The results are reflected in the state-of-the-art solutions Trinamix builds for the customers. This also reflects in their customers rating them on several leading market research websites. They have worked admirably to reach where they are today and their consistency in delivering excellence is what keeps them retaining that position. Trinamix puts customers first, thrives for excellence in its delivery, and nurtures an environment of empathy and equal opportunity for its employees. They have an excellent customer satisfaction rating and this is what provides Trinamix a stellar reputation. It also reflects in a much lower retrenchment rate of its employees compared to the market average.

Trinamix has been featured in several Market Guide reports by Gartner.  They are an Oracle co-development partner to aid Oracle in the delivery of optimized supply chain solutions to the market.

Trinamix also taps into smart technologies and platforms that accelerate user adoption and bring efficiency to its engagements with the customers. Trinamix has Robotics Process Automation (RPA) based accelerators in-built with its services that ensures correctness, improves latency and automates repetitive activities. It has a platform-based Trinamix Learning Management System that is fine-tuned with specific customer’s processes to facilitate user adoption of Oracle applications.

In essence, Trinamix is a powerhouse of creativity, excellence and passion that reflects in its services and offerings that makes it unique and also continues to make it stand out as a service provider.


Entrepreneur Behind Trinamix
In an ever-evolving society powered by technological and socio-economic advancements, the role of women is evolving, and in every generation, women are adapting to these changes. The woman founder of Trinamix, Molly Chakraborty, believes that each woman has her right to define her pursuit of happiness in life. As more and more women take charge of leadership roles, they leave long-lasting impressions that advance the society. She feels it is a journey through iterations, and over generations, Molly and many other women are heading towards a better future.

Also, Molly notes, people think that women are relatively more exposed to art that plays a role in their self-expression. Self-expression is key to enterprise and leadership. Molly was introduced to various forms of art at a very early age, something that has shaped her mindset and outlook and stayed with her for the rest of her life. She feels that this coexistence of art and science in  a person makes one aspire for self expression, and bring art to life through the vehicle of science and technology. It is only when these two roads meet the inception of the wonderful happens. Molly thinks that women leaders enable empathy, inclusivity and equal treatment in the corporate world which defines the future of leadership. This precisely is also why Molly’s dream project is doing so well. Trinamix’s success is a testimony of why women lead organizations are making a difference.

Molly thinks that a visionary should be able to sense the future and embrace innovation today in order to thrive in coming years. In recent years Trinamix has ventured into Industry 4.0, a phenomenon that is disrupting and re-defining the industry and bringing a paradigm shift towards a smarter future. Using technologies of IoT, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Analytics, and cloud computing, the supply chain industry is undergoing a revolution. Trinamix has joined this race early to make a significant contribution to the revolution that is already in the bay. They have  built an Industry 4.0 lab to showcase how customers can apply these technologies to enable a smart supply chain. We offer a program to our customers called “Design Thinking” through which Trinamix engages CXO’s and VPs of an organization to initiate and plan for transformation in this Cambrian age of technological growth and disruption.


Bringing Change
Trinamix offers an environment of original thinking, pursuing one’s passion, and personal growth. They have crafted programs to ensure that every member of the workforce gets equal opportunity to explore their potential. The program Trinamix ever so religiously follows is built on the core theme of “freedom to dream and courage to fail”. This allows them to nurture free-thinking, free expression, and freedom to explore the unprecedented. Collaboration plays a significant role in the act of harnessing the power of technology in hand and navigating through barriers. Trinamix has an environment of sharing ideas and knowledge and collaboration across the organization. Trinamix has seen great success with this approach.

The team of Trinamix engages in several social events to give back to society as well. They sponsor food for the homeless, beautification of the city of Pune, after school help for the needy,to name a few. Molly Chakraborty even takes part in overnight marathon like walks to generate awareness and prevention of suicide. While in the Stanford Executive Program that Molly attended a couple of years back, she conducted a donation drive to help fund the education of the children for the staff of the University. Molly Chakraborty is currently working on planning a program for education on STEM among the slum-dwelling girls of India.

In this age of big data and smart analytics, it has been proven that there are companies that have already adopted smart technologies or are in the process of adopting them, and have fared better in coming out of the Covid crisis. Trinamix’s analytics solution, “Supply Chain Control Tower” is built by contextualizing the market data with enterprise and shop floor data, using cognitive intelligence. It provides an insight into the leading indicators that can affect the supply chain of an organization. It helps the stakeholders in an organization in making timely decisions thereby significantly reducing the time to react in the wake of disruption. This tool has harnessed the latest technologies to make the unthinkable a reality.


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