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Igniting Creativity with Authenticity

In a world hungry for credibility and depth, Twitchy Thought Creations emerges as a beacon of authentic storytelling. Their relentless pursuit drives them to unearth inspiring stories of remarkable leaders and ventures, showcasing their undeniable value to the business community. Each narrative radiates substance, transcending the ordinary and illuminating the extraordinary in its unwavering commitment to authenticity.

In an exclusive conversation, Geet Kumar, the visionary Founder and Creative Director of Twitchy Thought Creations, delves into the company’s business model and multifaceted aspects. As a Utopian Leader, Geet’s high optimism and strategic insights drive remarkable impact, making this narrative a captivating exploration of their influence and the company’s performance.


Twitchy Thought Creations believes in one simple principle: unleash creativity and originality like nobody else. With a rocksolid network, an unshakable reputation, and an experienced team, they’ve always been hungry for more: more credibility, more creativity, and more respect. They’re building a community of like-minded people who share their passion for creativity and originality, and they’re proud to say it’s working.

Their loyal clientele is evidence of that, and they’re grateful for their appreciation and support. Collaborating with handpicked, talented professionals from around the globe, they deliver topnotch results that are customized to each client’s brief and delivered on time, every time.


Twitchy Thought Creations’ story began in 2019 when a group of colleagues came together to discuss the barriers they faced in their industry for artists and clients. They realized there was a major gap between clients and the content creation process, and they wanted to bridge that gap with ‘Twitch’.

One of their post-production heads suggested starting a company to solve this problem, and despite their lack of business background, they knew they had something special. Geet Kumar, the founder, took the lead and began building a team of talented and dedicated individuals who shared her vision of creating a community where clients could get the personalized attention they deserved. Today, their team is made up of 12 tribe members and over 50-100 additional talents that they source on a project basis.


Twitchy Thought Creations envisions a vibrant community where artists unleash their full potential, delivering outstanding outcomes for brands and clients. Geet mentioned that the entrepreneurial ecosystem has witnessed a major shift from the fear of starting to a shark tank, all of which started with the daring plunge to explore unexplored avenues. “I am extremely elated to see people taking the risk and cherishing the power of dreams… Due to technological advancement, we actually know what people want these days in a more precise manner. For every demand, there is a supply.”

They’ve worked with over 30 brands without any marketing or promotions, thanks to the power of word of mouth and referrals from satisfied clients. And they’re always grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with brands, individuals, talents, and corporations across multiple sectors and platforms to help them plan and strategize their digital content better. At Twitchy Thought Creations, they’re more than just a creative agency – they’re a community of people who believe in the power of storytelling and the art of content creation.

“I have been fortunate enough to realize the importance of constantly evolving as an individual and also to be able to consciously build an organization which is beyond the transactional relationship. Whether it’s the teams we hire or the clients we make, the matchmaking of values, and desire to constantly pursue excellence with a holistic approach is sought. Probably the intensity of the seeking, I got the right tools and mentors which helped me in the journey extensively too. Constantly decoding who I am, to be able to engage with people well — my teams are very clear about the quality of delivery and culture we need to thrive in,” the leader responded.


Geet describes her entrepreneurial venture as a thrilling roller coaster ride, filled with unpredictability. Leaving behind corporate careers, she and her friends embraced the joy of creative freedom. While lacking marketing and sales skills initially hindered their growth, their relentless dedication and determination propelled them forward. From humble beginnings to a fully-equipped office and a diverse team, they achieved remarkable leaps of success. “I am proud to be a firstgeneration businesswoman, and together with my incredible team, we have honed our expertise through self-learning and determination, allowing us to deliver exceptional products.

At Twitchy Thought Creations, success is truly a team effort. While I handle the business side and bring in clients, Kishor, my friend, and our post-production head, ensures that every commitment is met with finesse, resulting in outstanding outcomes. Our twitchy tribe as we call it includes our talented creative producer Ashish, Senior Editor Amit, Social media executives, editors, cinematographer Ashish B and each and everyone on a project basis as well are the driving force behind our growth and accomplishments, alongside our valued clients.

We firmly believe that a harmonious and dedicated team is the foundation of any successful venture, and our journey at Twitchy Thought Creations stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and collective effort. From our humble beginnings with just one client (People Matters) to now serving over 25 clients across diverse sectors, our journey at Twitchy Thought Creations has been a gratifying ride. I always say we at Twitchy Thought Creations are always grateful. Truly, every failure or delay was a learning,’ claimed the ‘shentrepreneur.’


Geet highlights the crucial role of research and development (R&D) in providing valuable insights to enhance existing knowledge and reduce expenses. Emphasizing the impact of R&D on their content creation process, the team diligently considers it before executing any idea.


At the heart of their success lies authenticity and a commitment to never compare or compete. Geet and Kishor are driven by a shared cause, creating opportunities for artists and brands alike. Working with over 100 talents globally, the team gains invaluable creativity and exposure. They recognize the importance of understanding each client’s unique product, vision, and agenda by customizing the crew to suit the specific sector. Their genuine approach, word-of-mouth marketing, and satisfied clientele speak for their accomplishments.


Twitchy Thought Creations fosters a thriving culture where happiness is nurtured. Each individual passionately embraces their work, and energy is preserved to create a harmonious environment. The team takes breaks when needed, engaging in activities that bring joy and camaraderie. Geet reveals that weekends are truly weekends, and sharing common interests, like bike rides, strengthens their bond. Enjoying lunch together is a cherished mandate, promoting a sense of unity.


As the creative collective grows, they tailor their approach to meet client needs. Collaborating with diverse professionals injects fun and fresh energy into their work. The team’s agility and innovative thinking turn each project into an adventurous endeavor. With a vision to become the go-to platform for comprehensive solutions within clients’ budgets, they aim to be a centralized onestop shop for artists and creatives, akin to Just Dial or The ultimate goal is to create a platform that unites like-minded individuals to carry forward their shared vision.


Geet shares her invaluable advice with aspiring entrepreneurs:

• Embrace exploration; no one knows their path.
• Focus on the present and take each step with care.
• Risk is the gateway to growth.
• Talent is the greatest investment in your business.
• Embrace failure; playing safe keeps you out of the game.

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