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TYASuite Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

TYASuite Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Cloud Procurement Automation 

The latest IT boom has created a favorable environment for aspiring techpreneurs who are brimming with creative ideas. Many software companies came into existence with their unique solutions. However, a few of them were able to position themselves as leaders. TYASuite Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as a leader in this domain. It is a user-centric and comprehensive cloud ERP platform designed to bridge the gaps in the procurement, payments, and vendor management processes for speedier, error-free, automated, adaptable, and streamlined functionality.

Through the contrivance of Praveen Dokania and Vikas Mandawewala, TYASuite was established in 2018 to deliver a unified software suite for your business needs all in one place. Over the span of five years, TYASuite has scaled from a handful of individuals to over 50 dedicated professionals who saw an opportunity to improve the manual procurement process through the application of technology.

“Our greatest accomplishment to date is achieving operational profitability. This is no easy task, especially for a bootstrapped business, since it calls for striking a delicate balance between revenue development, cost control, and operational effectiveness. We are thrilled with our achievements and eager to see where our business will go in the future“, said Praveen Dokania.

TYASuite’s current vision is to lead the market as a provider of cloud procurement software solutions. They aim to empower businesses to automate their purchasing operations and leverage advanced technologies to achieve 100% productivity.

The Exclusive Service Portfolio

TYASuite aims to assist clients in streamlining their procurement procedures and enhancing the effectiveness of their business operations by providing creative and potent solutions that include:

  1. Procurement Management Software
  2. Vendor Management Software
  3. Inventory management software
  4. Asset Management Software
  5. E-invoicing Software
  6. Sales Order Management Software
  7. Project Management Software

A Glimpse of ERP Space – Evolutions Over the Years

Implementing procurement automation technologies has changed supply chains, raised organizational awareness, and acquired a lot of market traction during the past two decades. Numerous operations, including sourcing, purchasing, and invoicing, have been automated with the use of contemporary automation technologies like procure-to-pay, source-to-settle procedures, and contract administration. As a result, supply chain specialists can now focus on finding opportunities to add value, shortening process times, and increasing productivity through automated procurement.

Significance of R&D

TYASuite places a strong emphasis on research and development (R&D) as they strive to introduce new functionalities to the market. R&D is essential to their ability to innovate and grow. The teams study and find more efficient ways to accomplish corporate goals, like raising customer happiness and promoting revenue growth, by doing research. Additionally, developing innovative products and solutions more effectively is made possible by accumulating knowledge in R&D, which contributes to their success.

The Marketing Strategies

TYASuite incorporates a number of crucial advertising and marketing techniques. These include determining and focusing on the right audience, developing a strong brand identity, utilizing social media channels, and offering solutions that successfully address the problems of our clients. To remain competitive and successful in their endeavors, they understand the importance of continuously assessing and improving these strategies depending on customer behavior and market developments.

Praveen and Vikas’s Take on the Leadership

Traditional business management techniques are undergoing a profound transformation in the modern digital economy. Our leadership practices have played a critical role in offering a full range of procurement automation solutions that are intended to simplify your business processes. With the help of TYASuite Platform, a centralised and integrated digital solution, you can manage, watch, and carry out all our business functions from a single suite. Thanks to dynamic dashboards and potent reporting capabilities, this can be done at any time, from any place, and on any device. With the help of our solution, you can improve the productivity and efficiency of your business management procedures.

The Work Culture in a Glance

The work culture at TYASuite encompasses shared values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that characterize the organization and guide its management practices. It has a significant impact on worker satisfaction, productivity, and the business’s overall performance. As a result, the team cooperating on the goal of empowering businesses to maximizeis  productivity through process automation and the use of cutting-edge ERP software.

The Growth Outlook in 2023 and Ahead

The past five years have been incredibly important for TYASuite; during that time, the company successfully delivered a variety of products and introduced some cutting-edge solutions. The future outlook presented by TYASuite is truly groundbreaking. They intend to make the business a market leader in terms of a strong procurement platform that might radically revolutionize the industry. The goal symbolizes a real paradigm shift in how companies approach procurement, making it more efficient, profitable, and successful than before.

“Over the course of the coming year, we aim to help over 200 SMBs digitize their procurement processes and save money. Our long-term goal is to establish ourselves as SMBs’ go-to cloud ERP provider. “We aim to be the first plug-and-play cloud ERP platform in the world, revolutionizing the way businesses function”, Vikas Mandawewala proudly asserted.

Establishing Milestones and Achievements

As the pioneers of the world’s first plug-and-play cloud procurement platform, TYASuite strives to revolutionize procurement and make it seamless and effortless for businesses. Because of its cost-effective, configurable cloud ERP solution, TYASuite has garnered multiple awards, like:

• CIO news: 10 Most Promising enterprise Software startups in 2022
• Software suggestion: customer’s choice in 2020
• Software suggestion: most affordable in 2021
• Software suggestion: momentum leader in 2022
• Software advice: front runners in 2023
• Crozdesk: leader in software awards (2020);
• Crozdesk: quality choice top-ranked solution (2021)
• Capterra: shortlist (2023)

Golden Words

Focus on determining an issue and offering a solution that improves people’s lives. To stay ahead in this cutthroat industry, you should also be prepared to take chances, learn from mistakes, and continually modify your methods.

Praveen and Vikas further add, “It is important to stay informed and up-to-date on industry trends and news. Additionally, consulting with accomplished company mentors and leaders can offer insightful counsel for accomplishing your own career objectives.”

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