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UNIBIT Pvt. Ltd.

UNIBIT Pvt. Ltd.

An authentic gaming platform with intrinsic value to add to the industry

The gaming industry is booming but the problem to be solved is the involvement of reliable gaming platforms that could assure online gamers in quest of earning money with proper setup. With mobile gaming space speculated to be scaling with a revenue of $1.8Bn+ and future estimation that it could reach up to $5Bn value by 2025, the major challenge is the credibility of the gaming platforms.

It is important for youths out there to be benefited from the skills and time they are putting in this direction to bring a major alteration to the industry. Hence, to enlighten the mass population with a trusted platform to rely on for the best outcomes, we are featuring an exclusive narrative of a trio of friends who came together to establish a startup based on their own fortes in the corporate world.

With the accumulated experience in building Startups, teams & Digital Products, the three impassioned founders strive to make a billion dollars company in the near future. This is the success story of Asmita Bose, Bishal Kuiry, and Dinesh Kumar who came together to share their competence in creating a business that could help common people earn good money while playing online games.

UNIBIT Pvt. Ltd. is one of India’s leading gaming apps that helps enthusiasts to play real money games. The whole read is based on the excerpts of conversations held with the founders who walked us through different aspects of their thriving business portfolio and gave us food for thought to ponder over.

About the company

UNIBIT offers a gaming platform for a wide range of fantasy sports and Ludo that is being enjoyed as well as being used as a primary source of considerable income by a major chunk of the Indian population. At present, the platform witnesses 500K+ players on a daily basis interacting with a variety of sports. There is a huge potential for the variety of players across the nation to turn their hobby into a lucrative business and UNIBIT helps them turn their dreams into reality.

The startup happened to invest a significant sum of money in developing a highend technology platform to fulfill the needs of the modern-day game players out there! With a single-minded focus on the mission to take the gaming experience to a whole new level, the founding team majorly infused engrossing graphics and seamless gameplay via the platform to establish itself as an unchallenged player in the gaming industry in the coming years.

Query resolution is swift with the help of 24*7 customer support executives who eagerly reply back to the FAQs to resolve any issue at their fingertips. Addressing the issues A few of the challenges faced by passionate gamers in the space that UNIBIT has been able to resolve effectively are as follows-

• Whatsapp and Telegram Groups running the games that pose problems in withdrawing earned money.
• Automatic player assignment becomes faulty sometimes forcing a player unable to switch his opponent for the next game.
• A majority of gaming platforms are deriving 10-20% of commission from the users. Many of them even claim 25% of the commission.
• Many times the opponent on a gaming platform is a Bot or a Computer that heavily manipulates the games.
• Most of the applications delay the withdrawal of money by 1hr to 2 hrs. and in the worst cases it also goes up to 24-48 hours.

Eradicating all the above-mentioned challenges, UNIBIT offers the lowest commission rates in the RMG market and even provides zero commission from 6 pm to 9 pm on a daily basis. Owing to its unique algorithms, the platform has been able to increase user engagement significantly with higher user retention rates. They happened to even remove language barriers by providing their user interface in English as well as Hindi language.

Soon, they will also release the interface in regional languages to improve customer engagement. The players are free to choose any time 24*7 throughout the country and pose no issue in terms of accessibility. Even to help and guide ‘newbees’ on the platform, they even share ‘Live, Replay & Statics of Game’. Even the players could get a clear and concise diagram of dice roll percentage & cut token,etc.while watching ‘Match Replay’ after completing the game.


Though the market is quite competitive, the company has been able to make its mark in the industry owing to its unique business model and player’s centric approach. Driven by substantial growth and profitability, they have been experiencing a higher player retention rate when compared to their peers in the picture. It goes without saying that 20% of their revenue comes from referral users.

In this regard, the trio of founders quotes, “When we observe the real money games, the biggest distinguishing fact, or and motivator is earning of money as per one’s skill and knowledge. Hence, we are always dedicated to maintaining sheer transparency in our services as customer centricity is in our DNA and we strain every possible nerve to never let down any customer at any cost.”

A glance at the future vision

In order to build and curate a world-class gaming ecosystem for Indian and overseas Users, they have prepared a proper UNIBIT Timeline. From strengthening their Ludo and Cricket fantasy sports domain, they wish to build a diverse user base. Then moving ahead, they aspire to build AAA category gaming studios available all over the platforms like PCs, Xbox, PS5, or mobile.

Moreover, they are seeking to create an esports ecosystem to build a stronger connection between game punishers and streamers while providing stable access to newcomers. For the future, they are about to offer RMG as a service where they will create a whole new game and would be allowing subscription-based access to it to earn money. And at last, they are thrilled to use metaverse technology, integrating new age internet to enable various high-end video games.

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