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Unirevs Tech

Unirevs Tech

Re-Establishing Application Designing And Development

By Sandhya Agrawal

More than 80 percent of people who own smart devices check for goods online as we live in a digitally smart world. Of that, 27 percent are searching for apps that are related to the goods or services they wish to buy. Nowadays, for every purpose you can think of, from the distribution of products and the rendering of utilities, apps are being used.

Each organization today strives to improve its audience base, brand awareness, sales, and revenue generation. An application can do all of this and allows enterprises to identify numerous avenues for growth and produce hefty revenues.

The young and dynamic UNIREVS TECH, established in 2020, specializes in supplying businesses catering to North America and Europe with software creation, support, and business process management services. The Company’s executive team has over 16 years’ worth of experience in the execution of enterprise systems and software solutions. 

Company Outline
With an incredible array of knowledge in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, BlockChain, IoT, ERP Next, Cloud Development, QlikView, Qlik Sense, Tableau, Power BI, Android, iOS, Web Development and numerous inventions, the Company has a technologically advanced team of experienced players. Furthermore, with the help of the team members, they are discovering that end-to-end services provide the end-users with pleasing solutions.

From growth to innovation, Unirevs Tech, have outsourced their services, and under the expense and timeframe offered by the customer, the Organisation finishes its project implementations.

Further, in a working environment filled with positivity and versatility, UNIREVS TECH operates in the healthcare, finance, consumer retail, banking and capital markets, technology, media and telecommunications, tourism, aviation, and hospitality sectors. By offering options that are result-driven and investments that do not burn a hole in the wallet, the Business retains the confidence of its customers.

The Business offers best-in-class IT and BPO services. It takes more care of high-quality services such as software design, development, customization, execution, maintenance, testing, benchmarking, and many more. Also, Unirevs tech is engaged in designing applications and computer-based solutions in India and overseas.

The Team Behind the Dream
At the forefront of this vibrant, dynamic, and innovation filled Organisation is Mr. Mahendra Reddy Lekkala (The Founder and Director). In 2010, he graduated from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, with a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Reddy was associated with reputed organizations such as Larsen & Toubro Infotech, and HCL Technologies before launching the Company. Mahendra has 10+ years of IT experience, and has expertise in BI analytics skills and manages risk control between UNIREVS and the suppliers.

It is often acclaimed that when we dream big, big things come to us. Similarly, behind launching this Entrepreneurship, the ambition and prime inspiration of Mahendra was to provide people with thousands of work opportunities. The birth of Unirevs Tech resulted from a childhood dream of beginning something modern and creative.

Besides Mahendra, genius-minded Praveen Kumar Reddy is the Co-Founder of Company, and he is an experience rich in managing the Organisation’s resource allocation, payroll processing, and mitigating the gaps between resources and Unirevs.

Additionally, intellects like Mr. Hirish Velivela with 10+ years of experience and Mr. Ameya Damle with 16+ years of experience are a part of the squad.

“It is much more rewarding to work tirelessly with a business that is your own than to have your best inputs in a position where you don’t even belong. Also, it gives me the utmost pleasure to create job opportunities rather than working in other companies.”

  • Mahendra Reddy Lekkala

Unirevs: Making the Difference
Partnering with Unirevs Tech will flawlessly provide enterprises with an exclusive 24×7 operating module, cost-effectiveness, premium services, fast responsiveness, continual enhancement, seasonal expandability, domain experience, and business continuity strategy for their services.

The Company’s critical skills that make Unirevs stand out from the crowd are its innovative product ranges, cost structure, market segmentation, professional resources, proximity to numerous markets, control of client partnerships, effective procurement and delivery challenges.

The complete results and diverse service points ensure that the Organisation follows a customer-centred approach for the clients that allows them to follow the latest business standards and strategies for quality development and service delivery excellence. Unirevs Tech provides tailored products for the needs of each client. Here, the team has excellent experience in the transitioning of systems, teaching, mentoring, and achieving the full result by delegated tools. The Business arranges a personal visit to the customer location by the subject matter specialist as per the customer specifications.

Research and Development are at the heart of Unirevs, and it is by the grace of R&D that the Business can provide consumers with such reliable and effective services. The Corporation also maintains that the new and most robust technology advances incorporate in the business introduction.

The Exclusive Work Culture
The work culture of the company determines how smoothly the work is carried out.  Meanwhile, the success of Unirevs tech is calculated not only by the Founders’ work but also by the work of the employees. The Founders agree that it is crucial to fulfill both the goals of the individual and the team.

Employees are treated as members of the family at Unirevs, and the Organisation maintains that their opinions, beliefs, insights, and experiences are well-utilized in the decision-making process of the Organisation. Here, they maintain an open culture that allows the workforce to keep their passion and enthusiasm for working in the Organisation.

As a young business born in 2020, the Company has already been facing its share of struggle from the pandemic. Still, all the members of the Organisation has made sure on their part that the current crisis doesn’t become an obstacle in the growth of the Company. Instead, it acts as a boosting agent for the development and diversification of the entire team of Unirevs.

In conclusion, the Company with a multi-fold vision and extensive mission aim to grow its activities significantly as part of the potential efforts with the goal of onboarding 6,000 consumers by 2024 and, in numerical terms, the Company expects gross sales of USD 25,00,000 by 2024.





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