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They are fierce, they are smart, and they are amazing – they know how to make the entrance into the market by re-inventing the wheel of the extant industry. Women leaders have today mastered the skills to script their success stories in the business world.

In this issue dedicated to recognizing some of the most Powerful Women CEOs of 2022, The Business Connect Magazine presents the inspiring story of Sangeetha Dave narrating her emergence as one of the phenomenal leaders known for their dynamic leadership and excellence.

A very few secure a well-cushioned position; some invest their dreams, visions, and efforts to drive their entrepreneurial realm. Sangeetha Dave is the Director & CEO and the leading lady who is successfully chartering the journey of Universal Relocations, the one-stop relocation service and a successful venture incepted by her  Sai Dattani.

Sangeetha Dave has been with Universal Relocations for a long time and is extraordinarily leading the operations at the organisation with an emblazing outlook to take this outstanding expedition to greater heights while adding some substance to the logistics and moving industry.

As a professional who has an exemplary record and a sixteen-year history of timely execution and delivery in this industry, she dominates as an industry leader and as a woman heading a reputed brand uniquely qualifying as a lone voice for women playing this role. Before signing up for the role of CEO at the company, Sangeetha was a corporate marketing professional with years of extensive experience in the field. Gradually, a few detours in  trajectory propelled her to take many leadership roles that eventually led her to reach the table she ‘owns’ today.

Universal Relocations
, an incredible business in her own right, entered the Transportation & Logistics landscape in 1998, to revolutionise the industry as one of its kind. A highly regarded organisation centralised on fostering economical relocation services, Universal Relocations performs as a one-stop destination to all the relocation needs including domestic relocations, international relocations, long-distance, self-pack containers, baggage shipping, storage, and pet relocation to and from India and USA to the private removals and corporate markets.

With stupendous evolution and assiduity, the establishment has accomplished immense prestige in the last 23 years. Its ardent and diligent team works ceaselessly to introduce new services each day. Universal Relocations ensures a hassle-free relocation service to its client by minimising complications and keeping a top-notch standard across all the branch offices.

The company specialises in seamless quotations through an Online quote service. All you require is a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone or tablet for a no-obligation quote to and from anywhere in India and the USA have persistently adapted with the changing times, incorporating the latest technologies into our organization in order to cater to our client’s needs and ensure a seamless moving experience.

With a profusion of people moving to the USA, Sai Dattani comprehended the utmost importance of relocation assistance between the two nations. However, what makes Universal different from others in the industry is the availability of top-notch services while keeping the cost-efficiency intact. Even when the world was confronting the catastrophic waves of the COVID-19, the firm did not stop extending its hand of help to the people of India and the US.

Not only did they continue to deliver the moving assistance to thousands of families but helped millions by importing the oxygen cylinders and concentrators in India from the US, which was indubitably the need of the hour. Universal provided this support at very nominal charges in comparison with other importing/exporting service providers.

The foundation stone for Universal Relocations was a shared vision of the well-informed pair of ‘siblings-cum business professionals’– Sangeetha Dave with her brother Sai Dattani to offer reliable relocation assistance to people migrating to the USA. Initially, the firm was established in Chennai, India, and now operates across several offices located in India and the United States, specialising in both, international and domestic relocations to and from The United States of America and India. While doing so, they are majorly converged on ensuring the targeted audience with cost-efficient services at International service standards.

Spearheading Universal Relocations under intriguing leadership, Sangeetha aspires to allow unhindered reach to the commonalities to facilitate them with better prospects while carving nationwide footprints. The leader’s discerning ability and competence stimulate her to offer affordable and credible domestic relocation services to government officials, military officials, etc, alongside doing sheer justice to her leadership position.

As a woman, when Sangeetha decided to begin her journey in the entrepreneurial world, she had to go through a lot of hurdles. Fortunately, she has a supportive family and her brother, Sai Dattani, who always encouraged her. He always gave her the right guidance and always stood by her. Sai is not only a supportive brother to Sangeetha but a mentor as well.

The inspiring lady further apprised, “I have faced a lot of struggles but that’s only a form of learning to improve myself as a person, to learn how to approach difficult situations. These only add to my skills. You don’t only face struggles in the beginning stage of your career, but also during your success and good days. I have, and the only way to gain strong knowledge and experience – is to face it.”

Everyone knows about the patriarchal dominance in the logistics industry. In this space, the Founder-President of the company- Sai Dattani has envisioned to assure more and more inclusion of the women workforce. He is devoted to mentoring female folks to develop multitasking capabilities to add substance in the direction of the company’s growth. The Founder is an avid believer of the fact that a woman possesses a strong-minded persona- a must to have the trait to achieve immense success in the business world.

Thereby, his unwavering zeal is dedicated to promoting women’s empowerment in line with his nation-building endeavours that is evident from his women-led business established in India as well as the USA. And, the firm has grown remarkably to be a multi-national moving company holding a reputation for being an efficient and reliable source of relocation for thousands of families.

As a professional perfectionist to the International Relocation community, Universal Relocations is your one-stop destination to all the moving and immigration requisites, unlocking end-to-end services at the most reasonable prices. Here are some of the key highlights that allow them to stay ahead of the game:

  • Universal facilitates pet moving services like import and export from and to India to any country and separate vehicles for comfortable pet transportation alongside offering settling services such as home search, school search, property management, car rentals, etc, making it a one-stop solution for various requirements.
  • Availability of 24×7 customer help desk in Indian as well as US workstations to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Keeping transparency is the foremost priority to develop trust and confidence among the clients.
  • Usage of Fleetx App for its fleet of trucks helps it in successful traction of truck movements. This app also shares a link with the respective client once the shipment is dispatched for delivery.
  • In the escalation process, even the senior executives are avidly involved to deal with any sort of issue to allow client satisfaction.
  • Each Manager of a department personally visits the packaging sites to guide the teams and supervise the overall process.
  • To keep abreast of the market trends, the management ensures to upgrade the training modules for each department where team heads are trained in the first place. Then, the team trains their teammates accordingly as per the project.
  • Employees get a salary raise every 6 months alongside being rewarded and recognised for their out performances.

Universal’s exclusive image as a trustworthy logistics corporation stems from the entire team’s uncompromised commitment to deliver on its promises with excellence. In a short span of time, the company has successfully hit the top spot carving a niche with 10 offices and over 250 employees globally as one of the most preferred destinations for all-in-one relocation services.

Sangeetha believes that a successful CEO does not always need to be monitored from the top. You get down in the field and work along with your labourers. Don’t let them feel any different. Employees, staff, or labour, give them the feeling that you are there for them. Even while being at the top level of a company, we must always be aware of all the challenges that are being faced in every corner of your company – to solve them on the go.

Talking about how she makes a balance between her personal and professional life, Sangeetha stated – I try to maintain a balance between my personal and professional life, but it is no piece of cake. To make it a bit easier, I prioritize the most important work – to get done with it first, followed by other pending work on the scale of urgency. And then think about my personal time with myself and my family.

But giving too much me-time could harm your professional life and vice-versa. Apart from my work and exertion, I follow one thing very religiously, i.e., my workout and meditation. My day never begins without a solid hour of yoga and positive manifestations. I sincerely dedicate my mornings to myself alone – to ensure I am healthy both physically and mentally. This in turn gives me that stamina and energy that I require to focus on my career.” 

With practically 23 years of experience, expansion, and reliable employees, the firm has successfully accomplished hundreds of thousands of shipments and relocations across several countries.  At Universal, it is considered with utmost priority to render avant-garde services to the customers in the most prudential manner. By following the stated belief, the company has been accoladed with enormous global credentials:

  • FIDI Certified Relocator – The FIDI Global Alliance is the largest global alliance of independent quality international removal companies. FAIM (FIDI Accredited International Mover) is the most stringent, encompassing quality program recognized for more than a decade as a supreme seal of quality by customers of the international moving industry.
  • International Association of Movers – IAM is a global association of movers and forwarders committed to providing customers with an exquisite range of services available. Universal’s worldwide membership of over 2,000 companies from more than 170 countries and territories is readily available to move its clients wherever life takes them.
  • American Moving & Storage Association – Established in 1936, the firm’s membership includes 3,200 professional movers who have moved household goods interstate (between states). Just as importantly, many a time they may be able to provide intrastate and local moving services and storage in a secure warehouse.
  • Asian Relocation Association – ARA’s membership committee and their strict membership criteria has resulted in a very selective membership across Asia. Members feel secure knowing that with ARA, they will be listed along with some of the most prominent companies from All over Asia.
  • International Pet and Animal Transport Association – Incorporated in the year 1979, the association provides professional, competent, and caring pet transportation relocation services throughout the USA and around the world. An international network of concerned pet shippers, the collective membership of IPATA represents years of acquaintance in the transportation and taking care of animals. Its membership has grown from six U.S. pet shippers to over 325 offices in 70 countries with services to all major airports worldwide.
  • Better Business Bureau – BBB Code of Business Practices represents standards for business accreditation by BBB. Businesses based in the United States and Canada that meet these standards and complete all application procedures are prodigiously accredited by BBB. The Code is built on the BBB Standards for Trust, eight principles that summarise paramount elements of creating and maintaining trust in business.
  • Pan American International Movers Association- PAIMA is a well-acclaimed network of international moving companies that goes extra mile to cater to the needs of its members and customers. Driven by its core integral values and high-quality, door-to-door service, the association leaves no stone unturned to make a difference to its clientele.

Considerable assistance in the humanitarian act
In line with the Government of India’s humanitarian initiative of sending 50,000 Tonnes of Wheat to Afghanistan amid the unprecedented crisis. The consignment was handed over to World Food Programme at Jalalabad(Afghanistan) as a gift from Indians to the ‘Afghanistanis’. As Foreign Secretary Shri Harsh Vardhan Shringala flagged off the movement of the consignment, India wishes to extend a helping hand to soothe the issues being faced by the gulf country. Afghan Ambassador- Farid Mamundzay, has shown hearty gratitude to the Indian Government for the great aid.

Here, Universal Relocations has also extended considerable logistics support in the delivery of this historical shipment to Afghanistan by road via Pakistan. The shipments have been reaching the destination one by one where the further distribution of the food has been started as well due to timely delivery of the consignment. In view of this, we found  Sangeetha’s applaudable effort and support in the fight against hunger worth mentioning.


  • Be yourself. You might just end up being someone’s role model.
  • There’s no shortcut to succeeding but a faster way to get there is to be dedicated and consistent.
  • Age is only physical, don’t let that stop you from new learnings.

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