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Paraphrasing is a skill that is often used in academic writing, research, and content creation. It involves the procedure of rewording the original text in a new way while maintaining its tone and meaning.

Paraphrasing can help lessen the chances of plagiarism and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the actual content. However, it can be challenging for students to paraphrase effectively without changing the original meaning. In this article, we are going to list some useful tips that can help students to paraphrase text correctly.

4 Useful Tips to paraphrase text correctly

1.    Read and understand the original text

First of all, students need to efficiently understand the text that they are going to paraphrase. This involves understanding the meaning and context of the original text. Additionally, this may also include understanding the style/way of describing things, although this isn’t necessary to take care of but will be good if you do.

Having a proper understanding of the original material will not only help students to build their own point of view in their own words but also allows them to present it in a completely new style.

2. Choose the Most Appropriate Terms

After having a proper understanding of the original text, it’s time to start writing it in your own words. How to do this? Let us explain.

This can be done by replacing words and phrases in the original text with their simple yet relevant synonyms. Doing this will not only result in effective paraphrasing but also makes the assignments or research papers more engaging and creative.

When replacing words with synonyms, it’s important to make sure that the synonym still accurately conveys the same meaning.

For a better understanding of this, let’s have a look at the below e example:

Original sentence: “The team’s performance was exceptional, and they won the championship.”

Paraphrased sentence: “The group’s presentation was outstanding, and they emerged as champions.”

Here in this example, we chose synonyms that accurately convey the same meaning as the original sentence while also fitting the context and tone of the paraphrased sentence.

For example, “team” was replaced with “group,” “performance” with “presentation,” and “won” with “emerged as champions.” These synonyms maintain the original meaning while also providing a fresh and unique way of expressing the same idea.

3. Change the Structure of Sentences

Changing the structure of sentences is an important part of paraphrasing correctly. It involves taking care of sentence length, type, clarity, and style as well.  Not just this, it also involves moving some words/phrases from the end of a sentence to the start of the sentence for better.

In simple words, changing the order of words will also consider as changing sentence structure. While paraphrasing, taking care of sentence structure will help students in improving the overall quality and tone of their written work.

Want to more? Let us explain with the below example:

Original sentence: “I was driving to work when I saw an accident happen right in front of me.”

Paraphrased sentence: “While on my way to work, I witnessed an accident occur right in front of me.”

In this example, we changed the structure of the original sentence by starting with the phrase “while on my way to work,” which is similar to the original sentence’s beginning phrase, “I was driving to work.”

Apart from that, we also changed the verb “saw” to “witnessed,” and restructured the phrase “an accident happen” to “an accident occur,” which has the same meaning but a slightly different structure. The paraphrased sentence conveys the same information differently while maintaining the original meaning.

4. Use online tools to paraphrase correctly & quickly

If you’re a student struggling to follow all the tips above, then don’t worry because we are here to help you. In case you cannot properly follow the above-mentioned tips and want to find a quick and easy solution, then taking assistance from online sentence-changing tools could be the best option to go for.

We know using synonyms and changing sentences of long-form assignments/research papers require a lot of time, effort, and vocabulary knowledge. And not all students have these. But with the availability of an online sentence changer, students can quickly and efficiently paraphrase sentences or even entire assignments in no time.

These sentence-changing tools (aka paraphrasing tools) work on advanced AI algorithms to only replace complex words with synonyms but also improve the overall sentence structure and flow of the paraphrased text.

By using these online tools, students can quickly paraphrase their academic work without spending much time and effort. For a better understanding, here is how an online sentence changer paraphrased a sample piece of text:

Final Words

Paraphrasing text correctly can be a difficult task, but it is a necessary skill to have when writing essays or academic papers. By following the steps outlined in this guide, students can ensure that they produce a unique and accurate paraphrase of the text.

It is always important to check the paraphrase against the original text to ensure accuracy. With mentioned above tips in mind, students can improve their paraphrasing skills and confidently produce an effective paraphrase.

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