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Gender diversity in the business sphere is growing stronger every day, leading to the increasing participation of women in every echelon of an organisation. And not to mention, it’s imparting significantly positive impacts in operations and work culture. Studies have proved that women inclusion in the workplace, especially in leadership positions, have led to structural reform and stirred the potential of a workforce. Latin America and the Caribbean, along with Europe, have witnessed the highest proportion of women in management roles.

In Latin and the Caribbean, women have surpassed men in academia and senior management in the professional space. Furthermore, many women are managing the highest positions, and many more are spearheading their own venture. Such scenarios predict a positive conclusion for these regions, as they appear to be on their way to becoming the top regions in women empowerment. Initiatives are taken to challenge the arising gender stereotypes and corporate cultures that disembarks women.

More and more women are converging to strategic business areas and are inspiring others to break the glass ceiling and rise. Companies are working to promote and capitalize on women’s talent to ensure they find equal opportunities, career development and promotion.

Looking back at the last decade, the Latin American region has birthed several women entrepreneurs who aren’t just leading their domains but driving change for the community at large. A leader of such biblical qualities is Veronica Gallardo, CEO of Veronica’s Insurance. Setting her sails in 2008, Veronica Gallardo has grown with the changing tides of the Insurance Industry, which helped her make Veronica’s Insurance a leader of its arena. She has grown to become more than just a business leader – she is a change bringer and a key social contributor for the Latin American community.

A person inspiring people and collaborating with them to create a blissful ecosystem is a blessing for the community. Veronica Gallardo ideated her insurance franchise to offer the community fast and reliable insurances at a favourable price. And her idea has sprouted in biblical proportions! Along with sound solutions, the customer service comes in the language that the client speaks (English, Spanish); and recently, it also included sign language seeing the strong need for its inclusion.

The centric mindset has rewarded with sustainable relationships bringing client’s family and friends as well. The entire functioning, however, is not overseen by Veronica alone. She shares the helm with Raul Dominguez – An entrepreneur of the digital arena, and Veronica’s COO. His strong base in technology has helped the Company blend innovation with ideas and maintain a strong foothold in the Insurance sector.

Incorporated with the latest infrastructures, her venture maintains a transparent channel with all the dept., and every echelon. The teams spent quantifiable time with clients, explaining to them – the policies and their benefits and ensuring the policy suits their needs. Veronica Gallardo asserts, “We are guided by a common etho, no matter our position: provide the best customer service at the most affordable prices.” Implementing sign language further opened employment, and now they have agents specialising in the domain.

Veronica’ Insurance
is one of the fastest-growing Hispanic Insurance Company with a pioneering presence across the USA. Found in Norco, CA, it offers sophisticated insurances while enlightening the community about the same. The low penetration in the Latin insurance sector often exposes the gaps in information and lack of a favourable language.

The constant effort to successfully change this scenario raises the bar of excellence for Veronica’s Insurance.  It is a multilinguistic Insurance Company that serves clients in their language, helping them understand the policies and be aware of terms and benefits.

In addition, Veronica’s Insurance is well-accustomed to trends. Along with customized insurances, it offers 24/7 on-call assistance, Chatbot, instant messaging service, and much more, making Veronica’s Insurance a credible name in the market. Its portfolio covers all the essentials of a person, including Vehicles, Life, Home, Businesses, Tenant and even significant asset as a Boat.

Where other’s insurance premiums rise over time, Veronica’s Insurance keeps its rates low and focuses more on creating relationships. It is one of the top 3 brokers in CA, with more than $120 M turnover in premiums and established in more than 100 locations in the USA.

While the philosophy of insurance hasn’t changed much through time, the underlying infrastructure used to manage operations, deliver solutions, and the regulatory parameters change continuously. Insurance companies are investing heavily in R&D to automate workflow and maintain the required quality amid these rapid transformations. To grow and build in the scenario, Veronica’s Insurance constantly pursues opportunities in innovation.

Amending to trends and technology, it has optimized workflow, strengthened communication channels and even create quotes in less than five minutes. Technology helps them be at the top of their game. Besides technology, the Company listens closely to client concerns to understand their needs and implement them in product development. “We believe that this is the best way to grow: know and listen to your customers and employees that can make huge a difference”, says  Raul Dominguez, COO Veronica’s Insurance.

With innovations shaping the sustenance of companies, it is necessary to stay one step ahead. The world has witnessed a stirring transition since the advent of COVID-19 in the economy, behaviour and expectations from consumers and employees, etc. Fortunately, Veronica’s Insurance had already adopted digitization prior to the pandemic, allowing it to devise more effective communication and outreach strategies. Investing in virtual solutions keeps them steadfast amid the mayhem and abreast of customer’s changing needs.

Just as employees are the mirrors of any company, leaders are the change bringers who drives its difference with the period. Nonetheless, the definition of leadership has changed with time. More than ever, leaders need to treat their workforce as a family to rise above the competition. And they should lead by example, know their resources first-hand and be flexible with changes and challenges.

Growing Y-O-Y for the last 25 years with several milestones on the way is a profound example of Veronica Gallardo’s leadership. At the outset, she envisaged building the most majestic workplace for her community, and it’s evident her dream is sprouting. Her dignified leadership has propelled the livelihood of 200+ families. Under her stewardship, many employees who started at the beginning are now regional managers in the Company.

“It fills me with great pride to see several insurance agents grow into valuable leaders in the Company”, states Veronica Gallardo. And the team has bested many storms that came upfront, like the pandemic. Despite the chaos, the teamwork fostered the opening of several branches and further plans for more.

Creating a difference amid chaos and despair symbolizes the fortitude of a leader. When the pandemic struck, it indicated that the business sector needed a contingency plan to counter the situation, including health concerns. And the consequences required leaders to be proactive. Studies reveal that due to health concerns, people are seeking reliable health insurance products.

Furthermore, With the avalanche of unemployment, people are preaching for dime-a-dozen products. In such a scenario, insurance companies investing in advertising and product development will attract more audience. While the income rate has downsized, people still value the need for protection hence, favouring Insurance.

Companies need to empower the community through comprehensive knowledge. Parallelly, the scenario has stirred digitization. With social distancing still present, digital channels have proven to be a cost-effective means of connecting with policyholders and boosting productivity.

Despite being affected by COVID-19, the period gave Veronica’s Insurance an opportunity to prioritize and reconnect with what matters most. Within a year of the pandemic, the Insurance Market in Latinos changed how health insurance was perceived. The Community is interested in learning more about the benefits of these products, which expands opportunities for Veronica’s Insurance to assist them.

Veronica Gallardo began her journey on the idea of empowering and contributing to her community. To help people in the aftermath and recovery period, the Company donates food, drinks, and essential items to the underprivileged. Furthermore, they also distribute goodies and contribute to Christmas celebrations for low-income families.

Staying abreast of the core vision, the Company has spearheaded the Hispanic Insurance Market by building trustworthy relationships. The Company has created huge waves since 2019. As mentioned before, it has expanded to 90 locations in California and opened franchises in Florida and Colorado.

Veronica’s Insurance is growing as a recession-proof business, a backbone for the community, and a preferable prospect for entrepreneurs. It’s inviting aspirants to join them in starting a new business, as Veronica’s Insurance guarantees a successful and steady journey for all.

Growing in a consistent pattern, Veronica’s Insurance aims to step up its game and flourish into more topographies. In the next few months, it’ll be opening 10 more franchises in Florida. “We are very excited about this great leap from California to Florida”, remarks Veronica Gallardo in a joyous tone. They have already inaugurated two locations and had an incredible response, which sets the pitch for a drooling success.

“You are closer to your success than you think, so do not give up. Everything is difficult until it is done. And watching your brand expand across states is an unexplainable feeling. I think the secret is to love your company so much that other people fall in love with it just like you. Helping others fulfil their dreams of launching a business by helping them, guiding them and watching them grow is simply wonderful.” –Veronica Gallardo

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