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The Leading Name In The Structural Industry

Henry Ford has quoted once, “A business absolutely devoted to service will have one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.” The secret sauce of every successful business venture out there is the complete dedication and devotion towards their client base. Their success gets defined by the number of efforts they make in satisfying the respective people associate with the same.

Business Connect has a marvelous history of featuring numerous well-established business ventures that are revamping their respective industries with great zeal in its portfolio. And here again, our team has put their utmost efforts to bring this fascinating read to the table for our global readership. Our editorial board had an interesting and joyful session with the leadership panel of the company. They shared some unknown facts about the company and multiple valuable nuggets for the upcoming entrepreneurs as well that we are keen to spill them here. We truly hope and desire that this fascinating tale will boost your motivation and will add some additional value in your lives.

VIJLAK is the star of the show for this read, whose unmatched service panel and a zealous approach made us feature them in our exclusive edition, “Company in Focus 2022.” The business venture has been revamping the respective realm with a top-notch service panel and an extreme industrialist workforce. Although, it is facilitating a wide range of services across the arena some major ones are structural consulting, design and detailing, estimation, cost analysis, project management, and that too at an economical rate to make itself feasible for every single client out there.

The VIJLAK team has a robust perception that the secret to success sustains accuracy and punctuality as they dedicatedly follow these values and stand in the market as an expertized venture in emerging technology and software as well. While explaining the respective objectives and goals of the company,

Shankar (Founder & CEO) asserts,
“Our super devoted workforce is relentlessly engaged in providing best-in-class services and luxurious experience to the clientele. We are heading forward towards excellence and improvement with a mission to expand and grow our services in India and across the globe. We are also striving to provide better employment opportunities to at least 2 Lac people in the coming future.”

“A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not let out to be a leader but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent.” –Douglas McArthur. A leader is considered the pillar of any successful organization as he is the one who directs and facilitates the path of growth for the company as a whole. And VIJLAK is blessed with a marvelous leadership panel that not only guides the employees throughout the organization but also helps the venture scale the success ladder.

Explaining the leadership journey, Shankar affirms,
“Right from my childhood, I had been aspiring to become an entrepreneur, and that passion has landed me where I am in present.” He further states, “A leader generally should have qualities such as patience, team coordination, and an excellent motivator. Hence, I feel hard work with a blend of smart work and patience are the foreseeable qualities that describe me as one of the best leaders out there. The journey of leadership is not easy as we have crossed several struggles in our journey.

” The founder of the company reveals that he has bagged his unmatched professional experience from his educational background, including B.E. Civil Engineering and M.E. Also, he has completed his MISTE from IIT Delhi with flying colors and has gained a supreme level of expertise in the respective realm. He is filled with excellent leadership skills and a great zeal for transforming and disrupting the industry that acts as a motivation booster for the members of the VIJLAK family.

Sailing a business venture in the present competitive market is not everyone’s cup of tea-but the leaders of VIJLAK are scaling the success ladder with complete dedication by putting in their utmost efforts. When our curious team questioned about the transformation in the realm,

Shankar asserts,
“The structural industry is furious and an interesting field, and that’s the reason I am simply fond of this realm. In addition, emerging technologies are emerging day by day so, relentless learning influenced the model of structural engineering. We strive to perceive technological inclusion along with a swift development by constant learning and adopting the latest innovations in the respective domain. Hence, practice and planning are the key points for us in maintaining accuracy and quality.”

Shankar has a robust mindset that employees and people connected with the organization are of extreme importance as they contribute to all the growth and development of the company. hence, VIJLAK strives and put their utmost effort to provide innovative and latest opportunities for self-development to all its employees.

Talking about the achievements and accolades of the company, the management team shared that two of the best designs of the company, UN 1359 and UN 1774 have got approved by UOH, CISC, and USFCA. And at present, the company is planning to establish and expand a detailing hub in India and to spread its roots across the USA and UK.

Shankar revealed that he is fond of reading and has flipped the pages of multiple inspiring books out there. We requested him to share some suggestions for our global readership as well hence, he recommended the book Wings of Fire by APJ Abdul Kalam. Also, he is a great lover of music and inspiring thoughts and lines.

Before signing off, the leader leaves a message to all our readers by saying, “As a reader, I would suggest everyone not to run out of their failures. Failures are the key to success for us. Hence, I would suggest working even harder until your transform your plan into a reality.”

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