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What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur?

Written By:- Yashika Sabharwal

What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur?

We all have heard this particular question, and it is often asked that, “What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?”

In my opinion, successful entrepreneurship is a combination of these two things:

  1. Perseverance
  2. Persistence

Let’s go through them.

“Perseverance” and “Persistence” are two basic concepts of the most important traits for every entrepreneur business needs to develop, in order to push themselves as passing the obstacles of success it is most important too perceive the persistence. You could have the best, most exciting product or service in the world of your business, but you’re still going to need a boatload boost of perseverance to sell it

 What separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” – Steve Jobs

 I am sharing a few steps towards a successful Entrepreneur:-

Learning Ability

Most of the people thinks that, the learning ideas stops, when they will be graduated from university and earned their degree’s certification, but only getting a piece of degree paper is not the everything you got . Education and everyday learning is a life-long process.

One must stay focused and updated with all changes in the evolution of their industry technology, sales processes and more. Hereby, an entrepreneurship always seek new knowledge. More than that, look for the most successful people in your industry and do not be afraid to ask for their opinions or advice.

Listening Ability

No one can simply manage a great team, or provide a great customer service. If the person is not an effective communicator then communication is a two-way street. Additionally, in order to communicate outwardly in an efficient manner, one must pay a better attention to others’ and focused on – motivations, hot buttons, interests and more. Other thing that must be aware of, non-verbal cues, for example – body language. You should avoid coming off as being self-promotional or vain, and avoid striving to show that, you are helpful and interested in others.

Creativity and Mind-set

If any person is always focused and do the same things for the business, then you very likely not enjoy yourself and new and better results gets away from you. A person must almost try new things to find what works for them best. One also need to enrich their life with new experiences regularly. This can be something simple and talking to new people or taking a personal interest class. Every experience that one enhance can lead to new opportunities that, you previously did not have for you with different approach of mind-set and creativity.


It is always easy to give up on something, when the ongoing of that thing gets tougher, but the most successful entrepreneurs can persist that situation because of their ambitious nature. They simply hunger the success, and they thrive on reaching their small milestones, that are stepping stones to their major goal and makes them highly ambitious.

When a person is highly ambitious, then it is internally drive them to work hard, and makes them committed to doing what it takes to make their business a success. Generally, a person will never look for shortcuts of success and will become willingly strong to put in the best of their time to get their job done in a right manner.

Take Actions

“The difference between any successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs is action”. Every Successful entrepreneur, always know that if they just keep taking actions and also tweaking their approach, so they can create the best results they want. An Unsuccessful entrepreneur will always talk about what they want to do and wanted to make —but he always end up talking and never end up taking the action, which are needed to support that vision.

Similarly, the Persevering here implies to the “action taking approach”. When a person encountered a setback, instead of letting themselves dwell on the problem, then the actions speak more than thinking. Only Perseverance and Persistence can make Action-oriented entrepreneurs, to learn from their setbacks so that they can use themselves as fuel for their next approach.

Take the Responsibility

Most of the people, faced the problem that tend to slip into a victim mentality and then they neglect taking responsibility for their situations, and then don’t think about how they might be able to improve that victimized situation.

Great things come from hard work and perseverance. And In order to persevere, yourself you need to take all the responsibility for your own success or failure in the business. Whatever actions you can take is matters to get whatever you want. Sometimes, it can be very scary to take your responsibility for everything in your life, but it is the only best way to persevere through the toughest journey of entrepreneurship. Once you will start taking responsibility, you take back control – and you can do anything.

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